Final Exit/Deche Charge Split 7”

Final Exit-surf 74_ed

Sublime! you should all fucking know about Final Exit by now? They are a Tokyo based NoSkoolNoyzcore duo, one of the best & most distinctive Noisegrind bands of all time with a long lineage beginning in the early 90’s. they are also committed to perhaps the smallest musical movement in history, No-Skool-Noyzcore/Gunk, i.e. sedulous Noisecore with effort & input practiced by literally something like x15 bands (presuming you exclude FreeJazz) over the last 20 years or so. They are fabulous musicians commanding an immensely assiduous tightness playing on most of there recordings with profound syncopation & coordinated-kinetics …. This is controlled chaos. They have personalized an utterly unique brand of Gunk, where they phase between professionally played Rock, Surf, Jazz, Blues, Grind, Metal & a medley of other niche & standard genres with absolute out-&-out BlurNoise, just one massive sodden saturation of total Bleeeurk, either encompassing extremely low-end-bassy indiscernible distortion or/& ultra fast strangled speed-picking high-fret percolation whilst drums blast-blur & tumble with signature pogo cymbal smashes & stumbling fills.

Imagine perhaps some mad fuckers trying to make a Noisecore sound-track to large quantities of objects being tipped down an almost vertical, completely uneven decline, bouncing, spinning, colliding with each other, shooting out at odd-angles… that image might give an idea. No exemption is pulled on the vocals either, satirized overly-inflated guttural garble & really fast & nimble throat oscillations making some tremulous hysteria like nobody else I ever heard in any Grind/Noisecore. What these guys have really accomplished is to build their OWN strain of deeply-individualistic No-Skool-Noyzcore, embellished & nurtured by tons of their own idiosyncrasies & musical proclivities. They have also used skill in exactly the way it should be used, to optimize the individuality, their abilities combined with their efforts & considerable labour to make something inimitably unique. As for User-Hostility I am really rather ambivalent with FE…their Noise sections are total’ total fucking Noise, not even really Noisecore but complete Noise, a flat blur or protracted mono-drone. It’s insane, but it kind of just overwhelms & engulfs like a giant wave…it’s almost like a computer error or like somebody has a sonic eraser & just rubs out giant sections of professional Fusion, sanding down parts of the vinyl so your needle just glides over it with a rumble. The only punctuations come from the fills, cymbal trashing, vocals & hi-fret spacking

FE also invest tremendous humour & playfulness very deliberately & constantly try & catch you off-guard with the obvious transmogrification & duality of Noise-Bleeeur & “traditional” styles. This duality & the versatility & alterations of this constant tug-of-war are basically their thing & I guess the most defining feature of FE.

As for this EP itself, it’s possibly the best FE have done. It’s concept is 60’s Surf Rock & it’s immaculately performed & constructed. It’s length & content are pretty much perfect & leave a hugely satisfactory state after it’s rotation. This again is no doubt a dedicated engineering by these veterans to provide the perfect portion. FE last two releases, a 4-way with Bollock Swine/Himitsu King & Crovac & a 3”MCD on Rage For All, although obviously marvellous have not split my atoms as much as their insanely sapid track on the Dek Rek n’ Fek compilation CD or some of their previous beatings, but this release is possibly their best. Some of the ingenuity on here also goes as far as to have their songs coming through a tinny portable radio whilst waves lap at a beach…what the fuck? Such dedication to detail & inventiveness. But that’s Final Exit for you. Finding another/other bands on this level amongst pretty much anything anywhere might just be impossible?! It takes a momentously enlightened motherfucker to invest such energy into such a peregrine genre & FE have done it for close to 20 years always with a soaring quality & progression.

Most of the acutely exiguous ensembles of No-Skool-Noyzcore bands are long gone/inactive. Making them practically peerless. Somebody tell me of a rarer form that’s been practiced internationally by more than 5 groups? & that’s just one whopping extra delight that makes listening to this madness such a privilege.

This 7” has also some of the nicest sleeve art/design I have seen in ages. Coy girly pastels of kooky pseudo-manga (all original), just to put your bearings out of joint & upset all the caducitous quotidian onanizers & their antediluvian conservatisms.

The EP is limited to a meagre x300 hand numbered copies! Terrible for such a motif yet undoubtedly making it even more precious/cult.

A classic!

Deche Charge are totally, utterly & completely shit! So dreadful & pitiful in fact that I almost have 2 credit them on their “success” in being really that fucking absurdly shite. Honestly, it’s not your usual & ubiquitous ultra shit Noise-nonse, it’s like a triple layer of shit. Un-be-fuckin-lievable x_____x

LABEL: SAORS/Grind Block Records

REKD: 2007


RUN: x300 copies