Shitnoise Bastards-this is a threat EP cassette:

Oh! A wonderful triple crack in the cranium here. Presumably a two-piece (I write this half-blind, with only the physical tape for details & no internet access) of garbage-spew trash-Noisecore with vicious hysterical Blurcore tendencies. It’s billed as “Shitnoise” (or at least the band’s name opts for this indication) but it’s too fierce & too well recorded (in a Tascam over trash way! still weeping-wound lo-fi scuzz, don’t worry). Actually, the recording is definitely part of what heaves this further than tens of dozens of other Noisecore swill – the drums really punch-out & the twister moments (of which there are plenty) of paroxysm blur are a lot more assaulting & violent on behalf of this substantial sonic advantage. Another elevating feature is that these guys seem genuinely intent on playing as fast as possible for much of the junk-dump. Hard Blur (distortion shred on a bass & spasm-blast drums), micro-tracks (27 in about twelve minutes), bludgeoning vocals (also speed inclined) & one-wallop stops (the classic brick wall at high-speed ending). Most of it’s in quick succession, no long shitty feedback preludes, sustained pressure, constant clarion. A really pleasing mess of appalled glass & nails riddled street-dirt…”fuck me, fuck you, fuck them, fuck all”. Released on a very promising new Ukrainian get-up Rotovo Porojnina Records (the same dude that formerly ran the somewhat illustrious pro-cassette label Freak Friendly DIY) with perfectly complementing, dead-simple but dead-on design. A yummy grievous head-wound for breakfast – thank you ever so much!

Rekd: probably 2017 sometime?

Label: Rotovo Porojnina