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something to grin about -” 14 unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers, businesspeople and a senior lobbyist.

We need to talk about Priti Patel. The exemplary extremist, racist, hard right psycho-sadistic sociopath & free-market-ultra who’s crooked smirk & energetic zeal for cruelty signifies the sensual-sadism & sheer gratification she derives from delivering misery, enmity & massive social adversity through the ‘respectable’ axis of Conservative governance.

Benjamin Netanyahu & Gilad Erdan. Netanyahu was “interested” in meeting Patel off-record, & she willingly complied whilst concealing the meeting from her own government.
“unauthorized meetings with senior Israeli officials.”

But before we delve into any of her profusion of personal poison, or dissect what kind of warped, self-hating freakoid psychosis this twisted & traumatized wreck of a woman is suffering from, there is something even worse that bares her shambles that must be scrutinized urgently, quite plausibly as a matter of national security. Its about Priti Patel & Israel. About Priti Patel secretly meeting the far-right president of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu & other Israeli’s from the political, security & business strata, in fourteen separate clandestine conspirations, all on Israeli territory & then lying about it to her own government.

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s minister of security.
all aboard – Patel with Erdan.
unaccompanied by diplomats, Patel was operating freelance.

Concealed as a “family holiday” Priti Patel traveled to Israel in the summer of 2017 whilst minister of the Department for International Developement (DFID) and engaged in no less than fourteen unauthorized meetings with Israeli officials, lobbyists, security personnel & businessmen. This included the Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu who was “interested” in meeting her. She also met with Gilad Erdan, a Likud (Netanyahu’s far-right party) minister, who is in charge of public security, strategic affairs and information (the Mossad then). She also met with Yuval Rotem who is the director general of Israel’s foreign ministry. In all meetings, she was not accompanied by any other British diplomats or aids. However, during thirteen of the fourteen meetings, Tory lobbyist, Conservative Life peer & hardcore Zionist Lord Polak was present. One of these meetings was reportedly held at a military installation in the disputed Golan Heights territory, a controversial area that was seized during a war & has been illegally retained & occupied ever since by Israel. It has been revealed that Patel had discussed the prospect of funneling British taxpayers cash to the Israeli Defence Force disguised as foreign humanitarian aid via the DFID (then her office). Priti Patel’s secret trip was organized with the assistance of the Conservative Friends of Israel lobby group. She went on to convene two further unauthorized meetings with senior Israeli officials after her return from Israel.

Stuart Polak – Zionist lobbyist, Conservative Life peer & former head of Conservative Friends of Israel before becoming a Lord.
“he has gone on to have the ear of almost every senior Tory since Margaret Thatcher’s premiership”.
“The international development secretary’s covert summer trip was a gift to Israelis who seek to influence British policy.”
Yuval Rotem, the director general of Israel’s foreign ministry who met Patel clandestinely.

She almost got away with it, but the word got out as her department tried to implement some of the policies her new associates had instructed her to execute & the then prime minister, Theresa May, started to unravel the mass of alarming transgressions Patel had committed. Patel was summoned by May to explain, but then lied (it was presented to the public as a lack of candour). Under the swelling opprobrium & media attention, Patel simply resigned in disgrace without any further investigation or prosecution.

Lord Polak & Conservative MP’s Priti Patel & Eric Pickles at a Conservative Friends for Israel conspiracy event.
Yuval Rotem & Benjamin Netanyahu.
Patel told the Guardian:Boris knew about the visit. The point is that the Foreign Office did know about this, Boris knew about [the trip]. It is not on, it is not on at all. I went out there, I paid for it. And there is nothing else to this. It is quite extraordinary.”

Patel retreated to the margins, where she no doubt further machinated her covert agenda for external forces away from public or party scrutiny. After Boris Johnson’s suspicious & controversial election win, he delivered a breathtaking act of unprecedented abnormality, & abruptly appointed Priti Patel to the position of home security. This reinstatement was a freak occurrence & remains a vertex anomaly even by the worst examples of current barrel-bottom-standards (Liam Fox, Amber Rudd, Chris Grailing et al). The woman was disgraced & forced to resign under a multitude of extremely grave violations & infractions. The surreptition, secrecy, lying, obliteration of both ethics, standards & norms, prostitution of office, serious security implications & major conflict of interests are all apex. Incredibly, & very worryingly indeed, she faced no criminal charges or even criminal investigation & was allowed to slink off in utter disrepute. In an astonishing act of ongoing aberration within Conservative policy that markedly illustrates the rock-bottom-minus malformation of the current government, Johnson reintroduced her as if nothing ever happened. It was almost as if her clear corruption warranted merit or advantage. She had proven herself.

sewing-up shop!

