Peter’s Pandora, Palantir, Peter Thiel, Peter Mandelson, Jeffrey Epstein, Nicole Junkerman, failed state Britain & the assault on sovereignty:

Peter Thiel

blackmail, corruption, infiltration, capture.

So the British NHS health service & your personal health data & medical records are about to be “commercially contracted” off to – very literally – the most nefarious & controversial foreign company on earth, Palantir, courtesy of the Conservative Party.

The positively parasitic Palantir, a uniquely malefic US corporate logistics behemoth that basically wants to acquire – destroy – replace & privatise – every function & asset of the working world, not just to charge on it, but to control, & spy on everybody & everything in the process.

Yes, that’s Palantir as in the “all seeing orb” from Tolkien.

in a post-Brexit failed state – with ever withering protections & regulatory safeguarding – & in an environment & culture of turbo-corruption, frivolous criminality, systemic irregularity & dedicated misrule – the opportunity for “experimental extremities” from foreign bad actors is perfected.

As Palantir’s CEO Alex Karp put it recently to the BBC – “If you’re a pharmaceutical company and you want to do a research on a medicine, you’re going to be able to do things in the UK you would not be able to do easily on the continent.

Alex Karp, co-founder & CEO of Palantir

this chimes with freebooters Jacob Rees-Mogg & Liz Truss’s “bonfire” of EU rights & protections.

The British public will be the guinea pigs & involuntary experimental subjects as the country is turned into a free-for-all “special operations” testing ground, starting with the countries health & health service en-masse.

Jeffrey Epstein – who met/enterprised with Peter Thiel, Peter Mandelson & Nicole Junkerman

Beside the actual NHS service & institution itself, this is your private & personal health records & data – being sold & surrendered to a bunch of foreign national Jeffrey Epstein affiliates & business partners, & shadowy CIA & Mossad cabal – under a pall of corruption, blackmail, infiltration & skulduggery.

You need to take this very, very, very seriously.

rip the whole thing from the ground and start over”. – Peter Thiel on the NHS, earlier this year.

in the relentless pummelling of corruption scandals & flog-offs that have plagued the ever worsening Conservative bandit/vandal government over their reign of ransack & Brexit burnout, it can sometimes become hard to be sufficiently shocked by the latest grotesque incidents (pretty much a daily occurrence) of sell out, sell off & sell under.

Everywhere you look & everything they do just seems to be a turbo-charged & onwardly-climbing obscenity of the most rancid criminal corruption, misrule & abuse of both power & office going from strength-to-strength in its utter utter absurdity.

Among the ceaseless & severe shellacking is one unsurpassably abominable milestone, that seems to be shaping up as a kind of crux for this corrupto-cataclysm.

Palantir/Peter Thiel

It involves one of the most notorious, dangerous, shadowy & anti-ethical organisations on the planet today – the USA’s incomparably controversial leviathan Palantir, founded by real-life Bond villain & hyper-predatory corporate raider, vulture capitalist, fascist, Trump funder & political strategist, & extremist Libertarian ultra Peter Thiel.

Peter Thiel & Palantir exist in the most extreme recess of American uber-Libertarian brutalism at it’s absolute worst. Think of the most merciless & shadowy fringes of the corporate lobby & entryism machine – the industrial prison complex, the CIA, NSA, military & border security, ALEC & the Cato Institute, The Tea Party, Koch Industries, Rupert Murdoch, Roy Cohn & the nastiest of the Libertarian fundamentalist & asset stripping elements.

Thank goodness we don’t have to worry about such dark, destructive, damaging & corrupting danger here in the UK right? WRONG! The Conservative Party has been rapidly allowing the quiet infiltration & insertion of Peter Thiel’s Palantir into the “distressed” & collapsing country under the pretext of the COVID pandemic & “post Brexit” reconfiguration.

In fact, huge, huge chunks of the UK’s domestic infrastructure is being furtively “contracted” out to this supremely infamous foreign predator, without consultation or consent from the British public.

“Take back control”.

As the ultimate confirmation of the Conservative’s true treachery & contempt for the British populace, the most recent “stealth acquisition” by this incomparably controversial, den-of-spies US multinational into key UK infrastructure & civilian data is a deal to hand Palantir a £360m (tax payer’s money of course) contract to provide a new data platform for NHS England that will incorporate the NHS shared care records that track patients across the health and care system.

