Malad/Chappai Split Cassette

Christ! It’s a Noiscore duo from Ukraine on Blast Beat Worship Tapes! Two lads from Kiev disgracing themselves in the backroom/basement/brothel boutique of backwoods for bench-press. Trash drums & broken-bass …. Unbeknown to most mortals, Ukraine is a secret style-icon/mega-attraction for creative champions on the cusp of art-genius revolution. Not sure that Malad will take us into that territory but anyway, like really bad adverts from the eighties that still, paradoxically & against the laws of logic – hold some kind of masochistic appeal, Malad are kind of sweet. This is shit/garbage/bilge , half “Shitnoise” (deliberately bad Noisecore, yes there is such a twattish genre, no kidding) half partial structure (these guys also play in a small vegetable patch on an allotment over an incline next to an old railway that carries potted-pickles to former USSR land-lockers)… I don’t know, it’s got some cult value & the label has made a decent effort with the artwork & sleeve design, that somehow elevates waste-paper-basket of desk-top refuse beyond it’s original birth weight based on deceptive manoeuvres by a third party vendor! SPUNA!

Side B (thank fucking goodness)….it’s Chappa’ai. So to just evaluate – these are a committed bunch of No-Skool-Noyzcore aggressors from Hungary. Let’s not fuck around, if the drummer can’t doll out the KO’s, you ain’t saying shit son (& that goes for most Noisegrind outfits). Chappa’ai have one of the hardest & fastest drummers in the Noisegrind oracle, Mark something-or-other. This makes all the difference. His penchant for blasts, & indeed hyper blasts, with tight & cudgelling double-bass avalanche, spiralling fills & abrupt stops make for a seriously violent experience, as the genre demands (but rarely receives). Next under the guillotine is a Marci Biro on blur bass, also wanted for motherfuckery in the first degree in seventeen states. I think edging-in sideways incognito is Bence, a Noise weirdo with a taste for odd analogue Noise gadgets. Plenty of their releases suck, but when they get it right – turrets topple with spectacular destruction. Their split cassette with supremo blat Korean/pan-Asian Blur-Gunk Screamcore bohemian-extremists Bollock Swine showed us just how much fucking damage these loons could inflict with one of the nastiest & hardest Anti-Listener burners ever recorded, also dragging in Harsh Noise screw-loose 886VG to just push it that much further beyond the earth’s atmosphere. Performance wise, the material on this Malad split really means effin’ business, but alas, the fucking recording quality is so muffled & muted, it totally takes the wind-out-the-sales. It’s a great’ great pity because this is very fine & fierce stuff with the drummer really killing it…but it’s so ameliorated by the crap production that it leaves a shrivelled finish. BOLLOCKS! Well, lo-fi die-hards with decent stereos may still be able to fry the last of their neurons wi’ this shit!? It’s definitely worth keeping a close eye on Chappa’ai who are clearly capable of some of the most ferocious battery in the game.

A good effort has been made with the tape on-body & quality full colour sleeve. At the end of the day, you may want to consider grafting this to your soft appendage & kicking back with some mulberries.

Rekd: probably around 2010 (probably)

Label: Blast Beat Worship Tapes