Exculpating Excrement – the Trump impeachment – American injustice – corruption USA – Alan Dershowitz – Jeffery Epstein – Ghislaine Maxwell – Roy Cohn – Jared Kushner – Charlie Kushner – John Hess – John Gotti:

the shit-show.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters, ok? It’s like incredible” -Donald Trump

Paranormal perversity. Cataclysmic. Stratospheric, stupendous, staggering & stupefying corruption of unbridled, unrivaled & unlimited scale & severity. A disgrace of such power, of such monumental heft & unmeasurable sprawl. A rare benchmark of indelibility. It belongs to you USA – forever wear the stain, you are the most corrupt country on earth & the criminality of this incomparable obscenity is yours & yours alone, forever & always – unwashable.

Mitch McConnell, who as the majority leader will have ultimate say over how the trial is conducted, has stated brazenly that Trump will not be convicted and that he will design the trial in consultation with the president/culpritthe lead juror in league with the lead defendant. “everything I do in this, I’m coordinating with the Whitehouse counsel.”

Fuck the Democrats. I am no fan, I am no advocator, I am no legionary, & despite the entire emergencies ambiguity, immense unfairness, legal convolution, technical complexity & extreme lack of straightforwardness – all of which play into Special Needs & his Rape’ublican minions favour – some of the strategy & approach to this pivotal impeachment/garbage disposal effort has exasperatedme in its execution, tactics & personnel.

“I don’t want to know what the law is, I want to know who the judge is.” – Roy Cohn.

Chuck Schumer criticized Republicans yesterday for voting down nine amendments for summoning fresh witnesses and documents. “The same Republicans saying ‘they heard nothing new’ just voted nine times on Tuesday to hear nothing new. So this argument that there is ‘nothing new’ when they vote against new evidence repeatedly rings very’ very of hollow.”

The most corrupt man on earth, perhaps of all time – Donald Trump – was acquitted. Caught mid-defecation, & no matter how shit, sordid & skewed the very’ very’ very flawed & gerrymandered process was, the fact is that the Amerikkkan system actually allowed this to transpire in what is one of the the most wretched episodes of supreme criminality, farce, turpitude & biblical immorality in the last century. Forever branded into the Amerikkkan corpse.

“His clients are the most diversified from the Archdiocese to Little Italy, from the Holy Father to the Godfather.” – Trump with his guru Roy Cohn.

The Senate voted 51-49 on Friday to block testimony from new witnesses and the admission of new documentation in Trump’s trial, the first time in history that the body has elected to block such evidence.

These particular transgressions were just another iota of the Trump criminal boutade of seemingly infinite iniquity that spurts violently & without abatement from everything the man does. I don’t wish this article to become convolved in the other mountain range of rapes, sexual assaults, cons, frauds, rip-offs, thefts, bribes, perjuries, conspiracies, blackmails, intimidations, untruths, felonies, illegal actions & illegal associations of this malign mega malfeasor, so let’s just focus on some of the preposterous entries of this insane trial & how quickly the shit-spiral metastasizes on its own suffuse toxins thanks to the super injustice that prevails in this corroded carcass of a nation.

Dershowitz & Epstein – rigging in favor of the wrongdoer. “Harvard University School’s Alan Dershowitz invited Roy Cohn to debate on the ethical considerations of accepting criminal or political pariah clients.

That aside, & for me the true crux of this derisible travesty & utter shit-sham, is that the Republicans sought & were actually, somehow, allowed – to ban witnesses & evidence/documents from the trial. Again – ban witnesses (to the crimes) & evidence (to the crimes) from the trial. This obviously, unavoidably, indisputably demonstrates with graphic gravitas the guilt, calculation, intention of blatant, clear criminal wrongdoing. Why else? how, frankly & without any even infinitesimal exaggeration or overplay, can you possibly have a trial without witnesses when they are present, able, willing & numerous? How is that not clearly a separate crime & action of immense corruption in & of itself & the very definition of “obstruction of justice” (not to mention conspiracy, fraud, perjury, abuse of office, witness tampering & aiding & abetting)? Even to so much as seriously suggest such an action. totally Credible, 100% relevant to the accusations, fully lucid, factually sound key witnesses with detailed accounts, documentation & experience pertaining directly to the crimes in question – intentionally excluded from giving evidence & personal testimony? What degree of Inanity, farce, cover-up, suppression of truth & clear inculpation? – overwhelming & unacceptable in the absolutist abject. You can do this? You can just gag/block/exclude an entire group of fully legitimate witnesses just like that? without any kind of qualified reason or process? You can actually do that? it is allowed in that country? It was allowed? No matter how implausible the very concept of this extraordinarily improbable dereliction, destruction & desecration of corner-stone justice-based fundamentals foundation is, that is exactly what has been allowed & what has transpired, indeed – transgressed.

utter corruption. total folly. zero decency.

That’s the rules in U$A. Maybe we bent them a little to get the perp off the first stage of the hook. He would still probably of walked in this uniquely crooked system as the Republicans, cowed, meek & criminally complicit to the deranged whims of the pricktator, control the Senate & would most likely just of voted down the measure. But even this semblance of justice was abducted & stifled. This also denied the country, the public, the American people (& the rest of the world, because that shit’s poison reaches everywhere), from seeing all the facts & details. & thus they were deprived, blocked, obstructed, starved, prevented & blinded by the calculated, illicit & clearly guilty deliberations of the Chump Disintegration. Let them see for themselves. What the fuck are you so frightened of? Oh! of course – your guilt & blatant inculpation & the fact that professionals from your own-side, your own party, your own administration have turned against your “drug deal” (as John Bolton, the president defect’s previous national security advisor who was due to appear & give evidence against Chump, described this particular accusation from the trial) after witnessing “high crimes” that were not even supposedly committed in the countries interests but for Trump’s personal gain). I consider this whole act – the deliberate blocking of key witnesses, testimony & documents pertaining the crimes in focus & on trial – a crime in itself, & act of immense corruption, & every Republican that passed a vote in favour of the ban should be charged accordingly with conspiracy, obstruction of justice & treason of the highest degree. Truly just the lowest, shittest, most heinous & lurid miscarriage of justice & bare bones decency.

It gets even shitter. Lurching into the realms of mad-scientist-medical-horror, let us examine the cast of characters, or more adequately freaks, that were summoned to sully this unimaginable dystopian B-movie cesspool, & the interconnected characters & habits that all enshroud Trump in this nightmare-scape of venality & perversion.

two great crimes clink alike.
Alan Dershowitz & Jeffery Epstein.

Alan Dershowitz. You have to be fucking kidding me? Yeah – O.J. Simpson & Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer of ill-repute. The same one that OJ hired to defend him on the violent murder of his wife, which, astoundingly, he got away with. Fresh off of representing billionaire serial child-sex-abuser, sex trafficker, pimp & procurer & intensely shadowy financier Jeffery Epstein? That’s the man you want & select to represent your ostensible “innocence”? The very same man that was not just the lawyer for Epstein, but a long running acquaintance of his, who is also accused by one of Epstein’s most courageous & prominent victims – Virginia Roberts Giuffre – of raping her? More than once? Yes! that is exactly the man Trump personally selected to represent him. Two great crimes clink alike. But there is more. Dershowitz had a long relationship with the singularly infamous, loathed, aspersed & hated, bent-lawyer-supremo Roy Cohn (Dershowitz also volunteered as a character witness for Cohn before he was successfully disbarred by the American Bar Association for ‘ethical violations’). If you do not know this hysterically unpleasant, wicked & evil character, do the research asap, your best introduction being the astonishing new documentary Where’s My Roy Cohn? (Trump’s very own words, uttered in public in 2018) by director Matt Tyrnauer. Fittingly, Dershowitz has become Trump’s replacement for Roy (Michael Coen having been jailed & now turned witness against Trump).