The Conservatives also already handed Palantir the contract to run oversight of the UK’s post-Brexit border and customs data (the so called “border flow tool”), which will collate data on the transit of goods and customs.

So spying on all our trade data.

Commercial confidentiality/trade secrets?

Trump & Thiel

The Conservatives have already ensconced Palantir into the NHS framework via a national Covid-19 data store for the NHS introduced during the pandemic whilst “normal procurement rules” were suspended. The British public, in a moment of crisis, were offered to the controversial US company for a “data experiment” for the “nominal fee” of £1.00.

Which exact minister/department signed off on that?

Palantir – the CIA-backed-Mossad affiliated-data-mining conglomerate – have also recently been caught “lobbying” the UK disabilities minister Tom Purgslove.

mutual masturbation …. Peter Thiel & Benjamin Netanyahu

in a perfect example of the controversial companies sociopathic sickness & the familiar Peter Thiel psychosis, it has offered technological tools to pursue & prosecute UK disabled benefits claimants “fraud” rather than the still missing multi-£billions “fraud” relating to the Conservative government’s corrupt Covid PPE contracts & the scandalous VIP “fast track” lane that showered cronies with billions in taxpayers siphoned cash.

We make no apology for constantly looking for new ways in which our software can help and there is nothing unusual about writing official correspondence to ministers offering ideas for how it could.” – Palantir

medical data & records are some of the most sensitive & personal a citizen can have.

Additionally, medical data is considered some of the most valuable to tech companies.

For such sensitive & precious personal data, relating to a civilians health, to be “sold”, surreptitiously, to perhaps the world’s worst predator company, & a foreign one, is just the most unimaginable & unconscionable offence against the country & it’s citizenry.

Things are so, so, so, so bad, but to me, this puts it in a completely different category & a completely different perspective.

diabolic – Alex Karp & Peter Thiel of Palantir

But it gets worse.

Thiel has teamed up with another hugely controversial & notorious “shadow man” from the UK with his own deeply disreputable, dark & sordid reputation to help assist him with further “access” into the UK “market”.

Peter Thiel has linked – via the corporate consultancy firm Global Counsel – to Peter Mandelson, Tony Blair’s disgraced & widely reviled former Trade Secretary, close confidant & special advisor, credited in being a key architect in the much detested “New Labour” construct.

Peter Mandelson – who’s corporate lobbying firm has been working on behalf of Palantir

Mandelson, an immensely controversial figure in Blair’s retinue, was forced to resign in disgrace from the Blair government after a loan scandal.

Mandelson was an intensely despised character who was referred to as “The Prince of Darkness” in the press during the Blair years due to his deceitful mastery of media manipulation & spin.

He has been beneath the radar for years, but was recently seen on the front benches of the Labour conference.

The two Peters have a lot in common besides sharing the same name.

Both are highly controversial.

Both are known for using extremely shadowy & ill-reputed means.

Both are homosexual.

And disturbingly, both have had dealings & associations with notorious paedophile, sex-trafficker & blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein.


At one 2003 dinner in his Upper East Side home [Epstein’s], other attendees besides Epstein and Trump included Google co-founder Sergey Brin, Leslie Wexner, controversial British operative Peter Mandelson, and Bill Clinton aide Doug Band.” – One Nation Under Blackmail Vol.2

Peter Thiel had several meetings with Jeffery Epstein in 2014, including one-to-one appointments.

Thiel initially refused to comment on these meetings.

Peter Thiel’s mutiple meetings with Jeffrey Epstein

I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible” – Peter Thiel in his essay The Education of a Libertarian for the notorious Koch Brothers Cato Institute.

Thiel’s ultra-hardline Libertarianism & utter-hatred & contempt for any form of restriction, regulation or law is well documented.

He can’t seem to keep it quiet.

It seems to be an obsession if not a fetish that drives the man.

It is so draconian – & exacerbated by other malicious & nihilistic characteristics – that it actually ends up exceeding the definition of “Libertarianism” entirely.

It is a kind of absolute plutocratic outlaw impunity.

Thiel has been described by former colleagues & associates as “weird”, “not normal”, “transgressive”, “extreme”, “sociopathic”, a “misanthrope” & “nihilistic”.

clearly disturbed … an unsound man & an unsound mind

And it is clearly pathological to his very character & inner most psyche.

