Melanocetus Murray – Megalodon Harsh Tones/Entropy of the Universe (cassette)

Dirty blast-centric Noisegrind from Greece from old-school organism. A big platter of parasite infested lytic dredge from thousands of meters beneath sea-level & belting to boot… the tape comprises two sessions, the best being the A-sides “Entropy Of The Universe” which compacts about twenty-odd trax in an amputorium of bass-distortion fermentation, possibly a guitar? – slow tempo, but fast-picked, Blur-Noise with the occasional D-beat/original Grindcore lurch – stewed & deoxidized to the consistency of cement-mix through distortion overload & feedback over-soak. Over such scrimmage, dual vocals cycle through multiple Grind & Noisecore themes, from low-end cretaceous blurts, HC/PV-caricatures & higher-pitched puke, all of which are under a monstrous disfiguring of super reverb, pitch-shifting &, obviously – distortion. The “core” values are really strong & there is thankfully no Metal in sight. The drummers whopping, stodgy blasts & authentic single-kick D-Beat, plus the fact that you get shelled by the blastbeats, without interruption, about 85% of the time make this a rather lip-smacking affair. The stringed instruments are so noisy & down-tuned that you can barely, if at all, pick out any notation from them (that’s when they are not shredding the fret, which they do like 80% of the time). Character, presence & “core” – values like a motherfucker. Gallons of blast, & back-to-back bleurk! A genuine flint-club whack over the noggin that is not to be associated with the 96% + boring-as-fuck Noisecore toss that’s 50 to the penny.

The B-side is less perilous… the vocals overpower the noise n’ blat by being way too loud in the mix. They are also much cleaner & less distorted, which does not quite create the raft of sewage effect that’s so nice to wallow in. The production suffers, especially straight-off-the-bat from the “Entropy” session.

If you like the idea of a feculent caveman rocking yer’ head in with jagged granite, the juicy bastards of Malocetus Murray will make short work of soft craniums! A great group & a smashing release!

Rekd: 2014 or sumthin’ ?

Label: Ass/Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench