The Trial of Henry Kissinger (Christopher Hitchens):

Murdering priests and dumping forty-seven bodies in the street in one day could not be seen in the context of defeating the terrorists; on the contrary such acts were probably counterproductive.

meeting Vladmir Putin – “It is imperative that these actions be implemented clandestinely and securely so that the USG and American hand be well hidden.

so which is it
Impunity? Corruption? or Evil?

As in – one of the word’s most evil men? most corrupt men? or men most immune to prosecution/justice/commensurate consequences?

The United States believes that it alone pursues and indicts war criminals and ‘international terrorists’; nothing in its political or journalistic culture yet allows for the thought that it might be harbouring and sheltering such a senior one.

He was always willing to open doors and windows that nobody else dared to notice –

Or is it all three? Swollen beyond all measure, beyond categorisation … a supreme sickness.
The metric of a man’s malignancy … surpassing all proportions.
& world powers have failed to correct this perversion of the species.
There he is … waddling into another clandestine appointment, spreading that corrupt contagion & making the universe scream.
An insult to all life.

with Grab em’ by the Pussy – “We want your understanding if we deem it necessary to take rapid and drastic action” – Suharto

Men who share this rare enormity of turpitude, or covet it’s stench, seek it’s blessing or collusion – eager to host the infection.
Rupert Murdoch & Jared Kushner are close associates, naturally, but are rigorous to never be caught together on camera with their fellow defiler.

We would be able to influence the reaction in America if whatever happens happens …

across the globe, such men hang out together, advise each other, scheme together & they amplify & intensify each others perversions.
This consolidation of criminalities & corruptions has lead us to the current obscenity, where impossible feats of cruelty, insanity, reprobation & depravity have become feasible & even routine by way of war, commerce/business, religion & politics.

with Donald Rumsfeld

Henry Kissinger has played a fundamental pillar to this inimicable sickness & inhumanity.

“Kissinger found time to warn the despot, that whatever he did, he should ‘not create a climate that discourages investment’.”
obviously … with Benjamin Netanyahu

Kissinger’s position on both tracks, promiscuous violence abroad and flagrant illegality at home, was decided from the start. He does not seem to have lacked relish for either commitment; one hopes faintly that this was not the first twinge of the ‘aphrodisiac’.

Organised International Corruption, criminal organisation & criminal enterprise, conspiracy & the concerted perversion of justice & exigent violation of international law have been repurposed as “state craft”.
It is tolerated at the highest levels, as is Murdoch, as is Koch, as is the house of Saud, as is the state of Israel.
The facade grinds on – & the offenders grow richer.

with Vladmir Putin … again

Passing the poison on. potentation. so it affects even more people in even more ways at an even worse rate.

Eric Schmidt of Google finds something to laugh about.

General Taylor described the practice of air strikes against hamlets suspected of “harbouring” Vietnamese guerrillas as “flagrant violations of of the Geneva Convention on Civilian Protection, which prohibits ‘collective penalties’ and ‘reprisals against protected persons’ and equally in violation of the Rules of Land Warfare.” He was writing before the atrocious precedent had been extended to ‘reprisal raids’ that treated two whole countries – Laos and Cambodia – as if they were disposable hamlets.

an intercourse of corruptions
secret and illegal diplomacy” – with Mike Pompeo

It’s interesting – albeit execrable & astonishing – that the greater the crime, the worse the damage, the easier it is to get away with it.
Class-A-offending – with the largest scale casualties or consequences seems to be treated with the least regard, the lowest “conviction rates” & the most pathetic sentencing.
& really, that is one of the greatest crimes itself.
On that alone, I think we can condemn the whole fucking shit-show.
This is the only benefit from subhuman hellspawn like Kissinger, they confirm that the current farce is not fit for purpose & runs directly counter to the central tenets it proclaims to represent & revere.

The House of Saud & the “Wahhabi implement”

A series of Washington meetings held within eleven days of Allende’s electoral victory, essentially settled the fate of Chilean democracy.

Chile/Pinochet – rape, torture, murder, assassination, military coups, military dictatorship, massacres, death squads, terrorism, kidnaping & abductions, bombings, conspiracy, illegal intervention, war crimes, crimes against humanity ….

Mass murder. Genocide. Indiscriminate arial bombardment. Gigantic, protracted, illegal crimes of aggression & military occupation steeped in racism & imperialist supremacy & economic pugnacity. Torture, exorbitant civilian slaughter, ecocide, raining warcrimes … Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Brazil, Nicaragua, & on & on … Kissinger bloody prints – all there.
Military coups, assassinations, mass arrests, abductions, bombings, brutal torture, rapes, executions & illegal confinement of civilian populations, foreign interference, sabotage, subordination & secretive campaigns, training & funding death squads, illegal arms shipments, crimes against humanity, economic terrorism, intimidation & the defilement of sovereign democracies….. HENRY KISSINGER!!!

Jared Kushner – who has been receiving regular Roy Cohn style mentorship from both Rupert Murdoch & Henry Kissinger.

– a death toll of between 50,000 and 80,000 Timorese civilians in the first eighteen months of Indonesia’s war in of subjugation (in other words on Kissinger’s watch) and inflicted with weapons that he bent American laws to furnish to the killers.

with Dick Cheney

& there he is in the warm glow of the Hudson Institute giving an award to his fuck-buddy Rupert Murdoch with Jared Kushner & his convicted felon father Charlie Kushner in the audience clapping him on.

Available for export, advising transnational criminals, dictators & mass murderers the world over … spreading the plague & enhancing our suffering.

“harbouring and sheltering”

We do know that Kissinger was conducting a vendetta against Demetracopoulos (as was Ambassador Henry Tasca); we do know that Kissinger was involved in high level collusion with the Greek junta and had advanced knowledge of the plot to assassinate Archbishop Makarios; and we do know that he had used the US embassy in Chile to smuggle weapons for the contract killing of General Rene Schneider. The cover story in that case, too, was that the hired goons were ‘only’ trying to kidnap him….”

they can’t seem to stay away from each other ….

& like Donald Rumsfeld, Kissinger will probably die of old age without ever facing the consequences, safely secured behind walls of American corruption enforced by the most wicked people on earth.

with Hillary Clinton

It does not have to be that way & it should not be that way. & if this “trend” continues to be tolerated, we are not going to make it. What are you going to do about it?

Christopher Hitchens, 2002, Atlantic Books, 230 pages.

another foreign client, of transnational corruption & illegal diplomacy, aiding & abbetting, conspiracy & kleptocarcy.