In one of his most telling & extreme public statements (& there really is a lot with Thiel), he has said that freedom and democracy are not compatible (he has repeated this statement in many different forms on multiple occasions, as well as his defence & downplaying of both “fascism” & “authoritarianism”.

a like-minded associate & fellow mercenary saboteur Libertarian hooligan – Steve Bannon – had this to say of Peter Thiel:

“Peter’s idea of disrupting government is out there,” – “People thought Trump was a disruptor. They had no earthly idea what was being pitched [by Thiel]”. – Steve Bannon

Bannon would more recently go on to say of Thiel “He has not reverted back to Republicanism,” – “He’s full MAGA.” – Steve Bannon three weeks after The January 6th US Capital insurrection.

Those comments on Thiel are coming from a man that long ago stated his political mission was the “deconstruction of the administrative state”.

Steve Bannon – another Thiel – Epstein – Nader collaborator & ally

Elon Musk – no shrinking violet on billionaire technogarch controversy – describes his old business colleague Thiel as “a sociopath” & a “nihilist

“Peter’s philosophy is pretty odd,” “It’s not normal. He’s a contrarian from an investing standpoint and thinks a lot about the singularity. I’m much less excited about that. I’m pro-human.” – Elon Musk

He’s a nihilist, a really smart nihilist. He’s entirely about power [corruption] – its the law of the jungle. I am a predator and the predators win.” – Matt Stoller anti-monopoly activist

in his own wordsI no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” – Peter Thiel

Startups and founders lean towards a more dictatorial side, “ – “it is more tyrant than mob because it should be.” – Peter Thiel

We’re at a fascinating juncture: the nature of government is about to change at a very fundamental level.” – Peter Thiel

there are many, many more like this.

& this is what he is choosing to state in public & on the record.

on the nature of the NHS specifically, Thiel has already openly displayed his hatred & ill intention for the institution.

in January this year, he described the popularity of the institution with the British public as “Stokholm Syndrome” & that the best action would be torip the whole thing up from the ground and start over”.

Remember this is a foreign, billionaire, ultra-Libertarian, Trump funding extremist, & Jeffery Epstein associate.

But the fact that the Conservative government & Peter Mandelson have been soliciting a notorious foreign bad actor’s demolition of a treasured British institution that serves the countries health needs tells you everything you need to know.

This is off the scales.

come on in foreign predatory asset strippers … the povs & their services are all “lined up” & waiting

Palantir also seems to have been “lined up” to receive the contract with some kind of “unexplained favouritism” (in consort with the “sell off”, the other two frontrunners are both foreign mega corporations, IBM & the controversial Oracle).

With the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein present in the lives & business dealings of at least two of the machinators (Thiel & Mandelson), bribery, blackmail (or worse even) may well be at play, & an urgent independent public enquiry is clearly required into these extremely disturbing & suspicious deals concerning a treasured national institution & it’s patients.

Thiel has also already sued the U.S. Army in a shock IDS style suit.

In a legal complaint, Palntir’s lawyers, led by Hamish Hume of the powerful corporate firm Boise, Schiller and Flexner, argued that the Army, in failing to allow Palantir to submit a bid for the contract for its big software database, had violated a 1994 law that had been passed to prevent over spending by the federal government.” – from The Contrarian by Max Chafkin

further peril & immunity from prosecution & responsibility exists in a “corporate third party” (also operating from overseas in a different legal jurisdiction) entity taking on state or public services –

– given that Palantir is a private company as opposed to a government program, the way its software is used by the government and corporate clients benefits from “plausible deniability” and frees Palantir from constraints that would be present if it were instead a project tied to the military or public sector.”

So the worst of both worlds from the worst of both actors.

transgressive sociopath

Peter is also known as “The Data Rapist”.

That is not just due to his highly-controversial public defence of rape, or suspicions about him & vulnerable underage boys, but for his mass-data-scraping, retention, trawling & surveillance activities along with his intimate inteligence, spying & mass-surveillance collaboration, business & investment interests.

