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In a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.” – Boris Johnson

In a hole the size of HS2, the only thing to do is keep digging.” – Boris Johnson

this disastrous, flabbergastingly flawed & gargantuanly profligate vanity project cum act of corporate nihilism – HS2 – has been given the go-ahead by Orifice Nonson despite everything (& that! – is some everything). Hinkley Point C, the “no ifs, no buts,” third runway, water cannon trucks, fast-tracked fracking, bank bailouts, Flybe rescue deals & assorted corporate- socialist-munificence – of course! anything that will actually benefit the quality of life or the countries future -forget it! the deficit, belt-tightening, “we’re all in this together”.


these are the actions of a repeat offender. we know it is wrong, gratuitous & unnecessary, wasteful, damaging, harmful, unpopular & controversial, fallacious, disingenuous, overpriced & extortionate; but we are going to do it anyway. this is what we call misrule. using power to do things that are totally & blatantly against the public´s interest, safety, security & all-round benefit. Johnson is demonstrating the Tory parties career criminality & consummate corruption credentials.

spaffing on the public purse.

“the government has been accused of failing to learn any lessons from the collapse of the outsourcing giant Carillion two years ago, which cost morer than 3,000 jobs and plunged 450 public sector projects including hospitals, schools and prisons into crisis. the Unite union said it was shocking that the government was “proposing to do exactly nothing” to reform the accounting rules to prevent similar corporate disaster caused by “rampant bandit capitalism“. – “The UK’s existing auditing and accounting system for major companies is clearly not fit for purpose and workers are suffering as a result. Despite this, the Government, which has many friends among the major accountancy firms, is proposing to do exactly nothing.”

“the HS2 north-south rail link signed two contracts worth 1.3bn with Carillion just 21 days after the firm issued a profit warning.”

– and away you go.
the British public are subsidizing this crease´s sex life. – “Jennifer Arcuri’s mystery £700,000 loan adds to pressure on Johnson”

using his office to curb crawl & paying for it with public money, taxpayers slog, public trust. various investigations were opened into these serious violations of ethics, breach of trust & potential criminal activity & corrupt operations. in an alarmingly stark indication of the level of high-level corruption in this country, the main prosecution was delayed (pending being dropped, just wait) without adequate explanation prior to the election (this would of excluded Johnson as a candidate & possibly landed him in jail even). above the law & extraordinary exemption.

the Tousled Tosser & Jennifer Arcuri. she gamed him like an open deck with cards up.

“I couldn’t believe the fervent, linear focus which he had on me … it was not just a sexual intention. he was actually very intrigued by my energy, my ability to get things done.” – Jennifer Arcuri, 18th Nove 2019

it is that fucking easy.

another extramarital affair of Johnsons during his tenure as mayor was also due to be investigated. – “Johnson escaped censure in 2010 when he failed to declare an interest over an unpaid City Hall adviser, Helen Macintyre, who it later emerged had an extramarital affair with him and gave birth to one of his children. Johnson acknowledged to the Greater London Authority’s standards committee at the time that a potential conflict of interest had not been disclosed over Mcintyre and vowed to ‘bear in mind the definition of close associate for the future‘.”

Johnson was putty in the panties – the easiest catch ever.

“the Independent Office for Police Conduct has been asked to decide whether there is enough evidence for a criminal investigation against Johnson into possible misconduct in public office over alleged favours to Arcuri.”

gash for dishounors.

devoured. yes! that figurine is Boris Johnson.

“entrepreneurs tax break does not boost investment chancellor told” – Sajid Javid has been told by one of Britain’s foremost tax and spending think tanks that tax breaks for business owners give the rich an unfair advantage and fail to boost investment in the UK. – the Institute for Fiscal Studies said entrepreneur’s relief cost the government about £2.4bn a year in lost income and was not working as intended.” – 22/10/19

this is plutocracy.

golden visas. flash your cash, give us a bung, & in you come – the opulent fast track service for wealthy queue-jumpers. cos’ money talks. dirty money? ransacked your own people? no problem! – we will wash it for you & off-shore it through the City, just make a donation to the Conservative party or charge us for a tennis match or something. an “investment”. in 2019 the European Commission warned that ” EU member states with golden visa schemes used by Britain to attract the super-rich have exposed the continent to corruption and organized crime.”

