More Goy Girls for Ghislaine – maximum meltdown six-way split-cassette with Mourmansk150, Digital Noise Distortion, PMNT, Toff Stabber, Kylie Minoise & 886VG on Basayev Inductions:

premium Stridor militancy & wayward pandemonium.

thank you M150!

A resurgent Mourmansk150. They feigned their own death so that their adversaries would relax, allowing them to orchestrate the perfect assassination & blow the whole upper-echelon military elite right out of its observation marquee. You have a long louring dose of Industrial Noise & Power Electronics interchange with calculated ruptures of bagarre & antagonism between gillets jaune & riot police drenching the confrontation. Welcome back.

there is only so much injustice & shit a population can withstand.

PMNT – stringent & startling connoisseur ultra harsh Noise from Brazil. Brilliant, imaginative, expansive & multi-phonic – a real evolutionary paroxysm of masterclass.

give the state a right good belting for the litany of broken liberties & continual piss-taking… FUCK capitalism.

886VG erupt a series of uncontrolled detonations – chaotic, spasmodic wrenching & rusted gashings of rapid fatal accidents & flurried group slayings distended over live Field Recordings from Santiago’s recent riots from a 3-legged, rabies-baring street-dog’s perspective. Fuck the Chicago School of Economics forever you Neo-Liberal shit-strokers!

fuck your slavery – death to the machine mind & death to rich-man’s rule.

Kylie Minoise have a Mayan sorcerer having a telekinetic death grudge fight with a martian cosmomancer from 7011 years in the future on a flaming asteroid orbiting the anus of our solar system in a backwards meteor blitz – like, raw, lo-fi overladen to the point of internal collapse harsh exotica stridor outré abstractions after gorging on poisonous toadstools.

suck the poor’s wrath you fuckin’ capitalist gimps!

D.N.D. unload the most spectacularly harsh & violent Stridor maim….gorgeous, obliterating heavy-weight ultra maul on the nib of the nova’s nimbus! Crush all! Flatten all! End all!

we have rolled heads for less puta!

Then there is Toff Stabber – anti-personnel GrindNoise mega injury… savage, barbaric & psychotic but also spewing stupendously articulate & shockingly complex floridity in asymmetrical interruptions. The guitar noise is horrific!!! with a sound so repulsive & thick its like sprawling face down into the rank putrid grey flesh of a carcass in wet winter rot. Appallingly intense, super strong-arm Anti-Listner Scour-Histrionics shred siege scald…. horrendous, ugly, minacious nasty’ nasty’ nasty harsh mangle & brutal mishape.

chaos nectar! – fuck your order & fuck your oligarchy.

Oh man…will y’ look at this fuckin’ hand-crafted labour of love/laceration of loins kids-candy cassette spiffed to appendix exploding prompts with lashings of human effort & individualizations, pull-outs, & heapings of idiosyncrasies, premium quality & seditious augmentations to swell the cortex. Just x126 hand numbered copies to keep the magic mastic, on Basayev Inductions, not trending anywhere, physical copies only, free from the bilge & besmirching of any Silicon Valley shareholders & shit-sluicers.

triple dragon fruit flavored teeth rot for the to-mang-ja sweet-tooth!!! wanton substance abuse of the gob yo!

Hey! Its a wreck run by wretches of a world, but sit back, place some rubber between yur teeth & get fucked right out of yur wind-chimes by this 40 minute plus besiegement to blast all bollocks back to the birth of bacteria. emergencyemancipation{at}