Thiel’s links to the nastiest side of the CIA, In-Q-Tel (which part funded Palantir’s creation), the Pentagon, immensely controversial/illegal data & surveillance gathering operations such as Total Information Awareness (TIA), Continuity of Government (COG), & highly nefarious figures such as John Pointdexter, Richard Perle, Oliver North, Jeffrey Epstein & Alan Wade – to mention a few – continue the kind of hugely scandalous & clandestine government surveillance of citizens programs that emerged in the wake of 9/11 & the much maligned Patriot Act.

Palantir are the “quiet extension” of these operations, with a new commercial bent, & Thiel & his business partner Alex Karp (Palantir co-founder & CEO) are directly linked to many of the “scoundrels” who pioneered the original scandals & threats.

Indeed, Thiel & Karp had met with the notorious Richard Perle in 2003 shortly after officially creating Palantir so they could – “ pick the brain of the man now widely viewed as the godfather of modern surveillance.”

I’d rather be seen as evil than incompetent” – Peter Thiel

Whitney Webb
corporatist supremacy & technological totalitarianism – Alex Karp of Palantir

Palantir also profited heavily in the Iraq war by providing data analytics programs to the US military. The same “anti terrorist” data tools that the military purchased & used in the theatre of war in Iraq was then sold to US law enforcement back in America to use on its own population, including the hugely disturbing “predictive policing” models.

Thiel was highly pro-invasion in 2003 (a business opportunity), much to the disgust of his colleagues at the time.

The USA’s notorious Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) units are also “reliant” on Palantir technology, providing an ongoing cash stream for Palantir & a “pilot populace” of “illegals” to train hostile & persecutory tactitcs, technology & systems on.

Thiel was one of Trump’s biggest donors & a staunch, early endorser for his election campaign.

Thiel would exert extraordinary influence over the Trump White House, being given his own office even & being highly proactive in specifically selecting appointees & shaping policy.

This is detailed extensively in Max Chafkin’s critical book – The Contrarian.

He was one of the most influential people in the Trump administration.

Bannon and the more radical members of Thiel’s circle saw Thiel’s failure to install more allies in the Trump White House for the washout it was. “He took a full shot, he got a few wins, and he had more defeats,” Bannon said. “He failed because Trump turned out to be not a revolutionary.” – Max Chafkin, The Contrarian

Peter’s pro-rape comments & writing, & his well documented misogynistic statements & defence, are another reminder of the kind of man we are dealing with here.

In one of the most ill-reputed incidents, from a book he co-wrote with David Sacks in 1995, he writes:

When verbal pressure means coercion, and coercion means rape, then the number of rapes will become as large as the number of seductions that are later regretted.”

Peter’s “pro rape” stance must of gone down well at business meetings with Mr. Epstein

This caused enough opprobrium & uproar for a rare public apology from Thiel:

I wish I’d never written those things.”

however, within a year he was quoted as saying on the matter:

Sometimes you have to tell them what they want to hear.” – Stanford Review event, the following year.

Thiel’s border fascist, anti-immigrant (despite him being an immigrant himself & his family being double-immigrants) alt-right, white nationalist & “vanilla Nazi” associations, funding & endorsements are another alarming, yet predictable, cause for concern, with a long list of public controversies.

– “ Peter’s not a Nazi. Nazi-curious maybe.” – Charles Johnson (alt-right political activist, Breitbart writer & Thiel associate).

concerning the rise & ubiquity of absurd racist, far-right & anti-immigrant rhetoric & actions in British Conservative politics as of recent by way of “brown Nazi” front candidates like Priti “Haw-Haw” Patel & Suella Braverman, you may want to consider Mr. Thiel’s access & influence over British politics & Conservative MPs.

where they get their orders from ….

Unfortunately, the slurry just keeps pouring.

Peter Thiel was a crucial player in the Cambridge Analytica scandal/crime along with his companion Robert Mercer & Steve Bannon.

Dominic Cummings – a Thiel or Mercer appointed lakey & “minder” for Boris Johnson as far as I am concerned – was also involved with Cambridge Analytica/AggregateIQ & the notorious Vote Leave campaign.

“Misfits and weirdos” – sociopaths and transgressives – united in Libertarian extremism.

It was Thiel, as a member of the board of Face Book, that helped secure all the stolen data on FB users that would go into Cambridge Analytica’s notorious digital micro targeting & disinformation campaigns to sway both the Brexit vote & Donald Trump’s controversial 2016 election win.

