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Exit the Illusionist:

constantly out-thinking pursuers – DB

Ok, so major news delivered by belated trajectory! In 2015, the historic Industrial-Noise-Electronics savant Illusion Of Safety was permanently dissolved by it’s core exponent – Dan Burke! that’s over thirty years of dedicated, proliferous morphism, sleight-of-sound & profundity rolled into the casket…without adequate explanation (I could not extract any cogent/definitive reason for this drastic decision from the man himself). I am unaware of the precise timing Continue reading Exit the Illusionist:

Illusion Of Safety – Bad Karma CD

Bad Karma

One of the most interesting, accomplished & erudite machinators to exit the Industrial/Noise ambit, Chicago’s Illusion Of Safety have heaped on the heuristic unpredictable interpretations from the late 80’s onwards. An extensive lineage of releases & pioneering has waned only in it’s regularity over these decades, with the projects pilot Dan Burke continuing to spawn totally distinct & irregular uniqueness on a very consistent trajectory. Continue reading Illusion Of Safety – Bad Karma CD