Suspend or postpone all & any animosity towards the Conservative party or this particular politician for a moment, & through a neutral lens, lets look at this transgression professionally from a national security perspective. –

the country in which these “transactions” took place – Israel & the Mossad.

In the official capacity, Israel is not a “hostile state” & is considered an “ally” to the UK. Israel’s existence & daily operations constitute & entail a large body of very’ very serious criminality. This unbroken-circadian-criminality requires the continual application of special exceptions & immunities & a status that operates beyond the law & allows core international legislation to be ignored in entirety, in-perpetuum, 24/7. How does Israel secure this unique invulnerability & legal pariah-hood?

my Modi! -let’s murder muslims together & make money money.

Israel is a very wealthy country, but it does not pay for this special protection. On the contrary, from the US alone it receives $3.8bn every year in direct military aid or Foreign Military Financing (FMF) under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). US tax payers pay-out for Israel to arm itself. Israel exercises “extraordinary influence” & operates on a level of “rogue state” that nowhere else on earth can compete with. It has a unique, almost “supreme” indemnity. It does this through a huge, very dedicated & sophisticated range of, capture, compromise, clandestine-collusion & coercion activities with foreign states, politicians & specific targets of interest outside of it’s own territory & jurisdiction, particularly politicians, & in the highest capacity possible. This could be by appealing to the personal greed of a target with money or “business opportunities” or could involve blackmail or human compromise operations, i.e. sexual blackmail/kompromat, which is a Mossad specialty. The notorious child sex offender, trafficker & financier Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent, as was his accomplice & madam Ghislaine Maxwell. The Mossad, & therefore the Israeli state, will have been completely & totally aware & approving of their sexual exploits which were conducted on Israel’s behalf & instruction for ongoing situational advantages on American soil (& elsewhere). A powerful example of how much authority, influence & exceptionalism Israel wields over its subjects is demonstrated here as not a single repercussion or official attempt has been made to hold Israel to account or even inquire as to why these two agents were allowed to abuse, rape, prostitute & traffic so many young & underage American girls over literally decades with total impunity.

No public inquiry, no summoning of diplomats, no expulsions, no sanctions, no nothing (Ghisliane is probably chilling in Golan with full state protection). extraordinary influence & exceptional exemption.

Mossad agents -Jefferey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell.

Israel “enjoys” this odd, unexplained & unrequited standing in both the UK & US. As a result, the Mossad is considered a “security risk” by MI5 (not in official proclamation) as Israel is continually looking to expand its influence & control over British politics & power at every level possible.

Israel’s objective & strength run in tandem with Britain’s compromise…. the greater so the better.

on the phone to her out the country superiors.
gain access to particular decision makers

Now then, Priti Patel. Do you think you can trust this woman? Do you think she is of sound or sturdy moral standing? Does she strike you as a woman of principle & honesty? Does her party or government? If it became lucrative or somehow advantageous to her in a personal capacity, but went against the interests of her office or country, do you think she would have a problem abstaining from personal gain at the countries expense? Were her meetings announced? – no. was concealment & secrecy orchestrated? – absolutely. Were significant political operatives/personnel liaising with her in these furtive, off-record meetings? – absolutely, including Benjamin Netanyahu, the countries far right prime-minister himself who also happens to be facing a series of corruption indictments on charges of fraud, bribery & breach of trust.

Secret, illegal meetings with foreign heads of government & security officials from a state known for its “security threat” & ambitions to co-opt & capture foreign politicians, where Patel negotiated diverting International Development Aid to Israel. So, diverting large sums of British public money to Israel, in secrecy, off record, without authorization. That’s one. Bearing everything else in mind & looking at the context – do you think that any attempts to recruit Patel as an Israeli agent transpired? Does that, given the circumstances & context seem feasible or likely? As she went their by her own accord, on Israeli soil, held no less than fourteen clandestine meetings, tried to conceal them & lied about them on her return when summoned specifically & questioned by her own prime minister, we cannot say her actions are not stupendously suspect, premeditated, willfully-deceptive & complicit with the invasive interests of a foreign “disruptor”. Given the lies, evasions & complete violation of protocol she has overwhelmingly deomonstarted – how could we ever treat her “assurances” with any morsel of credibility whatsoever?