So; concerted, premeditated & well organised election rigging & covert “political interference” operations in foreign countries.

This crime – has not been concluded. the culprits are still running riot.

“Peter’s ideas for disrupting government were out there”. – Steve Bannon

down the drain & across the channel

Thiel has also worked with, employed, invested in, or associated with a series of the most heinous “bad actors” in modern politics & espionage. On top of Robert Mercer, Jeffery Epstein, John Poindexter, Peter Mandelson, Donald Trump, Jared & Josh Kushner, Alan Wade, & Steve Bannon you also have Michael Flynn, Erik Prince, serial sex offender George Nader (now imprisoned on child sexual abuse & child trafficking charges) & Benjamin Netanyahu.

There will no doubt be many, many more offenders & malignant associations on that list that have yet to come to light.

George Nader

Thiel has a myriad of ties & business dealings with prolific figures & companies related to Israel’s intelligence community, specifically Carbyne911 (Jeffery Epstein was also an investor), who’s board of directors includes another long-serving Epstein collaborator – former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak – & Mossad operative Nicole Junkerman, along with various ex-specialists from Israel’s Unit8200 IDF intelligence organisation.

As referenced, Thiel has long had direct association with the infamous Koch Brothers/Charles Koch via the stalwart extremist think tank the Cato Institute, including writing essays for Cato Unbound.

another close collaborator of Thiel & shared corporatist totalitarian visionary – Charles Koch

Thiel’s most recent direct intervention in US politics (or at least the most prominently identifiable action as he is desecrating on so many fronts) has been the programming & bankrolling of gob-shite conman candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, a fail-safe should Trump be prevented from running in the 2024 election race due to the ocean of rape, treason, theft, fraud charges etc that are finally catching up with him.

the latest stooge bullshitter – “towards authoritarianism” – Vivek Ramapatsy

TYT rip Peter’s Puppet a new arsehole
Mehdi mangles the patsy-front-candidate

I’m sort of sceptical about how much voting works.”

One of the things I like about technology is that when technology’s unregulated you can change the world without getting approval from other people. At its best, it is not subject to democratic control, and not subject to the majority, which I think is often hostile to change.” – Peter Thiel

this man, is totally out of control.

He is – quite apparently, & to put it simply – sick & wrong.

He is also a clear global threat to the security & welfare of people, planet & nations. It is not simply “a threat to democracy” … this is much worse.

He is – blatantly – criminally insane. On a massive scale.

Peter Thiel is a major, major world threat.

sickness ….

in post Brexit Britain, an increasingly insane, increasingly extreme, increasingly criminal, increasingly totalitarian & increasingly treacherous Conservative Party has been slyly aiding & abetting this foreign madman’s ideology, business interests, political views, companies & “access & control” into the country & over it’s institutions, infrastructure & populace.

I also think he is significantly dictating the political agenda in the Conservative Party.

This is all happening without the public’s consent, consultation, approval or awareness, under conditions that are secretive, non-transparent, lacking in due process, & in all probability – utterly criminal & illegal.

It is unimaginable. Unthinkable. Beyond belief, & beyond words.

But it is the proof that we need, the indelible smoking gun & supremely incriminating excess that defines the current exponential degeneration & critical infestation.

The “self destruction” the “crisis of sovereignty” & the historic treason & ongoing “crimes against the nation” that are expounding in this pathetic, captive & subjugated “failed state” country under the unprecedented & monumental criminal misrule of the Vichy Tory Party are captured here perfectly.

This has to be the final straw.

The health service (NHS), & therefore the health of the nation & its people collectively, is being offered up – under extremely murky & turbid circumstances – to literally the worst possible offender …. a foreign offender even, & even as the offender mocks the very institution & people it is about to acquire/infiltrate in public statements (“Stockholm syndrome”).

I repeat, this has to be the final straw.

The “Prince of Darkness”, Mr. Mandelson, is also assisting this crime against the nation, & being paid for his services.

zero trust, zero representation – zero votes – Rishi Ransack

Along with Peter Mandelson you also have “tech-bro-banker” Rishi Sunak, who carries a US green card & is well known for his bias & prostration towards Silicon Valley & tech investors.

Rish Sunak was hosted by Palantir CEO Alex Karp at a baseball game in the US in the summer of this year.

