Piety and Power-Mike Pence and the taking of the White House (Tom LoBianco):

Who’s that prick loitering on the lateral lard of Scalp Reduction Surgery? Shadowing the shit-hulk – show us your Clint squint idiot. The Tard’s Guard is of course Mike “Piss-Ant” Pence. Pence was the anti-odour, pseudo-sanitizer shit-scrubber, much like the coloured blocks that float at the base of urinal drainage vents giving some respite to the stench of piss & flourishing bacterial bonanza. The Indiana bible-bunting “Christian, conservative, Republican, in that order,” who whimpers “Reagan” when riding his wife’s arse through some kind of modesty sheet. A sham, a shill & a scammer.

your criminality, my christianity, our corruption.
“i don’t think he would of won the election without Mike.”

Where does one even start? A ‘swamp’ specimen that had been swilling about in Washington’s secretions & the lobbyist/donors septic tank for decades (including the super miasma of the Koch brothers & the execrable Tea Party), Pence finally found the opportunity to broach his avarice by endorsing a subhuman that voraciously violates every single value he purports to hold in such high regard. Cynicism? Fraudulence? Sanctimony? Corruption? What drives a man to offer his ardour & unwavering support as a crucial augmentation to a candidate that exhibits the very behaviour, actions & optimum of the “sins” he so strenuously condemns? Bringing along the voting bloc of the Evangelical/Dispensationist maniac-quarter to swell the Pricktator’s adult-diaper.

“move fast & rape things” – Pence had made some strong inroads with David and Charles Koch. Pence’s staunch opposition to tough new environmental limits pushed by Obama had won their attention, and even more importantly, Pence’s selection of Marc Short to be his chief political aide won him entree with the Kochs.”

The “ultimate political shape shifter who is “neither Dan Quayle or Dick Cheney, but can inhabit the persona of either if required.” – “one of the most secretive vice presidents in history” – “boring is his camouflage.” the Cornfield con artist.

he sold his soul.” “was he answering the call from Donald, or the call from God?” falsity & farce is often sanctified through the synthesis of specious theological sleight…when the argument is deficient, implausibility ample & credibility absent – call on god to shine your shit & shortcomings. Pence took his beloved bible, tore out its most sacred pages & used it to mop up Trump’s profusion of rape residue, back-channel abortions, incestuous oozing, prostitute & porn-star payoffs, organized crime effluence & mega-pantheon of corruption, fraud & deceit based garbage dump.

to restore American exceptionalism, we must end Keynesian spending and get back to the practice of free market economics. The freedom to succeed must include the freedom to fail. The free market is what made America’s economy the greatest in the world, and we cannot falter in our willingness to defend it.” – Mike Pence

but the reason he is in the White House, serving next to a man who made a living breaking almost every Christian bromide, someone so amoral that Pence once said that anyone fitting that description should be impeached, is because, in the end, ambition and the hunger for power outweighed anything else.”

his turds – my treason. – “I think even if the life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that is something god intended.” – Mike Pence (well you two are going to get on then).

beyond Pence’s personal & faith based betrayal & treason comes further cataclysm. The man is an Evangelical satrap. The U$ evangelicals are some of the most rabidly insane, face-foaming fantasist fanatics from the farfetched fuck-up of bat-shit-crazy. These absolutist, severe-case lunatics inhabit this bizarre, artificial sub-strata & deformed offshoot of Christianity that believes “the messiah” aka Jesus, will return to Jerusalem, but only after “the jews” (their words) retake it in entirety (believing this appropriation/action specifically will induce his magical appearance) & expel everybody else (Christians, Muslims, & presumably all non-jews). Then comes the end of the world/armageddon, by fire, which they actually embrace. So we are talking about a racially-discriminatory Doomsday Cult in the very’ very literal sense of the meaning, with apocalypse as an objective & divinated outcome. This dangerous, brain-curdling super-dementia & foremost religious extremism in-part explains the warped relationship & inexplicable exceptionalism extended to Israel. It also, in a far more sinister tone & tarnish, discloses some of the fetishization of nuclear weapons as this plays into “gods’ final judgement on humanity” by fire (Trump has started a new arms race with Russia, tipped the table on the Iranian nuclear reduction treaty, sold nuclear materials to Saudi Arabia without the usual legal oversight & regulations & has withdrawn from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty (INF) resulting in a proliferation & acceleration of nuclear weapons that has brought the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight than at any time during its history). Yes really – it is that – fucking – crazy!!!!!!! Pence himself has lauded & lathered over the U$ nuclear arsenal & went even further by issuing the most insane soliloquy to massive, indiscriminate genocide where he eulogized that “there’s no greater force for peace in the world, than the US nuclear arsenal.

