Victoria’s Secret – Angels and Demons, documentary series (Matt Tyrnauer, Les Wexner):

crest fallen.

When I first stumbled upon the news of this documentaries existence & release, in a small & fairly dismissive heralding whilst speed-skimming through the junk directory of the Guaridian’s trash supplement What’s On, I was instantly shocked & eager.

As the potentially “game changing” revelations of veteran Mossad operatives Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell continued to transfix & horrify the world, there was one screamingly important actor & accomplice that was not taking the stand, or even the intensified press scrutiny in the Maxwell/Epstein operations – Leslie fucking Wexner.

Les Wexner
People have said it’s like we have one brain between two of us” – Jeffrey Epstein on his relationship with Leslie Wexner
front organisation
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Despite being so enmeshed in Epstein’s exercises that they were almost inseparable (incredibly, Wexner even granted his “money manager” Epstein extensive Power of Attorney in 1991 to handle his affairs & business), Les Wexner, a controversial & secretive Zionist billionaire & “philanthropist”, has remained unexplainably absent from so much of the mainstream coverage & investigation surrounding the disgraced & now deceased Mossad super agent. Les has long been a master manipulator of the media, boasts absurd wealth, & is afforded the extraordinary protection that results from decades of “influence operations”, the backing of massively powerful special interest groups & individuals, & the beneath the table “leverage” that has resulted from Maxwell & Epstein’s decades of sexual blackmail & kompromat stockpiling.

Epstein might be dead, & “The Benjamin of the family” – Ghislaine Maxwell – might be maxing out in a maximum security prison for her crimes on behalf of the Israeli state, but the “results” & “benefits” of their concerted blackmailing operations very, very, very much live on & continue to exert tremendous political power in contemporary global politics.

leaving Westminster?

When you look at the current round of IDF atrocity in Gaza, & the indeterminate attitude of the western world’s political leaders pathetic, abysmal & unconscionably feeble response to such rampant criminality, it is a direct result of agent Epstein & his crew’s immensely successful covert campaign of sexual-compromise & blackmail against western governments & political targets.

When foreign governments & leaders are too scared & subordinate to even question the Israeli rogue state in the comfort of their own “sovereign” countries, y’ gotta wonder why?

Leslie Wexner

This is a key moment to revisit some of the original victims of the spiralling sexual blackmail operations that were carried out over decades & jog your memory:

collateral leverage

So this documentary was a real surprise, & it involves a special bravery that is rare in our cowed & corrupted times. The fact that it has emerged in what is effectively mainstream quarters, is astonishing actually, even if it seems to have befallen severe side-lining & smothering since it’s release (beside the micro-blurb on the eve of it’s screening, I have never heard so much as a single reference to it since, & Lesley Wexner remains as elusive & “off limits” as ever).

Ed Razek
goy fodder

So who had the bollocks & backing to put something like this together & out? & even into a mainstream medium? Well, that was the second pleasant surprise, it’s non-other than the investigative laureate extraordinaire Matt Tyrnauer, a name that will hopefully already be familiar to you.

Matt has had myself & some other hardcore sleuths utmost attention & respect for a few solid years now, covering some of the most critical elements of modern corruption history & their hidden or poorly recorded happenings in truly brilliant productions & documentaries.

Epstein with Rupert Murdoch? Shimon Peres?

Although his works have been frequently referenced, linked & even quoted on this blog, this is actually the first time one of his documentaries is getting a full article (somewhat ridiculously).

“shared brain” power of attorney

He came to my attention as the first person to make a documentary on one of the most malign, harmful & corrupting men of the last century – the incomparably abominable Roy Cohn – a man of indescribable criminality, iniquity & multifaceted perversion. Matt’s 2019 documentary Where’s My Roy Cohn? – a direct quote from one of his three core protégé’s – Donald Trump – (the other two being Rupert Murdoch & Roger Stone) – is still some of the most essential viewing on the current crisis of global corruption, along with it’s equally brilliant twin doco Bully. Coward. Victim. by Ivy Meeropol, which was also issued in 2019.

Abigail & Les Wexner

Matt has screamed through similarly awesome & connected films & specialist series – 2018’s Studio 54 (Roy Cohn was the club’s lawyer & frequent, & “the epicentre of 70s hedonism” was probably the best grounds for “kompromat” operations in NY at the time), & an incredibly detailed 2020 four-part documentary The Reagans (Roy & Rupert where notorious abettors & benefactors of the Reagan shit show & it’s subsequent swill of filth, rot & absurd hypocrisy).

Ed Razek

His productions are always meticulously edited, with staggering archive material & excellent contributions from external (journalists & investigators) & internal parties to the subject.

“they’re nothing, these girls. They are trash” – Ghislaine Maxwell

Being gay & Jewish has sometimes allowed Tyrnauer to gain access & trust to some crucial areas & individuals involved in these matters, never in a bias or bullshit rainbow way, always with an immaculate & impartial pursuit of truth & factual accuracy which makes part of his documentaries all the more revealing in their disclosure & detail.