Further still, Sunak’s election strategist – Isaac Levido of Fleetwood Strategy consulting firm – has been contracted by Palantir to carry out lobbying operations on it’s behalf within the UK.

The notorious political mercenary & foreign-asset fifth-columnist-ultra – thrice disgraced Conservative MP Liam Fox – engaged in a “closed door meeting” with Palantir representatives whilst Trade Secretary.

relentless treachery & assistance to foreign offenders – Liam Fox

Despite being a British MP & citizen, Fox is a long serving member of the American Legislation Exchange Council (ALEC) & Atlantic Bridge (an extreme conflict of interest). ALEC, amongst other atrocities, were instrumental in the introduction of the poisonous 2010 Citizens United bill in the US that permitted unlimited campaign contributions & anonymity for donors. He has constantly advocated for a “trade deal” with the US, which would effectively allow for the flooding of the UK market with cheap, inferior & harmful food products manufactured in the USA at a drastically lower standard & quality which would totally undercut British food producers. The Conservatives have refused to even install legal safegaurds for British producers in their myriad of shambolic overseas trade deals/sell-offs.

one of the many, many scandals of the disgraceful corporate infilitrator Liam Fox

Additional compromise & favouritism towards Palantir may have come via Jennifer Arcuri & her controversial affair or “tax-payers-money for sex” (tens of thousands of pounds of public money funnelled as start up grants for her tech company by Johnson whilst he was Mayor in violation of lending protocol). It has still never been determined which group, interest or what “intelligence agency” agent Arcuri represented or acts under?

making a joke of it – Jennifer Arcuri.
It was not just Johnson that got fucked …. it was the entire country.

She certainly “compromised” Johnson successfully.

a brilliant montage of the agent Arcuri blackmail operation
mission accomplished

One possible link that is rarely mentioned in the sordid affair is Breitbart celebrity & early Trump associate & advocate Milo Yiannopolous.

Milo – a self proclaimed “dangerous faggot” was also a “friend” of Jennifer Arcuri, & shared a stage with Boris Johnson at one of his multiple speaking attendances for Arcuri’s “tech company”.

Milo was also friends, an associate, & working partner with two more “dangerous faggot[s]” – Peter Thiel & Steve Bannon.

Milo Yiannopolous

Was Milo active in influencing Johnson?

Was Milo involved in any of the “sexual impropriety” between Johnson & agent Arcuri at her East London flat?

Johnson’s “oven ready” – open door – wave-it-through – policy & attitude towards a US-UK-trade deal, & anything American or Trump-related, spoke for itself.

Clearly Palantir & Peter Thiel were given complete carte-blanche under his reign of ruin as PM. did the Arcuri “compromise” play a role?

you couldn’t make it up – who does she work for?

Yiannopolous fell from favour with the alt-right community & Breitbart after it was revealed that he made statements approving & encouraging sexual relationships between older men & underage boys.

Peter Thiel also has an extremely troubling record of predatory engineering towards vulnerable young males via his “20 Under 20” (16-19-year-olds) apprenticeships through his Thiel Foundation (he has “access” to all the “aspiring” young boys who board alone & isolated whilst “competing” for his investment money). This is detailed in Max Chafkin’s book on Thiel, & it is not easy reading.

Thiel is also well known for his wild & “hedonistic” private parties, where men in “assless chaps” serve cocaine & a wide variety of drugs to decadent guests, whilst Thiel holds court surrounded by groups of “young attractive men”.

I see Peter Thiel as an absolute modern day version of Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn

Peter Thiel, Palantir & Alex Karp are literally the worst possible nomination to be contracted into anything concerning The National Health service.

It is sheer criminal madness of the most indefensible quality, an absolutely unimaginable scenario, offensive even in jest.

And yet, the Conservatives are knowingly & willingly handing the keys over to the worst offender possible & smoothing the edges of this insane depravity against the public & the nation.

Peter’s puppet … fifth-columnist-ultra Liz Truss

Liz Truss was the shortest lived prime minister in British history, the most unpopular prime minister ever, with no mandate or election win to justify her exiguous “premiership”, who presided over the countries most disastrous term in office ever recorded.

Thiel, in an address at the Oxford Union earlier this year stated that “I was very sympathetic to Liz Truss”.

