Delien – Aon 12”LP

Delien-aon (Low Res)_ed

Yet another delectable dosage from Low Res. Getting started Delien resist an ascribed genre. I’ll observe as “glitchy down-tempo experimental digital distortion funk” for the hell of it. Half of the phonetics assumed seem to be sourced from the old Snes, Game Boy & 80’s Coin-Up modules which are then expertly activated as percussion &/or harmonic components. So the kick sound might be a ray-gun burst or the death rattle of the last boss. Pretty much everything has a substantial tunica of distortion yet all is high-fidelity (which makes the distortion all the more cool really).

The beats & structures imbue the same kind of satisfaction & compulsory head-nodding as any good Hip-Hop beat demands, but almost totally obviate the generic drum-patterns. Same result, entirely different method of arrival. in addition to the immensely enjoyable steady hydraulic lurching of risibly distorted 8-bit grooves & preposterous bass you have some pretty hectic & very Glitchy static disputes, vector collisions & confused electronic traffic along with ambient noise & whopping cyber-synth’s & a miscellaneous jamboree of samples often closer to noise than anything else due to such a profuse influx of crippling distortion. This assures the ears are over-occupied & averts monotony with incessant fluctuations & fresh ambuscades. This parallel beam of activity can get pretty frantic, although the central beat never strays or recedes even when submerged in a massive cross-fire between distortion dissidents & spacky-glitch renegades. Simplified, this is the absolute shit. Track 1 from side A is an total IDM classic, & it’s worth it for that one alone. Track 2 starts with a marvelous inverted sax sample with spaced-out hydrophonic synth but then becomes a bit lost & indirect like most of the other stuff I hear in this idiom. Both tracks on the B side impress & delight, th first getting seriously cacophonic & harsh near the end & the final being a remix by the sublime Adjust for whom I foster a suspicion may be behind Delien?!

This is exactly the kind of down-tempo down-right dope shit one would expect/associate with the Cult label Low Res. An enormously worthy scale of vinyl that’s really worth going out of one’s way to acquire.

 LABEL: Low Res