Auctioned for Abattoir: The Conservative Parties’ unforgivable corrupt approval & criminal contraction for a £360m NHS “devil’s deal” with openly hostile, overseas techno-fascist destroyer Palantir/Peter Thiel:

foreign aggressor

& Jimmy Savile was handed the keys to Broadmoor.

The ultimate contempt & incorrigibility.

They’ve actually gone & done it.

In the eye of oblivion, amongst the massing wreckage, & wailing wickedness, this has to be the defining degeneracy.

they have “awarded” the NHS contract to the diabolic Palantir.

Palantir constitute the worst, least appropriate, implausibly offensive & most hysterically alarming candidate for the position.

The Conservative’s hand it over.

A literally dystopian sci-fi U.S. mega company with massive & majorly disturbing multi-spy, intelligence agency, “military industrial complex, Pentagon & mass surveillance proclivity & foundation, formed by disturbed, sociopathic, Jeffrey Epstein associate, tech fascist, vanilla-Nazi, utra-controversial & predatory Libertarian/corporatist zealot Peter Thiel – a vulture capitalist, monopolist, misanthropic asset stripper, extinction advocate & early Trump bank-roller, advisor & co-conspirator.

I can’t even fit all the relevant malpractices & existing negativity surrounding this hellish company/man in one paragraph.

It is literally that bad.

The recent article Peter’s Pandora has far, far more damning & disturbing details in this distressing & horrific man/companies’ twisted history that I will not re-write here …. be sure to inform yourselves further by reading it:

he warned you!
assisting the offender – gracing the invader – Rishi Ransack

The NHS Palantir contract “awarding” is such an unconscionable wounding of the senses, such a historic perversion & monumental defilement of judgement & reason, but it clarifies – with immovable certitude – the thorough & complete multivalent criminal depravity of the Conservative pimp state.

In this sunken ruin of titanic misrule, abuse, corruption & national vandalism under Tory-Brexit-Austerity scorched scour & forced collapse – the corrupt cramming of predatory & ruinous foreign attacker Palantir – possibly the worse corporation on earth – into British public services,

& of all the institutions for this transnational abomination & insatiable terrorist phenomenon to be handed to destroy & devour – it has been given the National Health Service.

The strength of utter hatred & contempt for the British public could not be more apparent, branded on forever as a precursor for the rape the Conservatives have lined up for the foreign mega offender.

Willingly, knowingly, earnestly, consummately.

Peter Thiel caught attending Bilderberg Meetings

The guilt of the abettors & their crime of complicity can never be undone, & it rests on the Conservative filth forever, extending to their each-&-every member in the Tory crime syndicate & gang of vandal brigand treasophiles.

Palantir’s incursion has been assisted by hired insider mercenaries – Peter Mandelson “The Prince of Darkness” (Global Counsel consultancy) & Vichy Ransack’s election strategist Isaac Levido of Fleetwood Strategy consulting – both layering the corruption & infiltration as thick as necessary for this crime against the nation to succeed. Each quisling bastard & treasonous freebooter knave will have secured their bung/future post for opening the gates & poisoning the well on behalf of an oppressive oversees opponent that has publicly expressed his disdain & intent on destroying & supplanting the beloved national institution for private profit, extremist Libertarian experiments & eradications campaigns.

smoothing the way to serfdom & suppression … Isaac Levido of Fleetwood Strategy

The mere notion of the contract approval for Palantir is outrigtly unthinkable, inadmissible & impossible to accommodate or defend from square one.

“take back control” was always “fake back control” – then fire sale realm, country, & populace to all ilk of international abusers … a brothel state – “Global Britain” – where the imps & pimps of Parliament can prostitute the public off & redirect the chattel’s combined taxes to foreign raiders transnational scavenging.

Palantir, the worst candidate possible, is a company specializing in spying, surveillance, suppression, subterfuge & sabotage.

It is a bad as it gets. Worst case scenario. Wall-to-wall dystopic.

The company is one of the latest in the flurry & frenzy of “post Brexit” sell-off & sell-out in the ever broadening vacuum & vacancy (“all must go!”).

Thick & fast – with no pause for breath.