“cash for status” – “sell citizenship in return for investment” – “risks of money laundering, corruption & tax evasion”

Zamira Hajiyeva. criminals welcome – refugees fuck off! – (British border policy).

in September 2019, millionaire Zamira Hajiyeva won her case against extradition from the UK to Azerbaijan where she is wanted for embezzlement. the case had been instigated under the so-called “McMafia” or ‘unexplained wealth order’, the country’s first & only case as you can do what you want if you are rich here. the court was told in June that Hajiyeva had spent up to £15..5m of embezzled cash in luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants and grand department stores across Europe as well as splurging on jewelary, gold, flight tickets, private school fees for her children & sumptuous health & beauty treatments (she had spent more than £16m at Harrods alone over a decade). it is alleged that she was a member of an “organized criminal group” (the Conservative party?) consisting of 37 members who embezzled £76m from the International Bank of Azerbaijan between 2009 & 2015. Zamira was a recipient of the plutocratic ‘golden visa’ scheme. The judge in Westminister magistrate’s court ruled that she would not get a fair trial in Azerbaijan. will the same theory & indeed treatment be extended to Julien Assange? then again, he does not own a £15m five-bedroom Knightsbridge home, which is 100 meters from Harrods, and a £10.5m Berkshire golf course.


diarrhea of the face – sepsis of the brain.

prior to his disturbingly suspicious & murky election win, Boris Johnson’s plethora of criminal & corruption themed disqualification and/or criminal prosecution controversies also included incredibly serious allegations of Russian interference in UK politics. the report had been compiled by the Intelligence and Security Committee. Johnson refused to clear the special report for publication before the election, denying the British public & the voters the chance to understand the gravity of corruption, compromise & capture of the Conservative party by Russian entities & the extent of their intervention (hostile foreign powers). The Conservative party was rumored to be explicitly immersed/entangled with Russian influence, dirty money & donations, of which the report had detailed expansively. deliberately vetoing the release of the report had also effectively “gagged” the committee´s chairman, Dominic Grieve, from revealing or debating its contents & implications. Boris Johnson & the Conservative party were effectively burying the dead bodies in full view then claiming omerta. Johnson & cohorts had tried to suggest that it needed longer to clear before publication but were quickly refuted by the authors & intelligence community, i.e. they were out-and-out lying, boldfaced & all-consumingly, to the entire country about a pivotal election issue & matter of national security. this is a textbook optimization of corruption & the total abuse of power & office, in the extreme, as well as a clear indication of guilt (otherwise why bother to risk such opprobrium & destruction of credibility & public standing?). Johnson & his Russian FSB pals promised to release it after the election….where the fuck is it????????? all has gone silent on this story, as it has on Jennifer Arcuri. the war of omission, the burial of truth & the ascent of the criminal. lawlessness.


Intelligence and security committee sources responded by saying that Downing Street’s claims were not true and that the normal approval timescale was not six weeks but 10 working days. Opposition politicians accused Johnson of staging a political cover-up ahead of the election.”

“inexplicable & shameful” “completely untenable” “willfully ignoring evidence” “deliberate amnesia”

Eton boys greeting Putin in the Kremlin.

anyone can buy the Conservatives. they are openly for sale each year via the Conservatives Ball (& no doubt other side-channels). you literally buy a table with your preferred minister. the price of a sitting was increased under Theresa May as the ‘business’ was so good. this is the “commercial corruption” – billowing, screaming, conspicuous, unmissable, brazen, complacent, gigantic, blatant, vainglorious, exultant. “if we walk right past them, in full view – maybe they won’t even notice us?”

an excellent book on another blond, privileged, moneyed, shit-steeped, relentless liar who is deeply ensared by foreign elements.

Johnson has an outrageous, long-running & startlingly ominous relationship with another billionaire Russian power-broker & media baron – London based Evgeny Lebedev. Lebedev’s father, Alexander, used to work for the KGB, but insists that´s all in the past, which is reassuring. Lebedev also employed fellow Old Etonian & Bullingdon boy George Obsorne to edit the Evening Standard in 2017, which Evgeny also owns. Evgeny also owns the Independent, which he hollowed out & brought to heal, before selling-off large stakes in the paper (along with stakes in the Evening Standard) to Saudi Arabia, purchased via an offshore shell company, as you do. This proved too extreme even for a faction of the Conservative government & resulted in the culture secretary Jeremy Wright issuing a “public interest intervention notice” into the “unconventional, complex & clandestine” systems used to hide the sale of the stakes to the Saudi Arabian regime/government. Lebedev summoned the lawyers & took the government to court arguing on a technicality that they had “missed the deadline to intervene” in the sale. Lebedev also recently flogged off the i newspaper (a compact, cheaper & more tabloid form of the Independent) to the owners of the Daily Mail, aka – a notorious red-top rag owned by Lord Rothermere, a billionaire press mogul. so the Saudi’s & the rightist rich boys now own the last withered remnants of the second only large non-right newspaper in circulation, with the last few strands still being retained by a billionaire Russian oligarch with ultra-close ties to the Conservative party who also happens to be the son of an ex?-KGB agent. wonderful! – & demonstrating emphatically the true scope of this ragged countries wretched woes.

