Green is the New Red – An insider’s account of a social movement under siege (Will Potter):

The most disgraceful periods in history were arrived at slowly, methodically, with an infinite number of decisions being made, every day, by real people. There is no going to sleep one night in a democracy and waking up the next morning to police roundups. There is no “tipping point,” there are many points, and at each of them we have a choice – do we continue down this path, because it has not yet affected us personally, or do we intervene?” – Will Potter

a truly portent warning

Voddoo’d & deja vue’d … we have been here before.
This tremendously crucial book by courageous author/activist Will Potter has an especially critical pertinence to the Benighted Kingdom at the hour, as the the same grotesquely dictatorial destruction of bedrock rights & founding principles is under way via the egregious despotic atrocity of the Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill which effectively criminalise peaceful protest in the dawn of excellerant telluricide, mass-die-off, geo-vandalism, ecological collapse & extinction advocacy by petroleum extremists & the Neo-Liberal death czars.
the exceptionally controversial piece of legal mutilation was repeat-rammed through Parliament under exceedingly unseemly & disturbing circumstances by the worst ever politician in Britain’s modern history – the hysterically vile & monumentally corrupt criminal fink & ineptopathic degenerate Priti Patel aka Lady Haw-Haw. But Haw-Haw Patel dances – with perverse fervour – to the whims of foreign interests & a some-what secret consortium of adverse detractors – Rupert Murdoch, Peter Thiel, Robert Mercer, Charles Koch, Stuart Polak & Benjamin Netanyahu being primary offenders in her instructive duties. So in some ways we cannot attribute this perverse legal vandalism & despotic enrichment to her alone, as she is strictly executing the corrupt orders & intentions of foreign attackers in a fug of stupendous treason & national betrayal.

the worst, most corrupt political criminal in British history? – Lady Haw-Haw Patel.

They could of picked a better name – Police, Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill? – was passed by Haw-Haw Patel all whilst the The Police Federation of England and Wales (the statutory staff association for police constables, sergeants, inspectors, chief inspectors and special constables in the UK’s 43 territorial police forces) had already passed a near unanimous vote of no confidence in the corrupt Home Secretary shill. Crime in almost every single category imaginable has dramatically exploded under the Conservatives due to their sustained extremist austerity massacre (ongoing) & ardent misrule. The courts & justice system is “near collapse”, with rape convictions so low that legal watchdogs have publicly announced the crime of rape in Britain has practically been “decriminalised”. The back log in the courts is ballooning beyond belief with trials & sentencing so delayed that many victims are simply abandoning holding perpetrators to justice.
vote Cancervative.
The law & order party.

courage & clarity – Will Potter

Sorry …. Back to Will Potter.
If you want an adroit, majorly informative & revealing investigative disclosure on the depths of how & who devise & enact such flagrantly dictatorial perversions of democracy & essential civilian/human rights to redress & life – here it is.

Will Potter on Solecast …. an immensely informative exchange.

here is a link to the incredible interview with Potter on Solecast … just listen to the first ten-minutes alone … don’t be detered by the presenters language or intro music – he is a brilliant host & presides over an incredible exchange …. listen & share –

Those familiar with the exciting clarion of late 90s & early-to-mid 00s anti-capitalist/green movements may recall the astonishing & unprecedented jamboree of mutant legislation & new “extremist” laws that were fast-track generated to respond on the concerns of heaving, common-abuser corporate behemoths (Koch Industries especially) operating chiefly via the notorious American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) of America (both Liam Fox & Liz Truss were/are members &/or “recipients” of ALEC).

an unimaginable conflagration of interests – corrupt Conservative MP Liam Fox, a member of both ALEC & Atlantic Bridge …. unbelievable.

This lead to explicitly non-violent activist & protest groups/individuals being classified as “terrorists” under new sweeping extreme legal contortions such as the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.
the national intelligence services were given new powers, impetus & “political priority” to target with exceptional bias, overreaction & overreach under these obscene new despot diktats.
The justifications for such perversion of law & ardent authoritarianism were pushed beyond breaking.
meanwhile, the white supremacists & neo-nazi militias motley, who were actually going round murdering people & blowing up up federal building with truck bombs (Timothy McVeigh) were practically left alone.
In the typical brain-bursting mega dishonesty of our age, the rapist is the raped & the raped is the rapist.

corporate raider, political sapper, demolition quisling & war criminal – Liz Truss … also a member of ALEC. corruption beyond measure.

Potter fully exposes these stratospheric twistings of utterly untenable mega folly.

a longer take

I don’t know where Potter is these days? His persecution by partisan elements of the security apparatus was severe, as is also documented in detail in Green is the New Red. I can only imagine what kind of “targeting” he must of received during the Trump Disintegration (his blogging seems to of mysteriously stopped around the time Grab Em’ By the Pu$$y assumed office).
This book, & indeed the era & movement need serious re-examination in the current emergency.
Those with zero interest in what we might simply refer to as “the environmental crisis or environmental movement” but with an interest in how a shadowy appendage of inaccurately ascribed & massively exaggerated laws can be applied – with breathtaking bias & dishonesty – to a specific group of small citizens challengers who are operating for the clear collective good will definitely, definitely find a rich ream of information & horror in the books conclusions & research.

Extremely important information & reading.

Will Potter, 2011, City Light Books, 250 pages

“Put me on a terrorist list for leafleting?” – “Look, after 9/11 we have a lot more authority now to get things done and get down to business. We can make your life very difficult for you.”

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