Newspapers, telecommunications & tech companies, football clubs, public services providers, supermarket companies & more, on & on, a relentless ravin & rushed, open-back van flog off under the zero hour of Brexit betrayal & abandonment.

The planned, deliberate & concerted destruction of the NHS by a willing & fully culpable Conservative conspiracy is close to completion.

The worse it gets, the more they can seize on the resulting intentional damage from carefully planned & consistent underfunding & strategic undermining to “justify” privatisation.

Exigently run it into the ground & then supplant it with “privatised” malign, mercenary market replacements.

“trash & earn”.

“The Prince of Darkness” Peter Mandelson of Global Counsel “strategic advisory business” aka “corruption”

It was always their plan, intention & objective, & anything else in their defence is just concentrated lying that flies & flaps in the face of reality at ground zero.

That truth is becoming ever more blatant & painful with every corridor death & misdiagnosis.

In the last two months alone –

Private firms condemned for failing to get drugs to NHS patients”

Private healthcare companies are harming NHS patients in their own homes by failing to deliver vital medicines, then escaping censure amid an alarming lack of oversight by ministers, health leaders and regulators, the House of Lords has warned.’


Collapsed hospital operator found to have understated debt by £3.2bn”

The watchdog censured the company yesterday for misleading the market [understating its debts by as much as £3.2bn)] but stopped short of fining it as no funds are expected to be left once debts to creditors are paid out.

NMC Health is a healthcare chain and distribution business in the United Arab Emirates

throwing the British public & the nation to the hyenas …. Boris Johnson


Private healthcare firm paid by NHS failed to fix defects that led to death”

A private healthcare company that was paid millions of pounds by the NHS has failed to fix safety defects that led to the death of a cancer patient (Three patients were hospitalised and a fourth died – )’


a Bullingdon betrayal

More than half of the hospitals in England rated substandard, analysis finds”

In one hospital emergency department, inspectors reported patients being treated in corridors and deadly diseases such as sepsis and cancer not being diagnosed.


Sunak’s pledge on waiting lists ‘downgraded to save NHS costs’”

Hospital leaders are warning that morale is low, staff absences are high, and funds for new equipment are having to be raided. They have now been told to prioritise controlling costs in favour of some of the extra work being done towards the prime minister’s pledge to bring down waits.”


the set up

One in seven adults advised by NHS to go private”

The health and social care champion for England has warned that patients face a two-tier system’ – ‘some health services are now only available to those who can afford it.’


Health data donated for medical research shared with insurance firms”

Sensitive health information donated for medical research by half a million UK citizens has been shared with insurance companies despite a pledge that it would not be.’

serious and disturbing breach of trust’ – ‘global insurance consultancy’

This weekend, Biobank said the pledge – made repeatedly over four years – no longer applied.’

Jack Williment …. an opportunity for Peter Thiel & Palantir


Rise in use in private healthcare ‘adding to GPs’ workloads and hitting NHS patients”

Soaring use of private healthcare for tests and treatments is piling pressure on overstretched GP surgeries, with family doctors warning that standard NHS care is being squeezed as a result.’


“Obesity jab maker discussed targeting benefit claimants with UK government”

Drug firm Novo Nordisk proposed singling out those most likely to return to work with its weight-loss injection’ – ‘made comments about targetting certain benefits claimants’ – ‘hugely helpful discussion and shared objectives


“NHS care delays in England harmed 8,000 people and caused 112 deaths last year”

Almost 8,000 people were harmed and 112 died last year as a direct result of enduring long waits for an ambulance or surgery, prompting warnings that NHS care delays are “a disaster”.’


Jeremy Corbyn did warn the British public explicitly about the Conservative’s secret plot against the NHS

a slaughter.

this is total free fall.

Collateral by the day, & rising.

& they love it.

Feasting on it.

Palantir. Peter Thiel. Alex Karp. Peter Mandelson. Isaac Levido.

“Take back control”

come on over & rape the British public anyway you like, loot their tax & government funds for your own ends, & experiment on the populace however you declare beneficial or arousing to your interests, pursuits & whims.

We’ll distract, divert & distort – blame it on immigrants …. the poor & desperate ones of course, not the pluto-klepto-crony “golden visa” vulture capitalist, asset stripper, corporate raider, bad actors, who remain our core donor class, clients, overlords & unofficial “constituents” in the shit sham that is British politics in the failed state corporatocracy clap-out.

replace government with private – for profit – accountable authoritarian overseas corporations with an extremists Libertarian/corporatist bent & suppressive fetishism.

