Rat F**ked-the true story behind the secret plan to steal America’s democracy:

“This is the story of the actual redrawing of the American political map and our democracy itself. It’s the story of how the republicans turned a looming demographic into legislative majorities so unbreakable, so impregnable, that none of the outcomes are in doubt until after the 2020 census. It is the story of new mapping technologies so exact that they’ve resorted and resegregated Americans, while creating congressional districts where the only competition comes from someone more extreme. It’s legal, it’s breathtaking, and much of it happened in plain sight. The Democratic majority was ratfucked.”

Not one for playing this book. author David Daley has done a tremendously important endeavor by playing coroner for the U$A’s dead & acutely rotten (like, so bad it’s oozing off the mortician’s table) body mass. All I can really say, without jest or theatre, is that – it’s almost definitely worse than you think! Corrupt capital cascading in from concealed corporate croesus? – (American Legislative Exchange Council, the US Chamber of Commerce, Reynolds American, American Crossroads, Walmart, RGA, AFS, AJP on & on et-all, & of course the fucking Koch Brothers again & again) with ever expanding sums? That’s only part of it. the core catastrophe & topic of this book is what’s referred to as “Redistricting” & map making. This dramatically synthetic deviancy in the political genome was devised by the Republicans, who can only sell, poverty, degeneration & self-immolation by-way-of-lie for so long (& were disintegrating into extinction) before people clock the con (& indeed clock it they did, which is why this shit was devised). Unfortunately, technology (Big Data & dramatic advancements in map-software) & supra-sewage-capital from deeply nefarious plutocratic/conglomerate/commerce allowed nature/reality/choice (I am reluctant to use “democracy” but it’s definitely in there too) to once again be impossibly overridden & defiled by a minority of wicked & wretched super-turds.

“Big Data has ruined American politics. Big Data could be used for good and is instead used for evil. Big Data has given you the tools to not have to coalition-build. We don’t do political persuasion anymore. If you have competitive districts, you force political persuasion. The data is what has destroyed our political campaigns.”

“Ratfucking” constitutes this brand of targeted political sabotage, where essentially, the will of the voters is trampled by political black magic.

“REDMAP built a firewall against the popular will. “It means basically that the whole constitutional notion of the house as a mirror of popular views comes into jeopardy”

It’s explained here & examined in detail, with origins & contributions from key players (including beneficiaries in the Republican ranks). it’s utterly unbelievable! & yet, the Republicans (& Conservatives the world over in general) are nothing but pure, unrefined poison, so naturally they infect, contaminate & corrupt the contraption/body/environment they inhabit/operate in (government/politics) – this is just a climax/enhanced stage. The well is truly poisoned. In that sense, & without any reduction in my anger & contempt for these scum-fucks, is it any wonder?

“The simple truth is this: America is the only major democracy in the world that allows politicians to pick their own voters. And since the 2010 election, the system has been gamed to create an artificial-but foolproof- Republican majority in the House and in the state capitals nationwide.”

How this evil is induced & maintained is vital (for its undoing & permanent slaying), which is exactly what the book so brilliantly performs.

“It’s forcing all representative regardless of party to lean to the extremes”, he says, the frustration still palpable. “it’s obscene. It’s an abomination of democracy. It’s bad for everybody.”

Obviously, this works wonders in explaining how we ended up with the current shit-sputterer & the ghoul gang in the Shite House, it’s not just the voters, but the system & a hexed ersatz viral curse that’s been released into the body-politic.    

“GOP relied on opaque nonprofits funded by dark money, supposedly non-partisan campaign outfits, and millions in corporate donations to achieve Republican-friendly maps throughout the country…. Other donors, who gave to the nonprofits Republicans created, may never have to be disclosed” 

Big Data & increased technology also plays an essential abetting role in this miasma malady. It’s yet another reason & renewed admonishment of urgency to withdraw & opt-out of this tragic & dangerous faux-freedom/convenience-duping that inveigles it’s entry by posing as an innocuous, casual boon & “cool” convenience. The result is a disempowered, distracted & vulnerabalized majority/public & an excessively-empowered & unaccountable oligarchic minority exploiting it to grotesque extremes.

“This is not same-old-same-old. This has been taken to an extreme. These guys are absolutely audacious.”

Daley really deserves our uproarious thanks for researching, compiling & executing such an important piece on this repulsive rape of democracy, by entities, individuals & thinking of such villainy that words simply aren’t enough.

“You can have the best recruit, the best candidate, the best fundraising.. But if you have an uncompetitive district, there’s no path.”

America continues to give us indescribable corruption in new super forms, leading the way in degeneracy.

“People call us a vast right-wing conspiracy, but we are really only a half-assed right-wing conspiracy. Now it’s time to get serious.” – Karl Rove 2010

 Author – David Daley

Publisher: Liveright (2016)