the Tousled Tosser & his retainer.

but Johnson makes it even worse. on the evening after his election win, Johnson attended a “caviar-fuelled” xmas party at one of Lebedev’s many luxury properties. also present was the arch authors of British austerity & fellow Bullingdon club old Etonians, George Osborne & David Cameron. this presumably had Johnson blurting “Buller! Buller!” & sputtering half-chewed caviar & Ruinart champagne from his spaffed-out fish-lips. The “man of the people” from “the peoples government” who is determined to “take back control” celebrated his win with a bunch of high society foreign billionaires, ex-spys & bankers from an oppositional hostile state, celebrities & glitterati & political “elites” awash with caviar & coke (well obviously), spaffing, champagne & vodka, private jets, limos & tux, all whilst the homeless literally froze to death in the streets & risked being crushed to death in bins to survive the night in the Conservative’s inhumane austerity wasteland. all on the freshly dug grave of the buried report on serious Russian meddling/capture in UK politics that specifically documented the Conservative party as the prevalent culprits/benefactors for the incoming dirty cash. staggering & astonishing. the sheer audacity & disregard. that is how cowed & distracted they consider the British public as demonstrated by this total contempt & open-anus-corruption.

trust me! I am an ex-Soviet spy! – Evgeny & Alexander Lebedev.

Johnson’s bizarre, hugely uncouth & perfidious trip to Evgeny’s castle party (yes, he owns a castle) in Perugia, Italy, in 2010 whilst Mayor of London, without his political aids, still goes unanswered to this day as he continues to refuse giving any details or motives for the trip. Johnson was spotted & photographed by members of the public in the airport returning from the party looking totally spaffed, hungover, unkempt & intoxicated with/by god knows what. the man was literally dribbling in a chair in the departures lounge. the Russians are very’ very fond of the practice of ‘kompromat’, i.e. capturing compromising evidence/footage (especially of a sexual nature) of an individual for the purpose of one-off or ongoing blackmail. do you think this shambolic shit-shower that is Onanist Johnson is a difficult man to ensnare? a duck in a fucking barrel.

Old Etonians lie hard.
born of Bullingdon – George Osborne.
a group of Eton boys in the Kremlin (literally). what could possibly go wrong?

Evgeny Lebedev also hosted a private dinner with Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman in March 2018 at his house in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace.

right at home.
“A man with both the look and economic insights of Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones.” – John Oliver on the Tousled Tosser.

Evgeny Lebedev has two pets called Boris, one is a wolf & the other is a half-human half porcine inbred crossbreed with ambitions to be “King of the World”.

his bullshit is worse than his bite…. two pets called Boris.

“web of offshore bank accounts” – “public interest concerns” – “London-based Independent employees have noticed that stories critical of Saudi Arabia often fail to be translated” -“mysterious Saudi investment” – “the Lebedev family insists they are mealy entrepreneurs and media proprietors.” – “as London Mayor, Johnson made repeated trips to the Lebedevs’ luxurious palazzo in Ronti, Italy, and to Evgeny’s parties in London in 2010. He was one of the array of celebrities and actors who flew out to the villa for lavish weekends. “

da tovarish. let´s rinse these idiot Brits with the quickness… candy from a babe.

“a lot of drinking goes on, with vodka shots & a mood described by one guest as debauched.””all these parties seem like covers for meetings.” “It is not known what was discussed or how long the meeting between Moscow-based [ex-KGB spy] Alexander Lebedev and Johnson lasted. when asked to comment, Downing Street declined.” “It was a real shock. We hadn’t anticipated these sensitivities. it was a very carefully produced non-partisan report. nobody expected Downing Street to react this way. There is something in this report that has caused alarm but I honestly don’t know what it is.”


all in a day´s circle-jerk – Turdcock, Mirage & comrade Lebedev (thanks to Lilly Allen).
the same –
stupid games.