Our loss = his gain. profit in devastation.

Britain has had a very, very, very serious “sovereignty & security” problem in the countries core political structure & establishment for a long time.

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein & Jean-Luc Brunel – who may be looking over to Nicole Junkerman?

For a myriad of reasons, these distinct & acute fault-lines leave the country expressly vulnerable to foreign capture, control, manipulation, exploitation & interference.

Over the last few years, the last protective threads seem to have been deliberately severed.

It seems to have now reached the point where the body is down, & the vultures & carrion feeders – almost entirely foreign actors – can freely just move in for the kill, with willing assistance from the Conservative Party & other hyper quisling/mercenary Mandelson & Junkerman types, happy to shred the sails.

Apparently the British people value their freedom, sovereignty & their “treasured” & once world renowned NHS. But no matter the strength & quantity of incriminating evidence to the contrary – of the Conservatives dedicated, wilful & ardent destruction & absolute disrespect on behalf of foreign exterminators – the ruse goes on & the saboteurs continue to escape consequences.

This latest Palantir/Thiel data & health service heist should be the final insult.

Nicole Junkerman

Beside Thiel & Mandelson, Jeffrey Epstein’s partners & clan are still busy working with the Conservative Party.

There is yet another cohort from his entourage/network that has also been actively working with British government, & again, it is in the health & technology sector.

That would be the mysterious Nicole Junkerman, a glamorous socialite, ex-model, business woman, entrepreneur & Israeli intelligence operative who worked directly alongside the disgraced Conservative MP Matt Hancock in his Healthtech Advisory Board.

As extraordinary as it is to believe, it’s all in plain sight, & even up on the Government’s official website along with a group photograph –

Conservative MP Matt Hancock’s then Healthtech Advisory Board. Nicole Junkerman is on the right behind Honcock.

Epstein collaborator Nicole Junkerman

Nicole Junkerman appears on many of Epstein’s flight logs.

In Whitney Webb’s One Nation Under Blackmail Vol.2, Junkerman first appears personally accompanying Epstein on a flight to Birmingham, UK, on August the 31st 2002 where the two, joined by another unnamed female, went on to mingle with unnamed US senators at a rural retreat owned by Abigail Wexner (wife of close Epstein associate & business partner Leslie Wexner) in North Warwickshire.

Junkerman had been a model for Elite Model Management (curiously can’t seem to find any of her old modeling photographs?), which Epstein had tried to purchase in 1995. Instead, Epstein ended up funding MC2 Model Management & Karin Models, run by the notorious rapist, sexual abuser & paedophile Jun Luc Brunel (Brunel – like Epstein – died in prison whilst awaiting trial in France in 2022).

according to the intrepid researcher & writer Whitney Webb, Junkerman “flew on Epstein’s plane on several occasions”.

Nicole Junkerman accompanies Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Bill Gates was another Epstein partner & frequent.

The mysterious model cum-business lady cum-tech-entrepreneur also joined the board of the shifty Israeli intelligence linked tech company Carbyne911.

Peter Thiel was an investor in the company along with Jeffery Epstein.

Ex-Israeli PM & long running Jeffrey Epstein partner Ehud Barak was also on the board of Carbyne911.

Ehud Barak & Benjamin Netanyahu

So we have a seasoned Jeffrey Epstein operative & Mossad asset working closely within the Conservative Party & healthcare system by-way-of Matt Hancock’s Healthtech Advisory Board “to help guide the government on its mission to transform technology in the NHS.”

the disgraced Matt Hancock, who was forced to resign as Health Secretary, & who was severely embroiled in the Covid loans embezzlement scheme, was also the one that tried to stealthily introduce NHS Digital, which would have allowed patients confidential personal GP records to be digitised & “shared” with additional third parties (presumably for tracking, surveillance, blackmail & “medical vulnerability opportunities” should the individual ever become “undesirable”).

NHS Digital would – “put the medical histories of more than 55 million patients into a database available to academic and commercial third parties for research and planning purposes

Matt Hancock

We must harness the latest technology and techniques to move away from the one-size-fits-all approach of the past” – Matt Hancock whilst Health Secretary

Junkerman seems to have established her Epstein enhanced entrepreneurialism in London, following familiar formulas.

