Monumentally Retarded-the burping turds retrospective compilation! CD:

Hilarious big blotch of shite here! 58 tracks at 73 minutes of uniquely US Retardcore & sub-genre shenanigans, like – hissing cassette recorder Spate/sample composites (many from day time TV oblivion) ultra Trash Noise, Garbage Punk/Hardcore/Fastcore/Grind, distortion dross, Gaycore, As Shit As Possible-core, Shitnoise, lo-fi junky moronic malfunctioning tomfoolery, bilge japes & jokes by the gallons, Refuse Rock, scavenged stupor dumpster flea-market swap-meet hijinkery. It’s hilarious! & works most the time. The nimrods assembled keep finding ways to twist the wreckage into ever stupider shapes…meaning the material does not become boring & new brilliant displays of yokelized obtusity & skip plunder keep y’ laughing. Despite the odd excruciating episode, it’s also genuinely funny & operates or acts like a satire on just about everything as some kind of ultimate humongous piss-take permanent insolent youth cluster-fuck! The only band I recognize here is “Edith Bunkers Demonized Vomit Insurance”, a staple of the whole Sock Eye/Reality Impaired ring of fools. Many of the other bands listed here have probably been forged purely for this recording (the award for best titled outfit goes to “X-Ray Of A Boiled Sandwich”). Shitnoise is actually a genre…it sucks exponentially & offers nothing. The difference with this stuff is that it’s actually very funny, brimming with character, capable (on occasion/when required) of working on a musical platform, versatile & no matter how smashed, trashed, & cack-handed – blatantly a creative success. The lyrics, stupid scenarios & oodles of ad-lib pissing-about come from an unorthodox & flamboyant style of thinking & performing & are a fuckin’ hoot! Ridiculous, hilarious, stupid, & inventive in a raw & totally uncommercialized non-adult manner. Hiding behind unassuming juvenile trash are (or indeed utilizing unassuming juvenile trash) clearly some great minds. Excellent blarney claptrap to de-fuck commercially ravaged landscapes.

Label-Nauscopy Records.

Rekd- probably the early 00’s ?