Whilst mayor of London, Onanist was not just shagging married mums with public money, ordering clapped-out water cannons from Germany for unrest that never materialized (now sold off for scrap at a massive’ massive loss to the taxpayer), lying at every opportunity, spluttering racist bilge, dishonarably impregnating his interns on the sly, instigating then abdicating the disastrous Garden Bridge debacle (he promised/bullshitted £30m of public money) & operating a policy of gash for access – he also was responsible for abysmal public health & safety violations concerning London’s criminally illegal pollution levels & horrendous air quality that has cost, at a minimum, tens of thousands of lives (the accepted figure for deaths from illegally high pollution in the capital is 10’000 per year). in June 2014 a professor from Kings College London made a presentation concluding that Oxford Street had some of the worst levels of pollution in the world. Onanist dismissed claims by top experts that the air quality on Oxford Street was so dire as “bollocks” going on to say that it was a “ludicrous urban myth” that the popular shopping street was one of the world’s most polluted and said the capital’s air quality was better than Paris and other European cities. by November he had backed down after outrage & conceded that – “We are not disputing King’s College data but rather asking only that in future more rigour will be applied to public statements”.

the game.
well & truly spaffed! Nonse, on his way back from a castle party in Italy hosted by Evgeny Lebedev. details remain hidden.

Many of the “Boris buses” , which cost £350,000 each and were intended to halve CO2 emissions, are running almost entirely on diesel. “the bus has been a scandal from start to finish. “now we find that the supposed environmental benefits are a con.” – (Christian Wolmar). beyond the swindle, lying & CO2/PM2 spewing, the buses were also a safety hazard – “Drivers have complained that the battery problems mean they are driving busses with inconsistent and sometimes inadequate power, which they claim increases the risk of collisions. drivers say the lack of power means they have problems pulling away from the bus stops safely.”

in 2013 Johnson described the super-wealthy as “a put upon minority” that were “like Irish travellers or the homeless”.

worse still & not letting up, Johnson was found to have been burying reports on excessive pollution exposure to children & deprived schools – “an unpublished report found four-fifths of the 433 London primary schools in areas breaching EU limits for NO2 were deprived”

“An air quality report that was not published by Boris Johnson while he was mayor of London demonstrates that 433 schools in the capital are located in areas that exceed EU limits for nitrogen dioxide pollution – and that four-fifths of those are in deprived areas.”

“The report, Analysing Air Pollution exposure in London, said that in 2010, 433 of the city’s 1,777 primary schools were in areas where pollution breached the EU limits for NO2. Of those, 83% were considered deprived schools, with more than 40% of pupils on free school meals.”

“Boris Johnson’s unused water cannon sold for scrap at £300,000 loss”
death spiral.
his mind was elsewhere – as was tax payer´s cash – “more notches on my phallocratic phallus” – Boris Johnson

this consummate criminal wrongdoing of the gravest order from this serial offender, default liar, natural-born-bullshitter & consistent cronyist con-job huckster gob-shite who’s career as mayor was just one big long uninterrupted self-indulgent defecation from start to finish aligns with national Conservative fossil-fuel-fundamentalism, apocalypse advocacy, pro-pollution-public-pogrom & big oil & motor industry servility. David Cameron “came to power” promising “the greenest government ever” & proclaiming “vote blue, go green”. those are very substantial promises. he famously toured the arctic & expressed his “concerns” about climate change, using it as a high-profile selling point & ultimate photo-opportunity, including the famous husky hugging pictures. this was all prior to the election, so these pivotal assurances would be major points of trust that people would be considering before placing their votes in the impending election. the Conservatives are notorious for being utterly untrustworthy, for lying & for betrayal, but this proved to be one of the worst on their awful & sickening record, with severe & frightening implications that are playing out to this very day. Cameron promised the ‘greenest government ever’, & he literally delivered the least greenest in the countries entire history with no room for argument whatsoever. It was/is the absolute antithesis version of what he promised as an explicit election pledge. the Cameron/coalition government & every twisted & deformed incarnation that it has subsequently excreted have presided & administered some of the most shocking destruction & butchery of environmental protections, prudence & future safety. it is basically just wall-to-wall pollution, contamination, subsidy, solicitation, sell-out, subservience to major polluters & extreme deregulation for all offending industries & bodies whilst simultaneously thwarting, restricting, suppressing, derailing & obstructing practically every effort or request for meaningful mitigation or prevention against “business as usual”, plastic, chemical, fossil fuel, motor industry, urbanization, industry malpractice, emissions-intensive anything-goes. in this sea of unimaginable wickedness & swirling iniquity, that stretches right up & through the clouds, lets just highlight a few crucial monuments of exponential turpitude festering under the Conservatives tally.

