Dark Throne Is Dead-fukk Norway cassette:

The quaintest of all crude. 85 tracks (in less than eight & a half minutes) of tatty, drossed-out, trash, mishap lampoon. Garbage scuzz BM with an aluminum drum-machine on permanent blast-patrol & gibberish, indiscernible vocal blather. Funny. Endearing. Dumb as fuck. Very little information divulged & the classic ‘no contact’ (not ‘stated’ here but simply absent) statement. Here ingrained is a demo from 2015 with 57 tracks & then a second demo from 2017 (28 tracks) that’s more distorted & has two extra layers of dissonance that sound like scraped chip-tune or some kind of over-loaded digital frequency. These tracks are also laden with samples, basically just ripping-the-piss out of BM stereotypes & Eurovision. It’s moderately well produced (for a lo-fi as fuck dumpster-denizen “Noisecore Black Metal” cassette) & you can fully make-out all the mess without blurring or the typical loss of clarity that often occurs with the like. The name is presumably a parody of a parody, the Noisecore group Napalm Death Is Dead, who can’t really say shit as aside from possessing more distortion, totally trail-behind the band they are trying to mock (it only works if your actually ahead). There must be more BM-Noisecore groups skulking the crypts, but I only really checked semi-Noise inclusive acts such as Black Mass Of Absu & Gonkulator, both of which were more Sludge/Doom leaning. Uber underground Italian group Latex Baby are also worth mentioning, although it would be stretching it to call them Noisecore, despite very clear Noise & Noisecore influences & inclusions (lets not forget Ghetto Blaster either, who projected the same pseudo-Noise BM effort). This cassette won’t smash/blast your brains blanched, but it’s a quirked-out to fuck still warm sick bag of pointless novelty. Released by Visceral Circuitry, who are always unearthing these loner, hyper-remote, scene-defiant freaks.


Label-Visceral Circuitry