$3.8 billion a year in U.S. Foreign Military Financing to Israel – how else can i be of service?

is Pence a flat-out liar or a herculean-hypocrite of the most exponential undertaking? If the result from either acrimony is the same abuse, corruption & farce, does it even matter from which perversion he operates? Whether it’s Ronald Reagan publicly railing against abortion & homosexuality whilst abetting Roy Cohn & putting him into specialist AIDS treatment facilities on the sly, or Trump gibbering about “rapists”, “criminals” & “drugs” when he is all three combined (Joseph Weichselbaum), these ineffable delictions are possibly the biggest transgression of them all & are intolerable, impermissible & unforgivable in the strongest possible sense of dismissal possible. They personify what they publicly attack, talking-down the very things they work ceaselessly to conduce.

with backers like these – the notorious Koch brothers who have long subsidized Pence through campaign contributions.

Pence & the Evangelical freaks demonstrate one of the maddest & most untenable nadirs of human fraud & folly in a scenario that doesn’t even seem possible by any ridiculous, comic, B-movie or junk-fiction standard. They roll amongst the scum & exudations at the bone-spurred-feet of a man that sodomizes the cardinal tenets of their religious observance on every single level in every single way at every single opportunity.

“History attests the surest path to peace is through American strength. There’s no greater element of American strength, there’s no greater force for peace in the world than the United States nuclear arsenal.” – Mike Pence 2017

There is a garbage-dumps worth more rot from/on Pence in this book. It’s just terrible, on multiple levels, but what else do you expect from such a man & for whom he aligns? The book can be quite drab, then suddenly these profound & awful ebullitions of information are unearthed streaming toxins. The minutia is not really necessary, you only have to glance at the crumpled catastrophe to clock the humongous scam & unsurpassed hyper-paradox by association. The devil’s bargain between these two horrific jokers defies belief, with their pledges & manifesto too weak to carry it’s own body weight from the git’, dead on arrival & decayed & disintegrating under pussy-grabbing preposterousnous & the conundrum of Roy Cohn’s anal warts.

credence to cronyism
so, in the deal with Trump, I felt I was watching Mike sell his soul on the global stage, certainly on the national stage. And I thought, as a pastor, this will take a very long time to repair – in his own soul, in his interior world.” – pastor Robert Schenck

Maintaining the swamp – “some aides thought it was a little odd when Pence registered his campaign as a for-profit business, but Pence said he did it because he was serious about running government like a business. Deep in the report, Linville found the real reason – Pence was spending campaign cash on personal bills.” Pence had decided months ago to supplement Karen’s [his wife] teacher’s salary with campaign cash. He spent $992 a month to pay their mortgage, $222 a month for Karen’s car payments. he even used donations from friends and supporters to pay down a mountain of credit card debt. He’d gotten a taste for campaign cash in 1988, making some of Karen’s car payments from the campaign and nobody even raised any concerns. So he went full blast in 1990. he never told anyone. “As the news trickled out, Pence became defensive, ‘I’m not embarrassed that I need to make a living.’ “

i ecumenically endorse his involuntary intercourse.
Trump cheating on his third wife with the porn star Stormy Daniels & paying her hush money via his corrupt fixer Michael Coen? – “I’m not going to comment on the latest baseless allegations against the president.” – Mike Pence

Tom LoBianco, Dey St, 2019, 310 pages

you know, Mr. Vice President, more than anything, we need you to find your conscience, the country desperately needs you to find your conscience.” Pence stopped smiling, he looked down at the floor, just like he used to do when the two men would pray together in his old House office, and he said, ‘its always easier said than done.’ and then he walked away.”