The blurb from her YouTube channel sets the tone of operations:

I’m Nicole Junkermann, an international entrepreneur and investor. I’ve spent my career developing strong media businesses, investing in disruptive, cutting-edge technologies, and raising my own sports private equity fund. Most recently, I founded NJF Holdings, a London-based finance and investment company with extensive interests across venture capital, private equity, and real estate. I’m currently delving into the worlds of AgriTech and FoodTech, marrying my interests in agriculture and technological innovation. When in London, I like to spend my time at art galleries (I sit on the Tate Galleries Latin American Acquisitions Committee) and enjoying the city’s many parks. I am a frequent visitor to Spain and proud Real Madrid supporter.

also her “vehicle” – NicoleJefferyHoldings –

continuing the franchise … a hybrid of Ghislaine Maxwell & Jeffrey Epstein – Nicole Junkerman

Steve Bannon also met with Jeffrey Epstein in 2019, providing PR & legal advice to the besieged paedophile & describing Epstein as “engaging, not threatening … [not] at all creepy … a sympathetic figure”.

Bannon also met with Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees-Mogg & another Conservative who is believed to have been Boris Johnson at a private meeting in Mayfair in 2018.

dedicated demolitions expert … Jacob Rees-Mogg

Britain is drowning.

It is engulfed in corruption.

It is suffocating under foreign capture & external interference, blackmail & exploitation.

The number one enablers & abettors of this cardinal denigration, humiliation, & decline, is the Conservative Party.

Returning to Plantir, Thiel & Karp specifically: the level of hostility, malice, criminal bent & strong proclivity towards subterfuge & shadowy means – all supported by state of the art surveillance technology & hand-in-glove collusion with intelligence agencies/spt networks & their specialist personnel (& everything that comes with that) – makes for the most complete & indisputable grounds for total disqualification.

It s abundantly clear that Palantir, Peter Thiel, & all his companies & business interests need to be banned entirely from the country, & go on a permanent blacklist of proscribed individuals & companies, to be considered a severe security threat & threat to the integrity of British sovereignty, public interest, national stability, & common good.

This is obvious & glaring, & nothing less will do.

a shifty shitbag of the most extraordinary proportions

There must also be an urgent special inquiry into how this terrible company & foreign threat has been allowed access, with the most severe legal penalties for all British personnel that assisted it’s infiltration & installation into the country, whether by bribery or blackmail.

Palantir & Peter’s putridity out. Completely & forever.

in addition to the unique risk & horror encompassing Thiel & Palantir, we can also site the recent FTX fraud scandal & the ongoing trial of conman Sam Bankman-Fried, the Theranos scandal that has resulted in the jailing of fraudster Elizabeth Holmes, & the misappropriation & active destruction of Twitter by tech-billionaire Elon Musk.

big tech fraudster Elizabeth Holmes on trial (she was sentenced to eleven years).

The level of fraud, front, falsity, maladministration & hazard in this unsafe & unsound terrain (digitization, technological replacement, automation, virtualization, cloud computing, AI et al) is screamingly apparent. Tech is dangerous & unreliable – & rife with con artists, corporate raiders, swindlers, bullshitters & fraudsters.

Sam Bankman-Fried on trial for fraud

Privatization has already been a calamitous & extremely harmful failure, delivering ever worsening standards, less & less accountabilty, & ever greater expense to the public, from the railways, to the water companies, to the housing sector, to the care sector.

Mixing this utter failure & catastrophe with the corporate-tech-sector-outsourcing (overwhelmingly foreign owned & operated) of public services, is just the most insane, obscene & unthinkable extremity plausible.

It cannot & must not be tolerated & it’s advocates need to be annihilated.

This wrecked, Epstein molested dystopian nightmare farce, in the grip of uncountable overseas adversaries & their malignant interests & intentions, needs to end, as does the insult of the die-hard traitors in downing street & their entire retinue of criminal assistants & corrupt co-conspirators benefiting from the countries planned collapse & demise.

I don’t care about politics, I only care that my friends are in power.” – Aron D’Souza or “Mr. A”, Thiel’s secret adviser & confidant

We have to just go out from this conference and take over the world.” – Peter Thiel at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference

Peter Thiel

This is another line of attack strategically,” “You now have a political movement that understands we need to go after the administrative state.” – Steve Bannon

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