Failed state corruptopia Britain as a corporate fiefdom.

Thiel’s scuttling insider plant, the disgraceling & internal agitator Liz Truss, lining up the coffins & poisoning the well

The Biobank “scandal” is a great indicator of the death torrent to come.

Four years of repeatedly pledging publicly to not share this critical & highly private personal data with commercial parties, & then that is exactly what they go on to do.

You can never, ever, ever, ever trust these lying, sick, fork-tongued, deceptive, dishonest, untrustworthy, duplicitous scum dredgers …. they will always remain the same, the answer is never, ever to outsource, trust or allow the “private sector” the access or responsibility in this function or field.

They need to be a million miles away at all times, & severe punishment & penalty needs to be reserved & ruthlessly exercised should they come anywhere near the “public good” institutions, interests or infrastructure.

Privatisation is one of the biggest disasters of our species, a litany of rend, rape & ruin on every level & in every example & every orbit & ever occasion – discredited & hazardous to the utmost by mountains of irrefutable carnage wherever it lumbers or lurks, these freaks continue to push their toxins & flog their plague whenever the blinds are closed – it needs to end forever.

Palantir & Peter Thiel in the NHS???

beyond Black Mirror ….. the most insane criminal affront to the nation delivered by a subhuman class of historic traitors & white-collar, Whitehall, super brigands of the lowest bacterium noxia.

Willingly opening the gates to an established enemy with full knowledge of the slaughter & usurpation that will ensue as a direct result of such actions.

This is the situation.

Unforgivable & irredeemable treachery.

an insurmountable insult & attack against the entire country & populace.

Moggers is in all of this up to his SS stirrups

Palantir profit from the logistics,, software, systems & data for everything from drone strikes, assassination & “military strike” & “anti terrorist” operations, detention facilities, the notorious U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), predictive policing & “law enforcement”, spying, mass surveillance programs, “data scraping”, facial recognition & tracking, & what we might call “suppression commerce”.

Thiel is also convolved with the Steve Bannon, Erik Prince, Michael Flynn, Robert Mercer deep state/shadow state/murk mire/transnational criminal association (choose your description).

The convicted paedophile, fixer & corruptocrat George Nader was also an associate of all men (no confirmation on a link with Mercer) as well as the jailed corruptocrat Miles Kwok/Guo Wenguo.

Erik Prince is very close to Robert Mercer. Prince was also at the “Heroes and Villains” party that Mercer threw in Long Island after the election. And, in fact, there’s a picture that Peter Thiel, the right-wing billionaire who destroyed Gawker—a picture of Peter Thiel, Donald Trump and Erik Prince, that Peter Thiel says is not safe for the internet. But it’s clear that Erik Prince, through Betsy DeVos, through Robert Mercer and through his very right-wing paramilitary crowd, has the ear of President-elect Donald Trump. And our understanding, from a very well-placed source, is that Prince has even been advising Trump on his selections for the staffing of the Defense Department and the State Department.”

Robert Mercer and his heiress daughter Rebekah Mercer … continuing to call the shots in failed state Britain, a U$ service colony

Erik Prince founded & operates Frontier Resource Group (FRG) which runs “an Africa-dedicated investment firm partnered with major Chinese enterprises, including at least one state-owned resource giant that is keen to pour money into the resource-rich continent”.

Prince & FRG have been accused of building “training” centres (detention centres or “re-education camps”) in Xinjiang province, China, for the internment of the persecuted Uygur ethnic minority.

& yes, that is the same Erik Prince that formed the infamous Blackwater mercenary group (now Academi) that operated in Iraq before being banned for massacring civilians (Trump later pardoned the murderers).

If a photograph at a Robert Mercer party of Thiel, Trump & Erik Prince is “not safe” for the internet, we can only imagine the secrecy surrounding continued cooperation & “logistics” between Prince & Thiel.

Prince may be Peter/Palantir’s proxy or vice-versa

The forced sterilizations, brutal re-education, coerced conversion, & enforced cultural erasure & ethnic targetting that Erik Prince is assisting in China may well be shared by Peter Thiel & Palantir – now coming to an NHS near you thanks to the Conservative Party.

