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Burton Greene Ensemble – Aquariana 12” LP

Burton Greene - Aquariana

An astonishing record! It’s got to be one of the most peculiar that I have come across at the same time as being a total success in it’s own right (not relying purely on it’s rare unusualness for effect). Greene is a cult Jewish pianist/composer & a formidable visionary, precipitating some of the most advanced & daring excavations into deep’ deep Experimental/hyper Avant-Garde surrealism & intensity early in the game. The two albums I have studied from Burton prior to this release (On Tour & Live At The Woodstock Playhouse) both boast extraordinary merit & acute adventurism (especially “On Tour”, which enacted some ridiculously futuristic decorum-smashing techniques & themes for it’s time), but this album is quite something else & is one of my most treasured LP’s. Continue reading Burton Greene Ensemble – Aquariana 12” LP