Thirteen meetings were held in the presence of Lord Polak, an experienced Tory lobbyist.

Patel must from that moment be considered a serious, highly-probable (if not confirmed) security risk & Mossad asset. Even on the safe-side or from a lax or biased perspective, that array of extremely alarming breaches along with calculated deception & direct mendacity warrants immediate & severe consequences. But incredibly, no such measures materialized. Extraordinarily, we had to settle for a resignation. Not even a firing, but a simple resignation, as if it was just a hugely unscrupulous misdeed.

Netanyahu & the Mossad – aka the Tory ‘shadow’ cabinet.

Spying is providing sensitive information that could prove harmful in any way – to external entities or actors (we don’t need to be at war with them for it to count). Treason is seen generally as aiding an enemy or aiding a foreign or opposition entity that negatively effects the countries interests, standing or security. What constitutes treason? If Patel has taken payment or some kind of opportunity, or access that she can personally benefit from in return for covert & undeclared assistance to Israel does that qualify as treason? Abuse of office? A criminal violation of the official secrets act? If she has become an agent of/or is working in tandem with the Mossad undercover, what does that amount to? Considering the exiguity of the governments reaction, which seems to amount to “just resign for now as quietly as possible & we will bring you back as soon as the air is clear with no further proceedings”, it is abundantly clear that the Conservative government has no qualification or legitimacy to provide any kind of assurance or authority on these extremely serious concerns/potential crimes against the country. They themselves clearly need urgent criminal investigation on this matter also & must not at all be allowed to self administer or appoint bodies to conduct such an investigation.

“The Department of International Development (DfID) gives aid to the Palestinian Authority as well as human rights groups that criticise Israel, including Amnesty International. Israel has pressed DfID to cut aid to the Palestinians due to the payments given by the Palestinian Authority to the families of people killed or jailed for involvement in attacks on Israeli targets. Patel ordered a review of funding in 2016.

We can be secure in presuming that Patel’s “safe exit” was induced & overseen by the Conservative party. For Boris Johnson to reinstall her as Home Secretary after such unprecedented criminal indecency is literally beyond belief. Priti Patel should be in jail doing hard time under multiple convictions of corruption, treason, abuse of office & foreign espionage. Any diminishment of prosecution/investigative proceedings by May/Johnson & the Tory government should be considered preventing the course of justice, aiding & abetting, collusion & cover-up that should result in the appropriate prosecutions for all participants. Instead, under the aegis of Johnson, Patel has been deemed fit to re-enter parliament despite her interests & allegiance clearly being elsewhere in the hands of foreign paymasters that work counter to the countries best interests.

“Boris knew about the visit.”
“The point is that the Foreign Office did know about this, Boris knew about [the trip].”

Avoid jail – retain parliament membership. Patel is contaminated. Even under the most reckless & abnormal exceptions, you would never ever admit an individual that had enacted or demonstrated even a fraction of Patel’s woefully recreant actions to a position in British political administration, ever. This action by Johnson is so disturbed & treasonous that it must be deemed a criminal act in itself & treated so by the relevant law enforcement bodies. There is no way that this escapes Johnson’s understanding, but he doesn’t give a damn. A blatant Mossad asset has been deliberately installed into the heart of the Johnson government – “lease out control” & shred sovereignty for whomever rolls the rubels.

corruption & capture. an estimated 80 per cent of Tory MPs are members of CFI.

Of course, Johnson himself remains massively suspect, vulnerable, compromised & utterly untrustworthy in a squalor of dishonour, lies, evasions & turbid illicit & illegitimate misgivings.

The Jennifer Arcuri affair, which he has never adequately explained or answered for, which resulted in multiple criminal investigations into Johnson’s conduct that have now been derailed indefinitely (I assume they will now just be conveniently dropped or concluded in his favour a-la Aaron Banks). Johnson had been giving hundreds of thousands of pounds of public money as “business grants” for sex with an American “business woman” & possible CIA operative Jennifer Arcuri. Beside having her accompany him on “business trips”, including one to Israel, he would “frequently” pop round her house for a rut, the ideal environment to set-up a concealed camera & film his “phallocentric phallus” in action with the pole-dancing married mother.

heeeeeeeeeere’s Jenny!
“Jennifer Arcuri’s mystery £700,000 loan adds to pressure on Johnson”.
scoff the toff! – Jennifer Arcuri devours Boris Johnson.