lying fucker.

since 2010, the Conservative government has been in criminal breach of European air standards (& by a considerable margin). they were ordered to take immediate & effective action on this criminal scandal that was killing thousands of British citizens a year across the country & making millions more seriously ill & incapacitated. the figure is 60,000 premature deaths a year in the UK. that is a sort of genocide. that’s more than two Grenfell Tower atrocities every single day of every single year. its a bigger body count than many wars even (British military fatalities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo & the Falklands combined don’t even get close to this figure). of course, children, the elderly & the infirm are the most adversely affected & vulnerable from the illegal levels of deadly pollution. here are some of the more recent headlines from this unheeded “national emergency”: “toxic air pollution ‘damaging every human organ and nearly every cell'” – “unborn babies exposed to toxic particles, study finds” – “billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of young city dwellers” -” study suggests link between pollution and mental illness” -“scientists link air pollution to brain cancer for first time” – “air pollution causes ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence, study reveals” – “microplastic raining down on cities say scientists” – “air pollution at dangerous levels for quarter of UK population” – air pollution is ageing faces of city dwellers” – “toxic air may reach placentas study finds” – “air pollution linked to greater risk of dementia” -“air pollution linked to early symptoms of heart failure” – “Diesel pollution stunting growth of childrens lungs” -“air pollution single biggest threat to human health, scientists warn” -“air pollution kills more poeple than smoking” -“higher air pollution ‘raises psychosis risk in younger people'” – “the greenest government ever”.

“A game of tennis with David Cameron and Boris Johnson has been sold off by the Conservative party for £160,000 to the banker wife of a former minister in Vladimir Putin’s government.”

in the end, the inaction & ongoing, fully conscious, mass-murderous criminality was so insane, that a group of environmental lawyers in the UK decided to take the Conservative government to court (a group called Client Earth). unbelievably, they have done so three separate times now, with the government losing on every single occasion. during each defeat, the government is ordered to address this atrocity as quickly as possible, & on each occasion, they simply don’t bother. that is the clarity of utter & overwhelming disdain & contempt for the mortality, welfare & health of the whole British populace, that the Conservative party have for the public, the people they ostensibly serve & protect. to make matters even more arrantly egregious in the most unthinkable of scenarios, the government defends itself in court each time with taxpayers money & is fined with each conclusive breach. so if you pay tax in this country, you pay the government to poison & kill you, defend itself in court with your money for doing so & subrogate the penalty onto you the victim. I don’t just kill you & make you sick, I make you pay for it & pretend to represent your best interest whilst doing so. “the greenest government ever”.

“What was it saying, with the plutocratic sneer of the gleaming grille? it was saying, out of my way small car driven by ordinary person on modest income. Make way for Murano.” – Boris Johnson

a few years back, a cross-party group of MPs declared the pollution “crisis” a “national emergency”. a national emergency. it has changed nothing. the government’s stratospheric, cardinal criminality remains obdurate & insistent & just as lethal as ever, with hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians being killed as a result of their immutable insistence on mass pollution without abatement. this ongoing open criminality & slaughter just goes on & on & on at the ‘invisible killer’. we will soon leave the EU, so even the EU laws they are repeatedly violating with immunity will soon mean nothing even, & the abuse & contamination can be stepped up & escalated without the barest of safeguards or accountability. “the greenest government ever”.

“get rid of all the green crap” – David Cameron

all criminality & indiscriminate wounding mentioned does not factor in the long term health implications or the environmental damage & climate instability that so much uncurbed contamination will be securing. it is just pure death cult. all the terrorism from all the groups coupled with every war we have fought since WW2 does not even match one year´s murder rate under the Tories inhuman fossil fuel extremism (60, 000). what is “terrorism”? what is genocide? mass murder? what is climate breakdown? what is willful, premeditated, deliberate, conscious & perfervid pursuit of all of the aforementioned crimes? the ‘maintenance’ of these crimes & the assistance of all those carrying them out & financially benefitting from their unfettered impunity? what is treason? what is “abuse of power”? what is “the social contract”? what is dereliction of duty? it is 2020. if the rate is 60,000 a year since 2010 that equates to 600,000 deaths laid squarely & inescapably at the feat of the Conservative party & their cohorts in the oil & motor industry. “the greenest government ever”.

