Schperrung- ДП CDR:

More from those rogue Ukrainskies! This time in the apparition of Industrial Noise & harsh Noise-Distortion-Rock from Donetsk region, via Kiev & all the way across the Baltic dips! This is a one-man crusade from Ilja Bilga, utilizing vocals (no lyrics, just gibber), raw analogue Noise & brash, horrisonant guitar work. It begins with the gentle lapping of water (apparently sourced from a hydroelectric power plant) before stumbling into unpleasant Industrial irk with half-risible & half-harrowing wales from some chernigiv fugitive washed out of a storm-drain after being savaged by a berehynia. This first track is lengthy (twelve minutes) & threatens to drag, but subtle oscillations & alterations to volume & pattern keep the hearth blazing. Around track 3, the guitar comes into action. It’s the kind of course, rancorous & stentorious open-circuit free-form bellicosity that was pioneered by the likes of Sonny Sharrock. Some more collected & ameliorated sections are also present along with what will either be FX pedals or amp/acoustics modification for a further diversification of sonics. In a lot of ways, this feels more like a demo/early stages in the making of. What this is really screaming for is percussion/drums & interplay. There’s some good stuff here & tremendous potential, but it’s lack of interaction & collision is limiting. Still, promising stuff & a great effort, & those less bothered about extensity, group completion & percussive punctuations may well reap satisfaction from this raw, harsh & noisy shambling inebriation through the dark night.

The CDR is very well produced, with a high-quality glossy colour sleeve, inlay, card & colour on-body. Hand numbered to x38 copies. More proof of great shit going on in Ukraine.


Label- ЩЫЛ