Johnson refused to publish the intelligence papers on Russian meddling & intervention in British politics by the independent intelligence and security committee that was due to be released before the election & has publicly lied about the reasons & process for burying this crucial investigation. The report was widely rumoured to contain very damaging information on the Conservatives being badly compromised by Russian dirty money/influence, with the Conservative party by far being the most prominent recipients of Russian cash. In yet another jaw-dropping display of corrupt cornyism, delay & cover-up, Johnson is poised to resurrect the disgraced runt, cripple, dunce & dead-albatross Chris Grayling to chair this investigation …you could not make it up at this stage.

“spaffed up the wall”.

Still unexplained (he is just refusing to debate or reveal anything about these events despite repeated requests for comment) is his long standing & ongoing close friendship with billionaire Russian oligarchs, party boys, media moguls, socialites, influence peddlers & uh – ‘ex?’-KGB agent – Evgeny & Alexander Lebedev. Johnson is a frequenter of their “debauched” caviar-festooned celebrity private parties (he brazenly celebrated his election win at one) which have even been attended by Johnson without his personal aides (a big derogation in official protocol that of course he is refusing to explain). In the most notorious & alarming of these many liaisons, where Johnson flew out to Evgeny’s private castle in Italy for a party, he was witnessed severely intoxicated, inebriated & “such a mess”-“quite disheveled” days later on his return to Britain by fellow airport passengers. Of course, he refuses to comment & inconsistencies – if not lies – have already been made on behalf of Alexander Lebedev who now says he did meet Johnson at the castle (he initially denied doing so).

ex-KGB spy Alexander Lebedev & Boris Johnson.
well trained idiot – Evgeny Lebedev with Borish Johnson.

There is another recent case that deserves special consideration as it captures Israel’s “extraordinary influence” & the current British governments utter & complete disregard for its own citizens. This is the gang rape of a 19 year old British girl in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, at the glands of twelve Israeli citizens (many being IDF recruits). Initially, the suspects were arrested & the victims statement was taken. All of a sudden, all the suspects were exonerated & discharged (back to Israel where they received a “heroes welcome”) & the victim was pressured to retract her accusation under aberrational & irregular proceedings by police (she was forced to annul her accusation under duress from police following eight hours of questioning without a lawyer or interpreter). She was then accused of “willfully indulging in public mischief for the offence of fabricating “an imaginary crime” , a jailable offence, had her passport confiscated & was scheduled for trial. From victim to accused. The foreign security was Dominik Raab. He did nothing. In fact, a legal aid group, Justice Abroad, as well as a consortium of other NGO’s stepped in to effectively do what the British government should have been performing in earnest but chose to completely ignore & neglect. A young British girl had been gang raped in Europe by a group of Israeli’s, reported it to the local police, & corrupt back-channels had been used to manipulate the culprits release & the framing of the victim via non-conventional proceedings – & the British government did absolutely nothing at all. Over 80% of serving Conservative MP’s in Britain are members of Conservative Friends for Israel.The priority made clear.

brought and sold. “Directors of CFI have also given money directly to the Tory party, including direct donations to individual MPs
“a miracle from God,” – rape the goy for zion my son.
“We can’t prove it, but there is this widespread sense that the girl has fallen victim to a political game of interests”

This is how the British government acts towards its own citizens when they are raped & blatantly falsely accused by corrupt means. They count for nothing.

the most effective lobbying operation at Westminster” Tory MP Eric Pickles & the lease holders Lord Polak & Gilad Erdan.
The rapists reuinted. “I don’t want to sound conspiratorial,” said one EU diplomat, “but there is something fundamentally wrong about this case when 12 young men are let go, no questions asked, and a young woman is treated like this.”

This is how Israel acts with impunity, anywhere, to its own crimes & its own criminals. Gang rape. War crimes. Mass murder. The routine decimation of human rights. Its all the same thing. & they get away with it. & British & American politicians, especially those on the right, facilitate, defend, service & cover-up for them. “serve & protect”.

the rapists return to a rapturous reception.
no fewer than 162 British Tory politicians on trips to Israel

The Harry Dunn homicide is another example of the Conservative governments total contempt for the British citizen. The parents of Harry Dunn are now suing the Foreign Office for Raab’s contemptible & callous insouciance towards the killing of their young son by a U.S. national who then fled the country & claimed diplomatic immunity. Fake back control.