And so, this is the man bringing us a three-part, in-depth documentary on the infamous Victoria’s Secret, with all his typical expertise. It of course, is not just about Victoria’s Secret, it is absolutely about Lesley Wexner, & therefore, inseparably, Jeffrey Epstein.

Go & watch it for yourselves.

Unsurprisingly, the documentary is incredible.

“tits and glitz”
Ed Razek

There is also a masterful cast of contributors, from ex-models, stylists, Victoria’s Secret executives, & specialists journalists with a stake in the field. One of the most interesting inclusions is Michael Gross. For those unfamiliar, Gross wrote the hugely influential & standout 1995 expose Model – The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women, a 498-page milestone (we reviewed the fucker back in 2020). very importantly, & much credit to Tyrnauer for doing so, the standout investigative titan Whitney Webb is also featured. Whitney is an absolute forerunner on the subject of Cohn, Epstein, The Maxwells & Wexner, & has written two of the most crucial & painstaking investigations into this global menace, the phenomenal One Nation Under Blackmail volumes 1 & 2 on Trine Day publishing.

Whitney Webb
Michael Gross
Lyndsey Scott

There are many perspectives of focus to Angels and Demons. The fashion industry, the malady of Victoria’s Secret, Lesley Wexner, Jefferey Epstein, Zionist influence operations, specific creeds of modern sexism & female disempowerment, & beyond.

Head of the Snake – a truly jaw-dropping conversation/documentary/interview between Whitney Webb & Mariah K Farmer (Epstein, Maxwell & Wexner survivor)
ignored evidence

I never really encountered the “phenomenon” of Victoria’s Secret before this documentary.

Although I was vaguely aware of it’s presence as some kind of women’s apparel mega brand, it was never something I looked into or that crossed my paths prior to this documentary.

I also had no idea that it was so successful as a brand & enterprise.

Beyond being a hugely lucrative business in its own right, VS was the ideal cover & “license” for Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell to carry out their mass sex trafficking operation.

dictating the terms

Should Epstein or “Mad Max” ever happen to be caught with a “cargo” of underage sex-trafficked girls by a non-corrupt contingent of law enforcement – they could simply claim to be transporting “models” & produce the requisite covering documents, all backed up by the “legitimate” power of the Wexner foundation.

It was the perfect multi-purpose cover, excuse, ruse, attraction & vehicle to justify & aid the entire operation, along with their other methods (preying on girls in poverty, the public & private institutions).

“Snow White”

Epstein would regularly use Victoria’s Secret as a direct recruiting lure on girls he took a shine to, wherever he found them.

As the documentary reveals, this was brought directly to Wexner’s attention by an alarmed executives at VS, & beside apparently warning Epstein in private to desist (sure Les!), nothing was done about it.

“Pedo Island”
going places

Victoria’s Secret pushed & pioneered an extremely one-dimensional version of attractiveness, insisting on, indeed homogenising, an exceedingly narrow, gauche & limited depiction of female “beauty”.

It’s not that it is so bad in-and-of-itself, but the rate of limitation & the sheer singularity on such a pitiful definition of “beauty” without variation becomes frankly pathetic.

It’s also clear that it has crawled exclusively out of the confines of the male mind …. a very particular, artistically challenged & antiquated male mind. Again, there is not necessarily anything wrong with it (the style) per se, individually, & as one possible mode of attire/style for a woman at the right moment given her own choosing. But the singular “Russian escort chic” or lap dancer theme meets VIP fantasy prostitute wears out it’s already threadbare appeal very, very quickly, especially when you think that assholes like Ed Razek (Chief Marketing Officer) & Lesley Wexner are kind of dressing all these girls & setting the standard.

Les Wexner & Ed Razek

It’s bullshit.

The endless tacky sexualisation, piss-poor versatility & barely varying body-types then runs into increasingly ridiculous “fantasy” elements, culminating in the “Angels” idiocy.

The styling, make-up & pervasive commercial crossover just makes me completely recoil.

But it’s when you factor in The Lolita Express & the direct presence & agency of an “egg shaped” Jeffery Epstein into this glitterati cluster-fuck that it gets really disturbing, & what was a bad dose of bad taste suddenly becomes much, much darker.

The brand would also later introduce it’s infamous “Pink” offshoot, that would target teens directly.

The hyper-sexualisation was also transferred, conducing a kind of pedo-light strain with “child like” themes, accessories & symbology (kids blankets, toys, tricycle frames) on younger models.

As one of Epstein’s victims – Haley Robson – would quote him by to Palm Beach police “the younger the better”.

The shit is just wrong, even without Epstein & Ghislaine in the picture.

I can see now, by way of this documentary, the considerably negative role & influence that Victoria’s Secret has had on aspects of women’s fashion, pornography, celebrity & cosmetic surgery culture & what I will describe as “misconceptions” of popular beauty.

It is not a good legacy.

Les is still at large. The results of his, Epstein, & Maxwell’s operations continue to strangle.

Another incredible piece of work from Matt Tyrnauer.

Fuck Israel.

a Razek & a rapist … Harvey Miramaxwell

2022, Matt Tyrnauer (director), Hulu