The Riot Club-film:

Toffs on the rampage. Based on the play ‘Posh’ by Laura Wade, that I believe is staged (at least in sections) on real life events concerning the Bullingdon Club (renamed here as the Riot Club). Drama & dramatization aside, this is a very’ very important subject that rarely undergoes public attention. The Bullingdon Club is of course a ‘gang’ of Etonians as a semi-secret society that celebrate destructive, excessive, class-based criminality & chronic decadence. this included Boris Johnson, David Cameron & George Osbourne, who are depicted “semi-covertly (wink-wink) in major rolls within the film.

Cross-combined drama (the obligatory love interest) & some minor commercial trivializations aside (Universal released it), this is a well put together effort with some brilliant moments. It is of course, the insight that it provides that make it an essential investigation. Much like the hardline madrasas of fundamentalist Wahhabis Islam operating in the Middle-East, the noxious extremist virulence that is spawned in Eton, Oxbridge & other “elite” cesspools is responsible for some of the most harmful, stomach-emptyingly unpleasant, callous & ignorant ideology Britain has ever seen, consolidated in perhaps it’s most extreme form as the Conservative Party, the absolute bane of our times.

The Riot Club concentrates on the Bulingdon Club by prowling the origins & the initiation of two new recruits. Its focal set-piece is the disruption & vandalization of a village-pub in a fit of ultra-affluent avarice, excessive as fuck libertine loutism & white-collar (if not gold cuff-link) crime, inextricably enjoined to aristocratic fundamentalism, class prejudice & entitlement. I won’t ruin it should you have not seen the flick yet, but this is inestimably important analysis or an immeasurably controversial & secretive phenomena that clings to the soiled brains of shits that are running the country (off a fucking cliff edge). It matters “socially” & makes for excellent, albeit excruciating & bilious cinema, but also “politically”. The scene with the prostitute is particularly stunning.

There’s some excellent performances of out-of-control, coked-up & heavily inebriated toffs disgracefully plunging off the rails under gang influence & group-goading. Sam Claflin steals the show with a brilliant portrayal & capture of the vicious, nasty, pov-hating Etonian extremist. You probably won’t hear much on Bullingdon etc, simply because it’s true exposure would horrify & enrage people into some form of action & potentially even destroy the Tory party permanently. It’s not just that it’s “morally reprehensible” in extremes, it’s also criminal as fuck (class A-drugs, violence, vandalism & a whole gaggle of public order & indecency offenses) & to think that members of such an outfit are going on to “run the country” is an act of indescribable madness (ergo the countries collapse & decay). We need much more scrutiny & disclosure on this obscene & insanely pernicious shower of shit-wallowers & detailed historical breakdowns of their offenses.

Directed by Lone Scherfig