“Israel remains a close partner and friend. I am sure the important UK-Israel relationship will continue to flourish as we leave the EU” – Dominic Raab
In the arrivals hall, the teens, all wearing white yarmulkes, loudly celebrated their release by opening champagne bottles, chanting “Am Yisrael Chai” (the people of Israel lives) along with “the Brit is a whore.”

Irrespective of any left or right, leave or remain positioning, you need to be aware that your security is seriously scuppered & that there is no sovereignty, only servitude & secret deference & priority to external entities that run counter to the national interest & the interest of the British citizen, no matter their standing.

rape our kids. murder our kids. & Israel has the right to extend itself. “the Brit is a whore.”
“So what we have here is a group of teenage boys, who it turns out are not rapists, just the type of boys who would engage in group sex with a drunk girl, film it without her permission and then send it around to their friends. There’s no doubt, they are obviously good boys,” columnist Hen Artzi-Sror said.
other priorities – Dominic Raab with Mike Pence.

Funnily enough, I spot a microscopic & pictureless article in today’s Guardian headlined “UK monitoring ‘hostile activity’ by overseas spies, says Patel”….you just could not make it up. The child murderer becomes the child minder…this is folly, this farce, this is insane. This is the problem when “the criminals have the keys”. They are in government to orchestrate & effectuate their own crimes & escape consequences & accountability. Patel is the spy, the inside agitator, the corrupt entity, the quisling, the third columnist, the enemy within that she now rails against.

allow me to offer you our populace, to do with as you so please – just bung us a few spaffs.

The article states that – “The UK government has established a cross-Whitehall body to monitor the threat from foreign spies, it has been revealed.

not all spied are foreign.

The Joint State Threats Assessments Team (JSTAT) was set up in 2017 in response to the growing threat of espionage and subversion by foreign powers.”

the Conservative party & their cohorts in CFI are that threat.

Patel stated: “The risks posed to the UK and its allies from state-based threats [Israel] have both grown and diversified in recent years, ranging from espionage and subversion to coercion and assassination.

“The use of the internet [Cambridge Analytica] as a way for states to expand their influence poses new issues and has made it easier for attacks to be carried out, whilst making it harder to identify those responsible.

“We face sustained and hostile activity which is deliberate and targeted and intended to threaten our national security.”

send UK aid money to the Israeli army for humanitarian work in the occupied Golan Heights.

further controversy has also embroiled Patel with the revelations emerging in February that MI5 had restricted her access to security information. This is obviously because she is seen by British intelligence as a clear Mossad asset/agent who’s loyalty is with Israel, as so blatantly demonstrated by her mountain of criminal misdeeds & malfeasance in Israel’s favour. She is rightfully not trusted. This scandal was kicked-off by a Sunday Times article that quoted an unnamed MI5 source who claimed MI5 found Patel “extremely difficult to deal with” and that she “doesn’t grasp the subtleties of intelligence”. One told the paper that she was now receiving less intelligence from MI5 than her predecessors as a consequence of her attitude. Priti Patel is a treasonous, totally unscrupulous, avaricious, political mercenary who has sold into Israel’s grasp & only manages to function & avoid justice due to the absurd & stratospheric corruption & recreance of the captured Conservative party & its foreign superiors. PRITI PATEL SHOULD BE IN JAIL! The Conservative party is the U.K’s biggest agent of destruction, damage, threat, harm, danger & decline, outperforming all other adversities, enemies & threats combined. You are being sold.

a “devout Zionist” – Jimmy Savile.

Jimmy Savile was a “Special Friend of Israel” as well as a Conservative & close friend of former Tory prime minister Margarat Thatcher. Sir Jim took a ten-day visit to Israel in 1975, & met with president Ephraim Katzir and Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek. the trip was organised by John Levy, a member of the Zionist Federation (UK) & the Friends of Israel Educational Trust. John fondly describes Savile as – “a gorgeous, impish, creative character. Of course, he was an egomaniac, but he was incredibly generous. He wanted to film us walking from Jerusalem to Bethlehem, so there are these scenes trudging the Judean Hills. He had many close Jewish friends, he was a real philosemite. When we returned, I asked him to be a ‘Friend’ of the Trust and he insisted that I listed him as ‘Special Friend’.”

this is how they play it.
rules of the game.

a small but very relevant addition to this post comes from a recent article by Whitney Webb published by the fearless Mint Press concerning arch Zionist Richard Grenell being appointed by Trump as Director of National Intelligence (DNI) which will greatly expand Israel’s direct manipulation, control & access within US politics & policy. link is here –