“Global Britain”.

Erik Prince

In another alarming example of death by privatization, unaccountability & “contempt for contractor” – a migrant worker – Saddam Ali – died under “unexplained circumstances” on the Island of Diego Garcia whilst working in official capacity for the notorious KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root, a division of Halliburton).

As usual, the secrecy, indifference, unaccountability & violation of legal procedure is all that is on offer.

Again, this is another reason why you cannot trust, rely on, or preserve or exercise any safety or recourse with these virulent & routinely harmful & ruinous corporations or the murderous folly of privatisation.

the well financed & well coordinated assault on protections, safety mechanisms & regulatory framework continues, along with the corrupting or gutting of legal safeguards, watchdogs & protective organisations.

EU abandons promise to ban hazardous compounds” – 16/10/23

UN officials ‘censored’ by farming states over research on cattle” – 21/9/23

They had a strong impact on the way things were done at the FAO and there was a lot of censorship. it was always an uphill struggle getting the documents you produced past the office for corporate communications’.

“EU laws to protect press freedom in jeopardy, campaigners claim” -22/11/23

Proposed EU laws aimed at stopping governments hacking journalists’ phones and at protecting the independence and plurality of the press are in serious jeopardy, media campaigners have claimed.’

a maxi trial for all architects, enablers, investors & participants.

A global criminal conspiracy to fuck people & planet into both oblivion & serfdom.

Palantir is known as a “spy-tech” firm, & “big tech” remains one of the greatest fraudster strongholds, as the very recent Sam Bankman-Fried & Elizabeth Warren criminal calamities yet again demonstrate.

Alex Karp & Peter Thiel of Palantir – fucking the British public in the Health Service with a little corrupt assistance from the Conservative Party & Peter Mandelson’s Global Council consultancy firm.

Another one has emerged in the small time since the last article, Chengpeng Zhao, founder of “the world’s largest” cryptocurrency exchange Biance. “Binance agreed to plead guilty, accept the appointment of a monitor and pay a criminal fine of nearly $1.81bn as well as a $2.51bn order of forfeiture to settle three criminal charges. The US Justice Department had charged the company with conducting an unlicensed money transmitting business, a conspiracy charge and violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.”

the Conservative Party have let the worst of these guys by far into the NHS, against all warnings, with zero public approval or consultation, via the backdoor and under opaque & brackish circumstances.

Peter Thiel is a foreign offender with a truly diabolic track record & well documented extremist & predatory ideology that is absolutely & completely at odds with the contract he has been so despicably & unforgivably awarded by the corrupt stooge regime.

Thiel’s comments earlier this year on the NHS at the Oxford Debating Society are affirming.

This privileged, privately educated billionaire & croesus of the Silicon Valley tech-fascist elite felt he could speak on behalf of the British population on their relationship & access to this treasured institution of health.

the right candidate for the NHS contract

He described Britain’s that appreciate the NHS as having “Stockholm syndrome” & went on to state that the best approach to the NHS would be to – “rip the whole thing from the ground and start over”.

Peter Thiel can go fuck himself with one of his drone missiles.

His destructive intentions & aversion for the NHS & it’s users are stark & stated.

Even if you were to disregard all the other tremendously disqualifying & impermissible amassment Peter & his hellish company present, those comments alone should of resulted in his permanent banning from all & any business, media or political activity in the country (honestly! – why is this ideologically-opposed foreign attacker present anyway?) & the shaming & investigation of anyone that advocated otherwise.

fucking poison

The dirty deal – done in the dark, with a whoring, corrupt & captured regime & festooned with every red flag in the repertoire – has been blessed by a biblical betrayal that must be the final stake in-the-heart for this sick, mad, malicious & rabid Tory bandit junta that have gleefully inflicted so much extreme harm on the country & its people.

It is the ultimate proof, the cardinal offence, the terminal treason.

There must be severe punishment for those that assisted this threatening, ill-intentioned alien marauder & menace, & who offered up the British public as sacrificial commerce to be fucked & smashed by this oppressive, psychopathic, foreign Frankenstein.

something to look forward to … vote Conservative/contract Palantir