Official Music Team (Kylie Minoise, Grimanlkin555) – acid death CDR ep:

So this is a four track, combined effort, dual dissection between/bestowed by Lea Cummings/Kylie Minoise & his moll Sarah Glass/Grimalkin555. In the rough-shod of remixes & randomations, you end up with just under forty minutes of palette infection (the longest being the 23 minute CDR only bonus blat “the Golden Apples of the Sun”). what is it? tacky tasting (but well-constructed), mega monosodium glutamate Dance trash that’s been hijacked by Noise interventionists….. 90’s House music, perhaps with some Rave regalia, dusted with Industrial Noise blotch & distortion distaste splaying & fraying on a wrong-footed dance-floor. The first two tracks (the original “Acid Death” followed by the Kylie Minoise remix version) are the most coherent of the three, where as Grimalkin555’s take is the most jumbled & jagged. It’s actually really pleasing material – facetious, accessible, but quite menacing with a palpable threat. It’s not especially Harsh or erratic, you could even say it’s fairly conservative, especially for a Cummings commotion, but evidently the objective is not oblivion or scrummage but something else (unsure of what? but I definitely like it). KM, Kovorox, Cummings have constantly eschewed typification by manhandling a broad range of genres, influences & themes with a revolving set of sounds & approaches that traverse both polarities (& in-between) of the spectrum (moderate, berserk, low-key, hyper, sparse/minimal, spastic, rhythmic/percussive, cacophonic, mellifluent, funny, saturnine). In todays exhausted & over-crammed Noise hub, this quality along with his proclivity for odd/cult/ersatz media & phenomena make him one of the most stand-out artists operating in the parched pastures. 90’s sub & pop-culture through the prism of lo-fi Harsh Noise, with a good wadding of other odd-shit stuffed into the colostomy-bag, can only be a wonderful thing! Hopefully we will be hearing more from Acid Death in the not too distant future.

Rekd: 2017?

Label: Kovorox Sound