“we´re going all out for shale” – David Cameron

fracking. this is another gigantic sink-hole of shit that defies almost all degrees of plausibility & belief, teaming with the most lytic of corruption & churning with corporate criminality of the most astonishing proportions. despite being totally unnecessary, immensely unpopular & controversial before the drilling even starts, impossible & conflicting with environmental obligations to prevent catastrophic climate breakdown, unwanted by local authorities & illegal for all practical purposes, the Conservatives have been relentlessly, even supernaturally, obsessed with driving, forcing & frankly ‘raping’ this atrocious, dirty, unneeded malpractice through at the behest of their big oil superiors, some of them not even being British companies. their fixation & zealotry in the face of every rejection or disqualification remains simply insane. they have rewritten laws to override local authorities & ‘fast track’ wells/drilling, gutted & diluted safety requirements & regulations, directed local police forces to become the permanent de facto private security for giant rapist conglomerates intent on crushing localized civilian opposition to forced fracking, altered the law so people can not refuse to have companies prospect and/or frack on their land or property, jailed peaceful protesters in dubious trials of intimidation under shaky & excessive charges, lobbied, lied, misrepresented, played down, acted as industry propaganda publicists & pushed & prioritized the industry to fanatic extremes. it was a kind of fatalist fanaticism that had no footing in the rational realm. renewables have actually become cheaper, & are hugely popular, & yet still, incomprehensibly they remain committed to this disturbed, mad, regressive & unjustifiable menace irrespective of its political toxicity. this truly & irrefutably demonstrates, without argument, where the Conservatives genuine commitment, representation & loyalty lies – with the giant polluting transnationals, & totally against the peoples interests, welfare, safety, sovereignty & will. it is as clear as day & the demonstration of where they lodge their true allegiance is irreversible & indelible. there is no going back.

criminals for hire – no disaster too big – no deed too sick – limitless in their perversion.

CAMERON. in March 2018, David Cameron traveled to the USA to speak at American Fuel and Petrochemicals Manufacturers’ annual conference in San Antonio, Texas, & voice his ‘frustration’ at the resistance to fracking in the UK to oil executives. -“I passionately believe that there is big potential for fracking and unconventional gas in Britain, which has some shale reserves that could make a real difference,”.

in the last month of 2019, a legal order after years of court wrangling finally coerced the Conservatives to release another ‘buried’ report – “the government has heavily redacted a secret report into the fracking industry after it was forced to comply with a court order for its release. A Whitehall report on the UK shale gas sector was released yesterday after a years-long battle by Greenpeace but with more than half its’s pages blacked out, and only one, the front cover, left uncensored.”

never to be forgotten.

“Only 1,420 hectares (3,507 acres) of trees were planted in England in the year to March 2019, against the government’s target of 5,000 hectares in the period, with smaller areas in Wales and Northern Ireland, at 500 hectares and 240 hectares respectively. The total tree cover of the UK is unchanged at 10% in England, 15% in Wales, 19% in Scotland and 8% in Northern Ireland.”13 June 2019

The same psychotic, nihilist, corporatist vandals are now hosting & chairing the COP26 charade. You might as well put Jimmy Savile in charge of child safety (then again, that is effectively what they did already). beyond travesty.

there is a million other examples of the most gross, flagrant & fantastical sustained violations, uninterrupted criminality, sprawling corruption & grievous deleterious harm & illegality covering every single section of governance as the Conservatives taint rolls on, madder & sicker than ever. it is all they do & it is all they are, so naturally it occurs, unbroken, with every action/decision/calculation they make. crisis, growing & expanding crisis, affects everything – policing, security, justice, housing, homelessness & vagrancy, social care, mental health, the NHS, councils, the courts, press freedom, the prison service, drug addiction, poverty, transport, environmental protection, et al. emergency, crisis, broken, brink of collapse, failure, catastrophe are the bywords of our era – it is everywhere. Simultaneously, the rich are doing better than ever, which tells you something loud & very clear. the examples in this article are just the tip of the shit-berg. literally, it is in everything they do & boy have they been busy.

hook(er), line(coke) and sphincter.