Roy Cohn with his obsession Donald Trump.
Cohn with client – mafiosi mob boss Tony Salerno.

Cohn defies all standards & is truly one of the darkest, nastiest & vilest characters in American history period, as well as being Trump’s personal attorney & intimate mentor (Cohn also showering his tentative affections on the excrescent, & now convicted Roger Stone). In public life, Cohn was viciously denigrating towards homosexuality & gays, but in private, he was a voracious homosexual, paedophile, cruiser & curb-crawler, pornographer & procurer of astounding scale. As well as personally representing Trump & Rupert Murdoch, Cohn also provided legal representation & advice to all five, yes all five, New York crime families/mafias. Cohn was deeper in the criminal orbit than his masquerade counterpart (these guys are the most dangerous of them all, the gatekeepers/chameleons & ferrymen that boarder & traverse both worlds). Dershowitz was more on the other end of the spectrum (at least externally), a “liberal” Harvard professor of law & minor TV personality, who helped & facilitated Cohn secure “surface” traction by inviting him into legit & esteemed territory (academic lectures & debates on topics as unbelievable as “legal ethics” in environments that you would not at all expect him to have been admitted access or agency which included Harvard Law School. He bestowed Cohn with vital credence, legitimacy & a pseudo-mainstream acceptance, all of which were absurd & entirely inappropriate, in return for who knows what? This is Dershowitz, a man that largely lived in the light but specialized in using his position to abet those in the dark/criminal realm through “clean channels” & the veneer of public acceptability. A reputation launderer & whitewasher for sale & go-to-guy when the “evidence of guilt” is overwhelming.

& again – Epstein & Dershowitz.

Men like Alan Dershowitz never became friends with Roy, but publicly their names were coupled often enough with his so that their prestige became his.” – Nicholas Von Hoffman

Epstein & Trump – “He’s a lot of fun to be with. “it is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” – Trump

Cohn’s unprecedented sanctuary & solicitation to the Mafia through advisory & direct legal representation is enormous, but one case & example of his sorcery & the total fallacy of American justice concerned the infamous mobster John Gotti whom Roy was hired to defend at the request of the Gambino crime family. John Gotti & associates had walked into a crowded bar & shot a man in the head, killing him outright, in front of many witnesses. Cohn managed to rend & twist the prosecution into accepting a plea-bargain from Gotti on the grounds of some deviating & nebulous “self-defense” criteria (“attempted manslaughter in the second degree” even though the guy was dead). Gotti got-off with just a two-year sentence, the same kind of stupendously reductive term that was secured for Jeffery Epstein in 2008 with the assistance of Trump’s minister of labor Alex Acosta (who has since resigned after renewed criticism & scrutiny following Epstein’s “death” in custody).

Roy Cohn & Fat Tony Salerno.
Dershowitz supplied vital mainstream cover & artificial authenticity to Cohn in exchange for things/favours/features from the underworld & Roy’s vast sewer-network. – Alan Dershowtiz with Roy Cohn, at a conference in Harvard University, hosted by Dershowitz.
once again – Cohn & Trump.

This two headed monster (& that is not even including Stone, Cohn & Trump himself) certainly sets the tone & screams shrill & blood-curdling volumes about the measure, mien & thinking of the accused. Desperation is one thing (lawyers who are perceived competent enough for such a trial that are actually willing to take on someone as rancid, corrupt & toxic as Trump), but it also reeks to high-heaven of a culprit that is not denying guilt by any credible stretch of the imagination what-so-ever, just trying to get away with it, escape justice & cheat-the-reaper in a technical capacity by whatever cynical contortion of the legal framework their hired shit-magicians can conjure from the dark cauldron (god knows what else is going on “behind the curtain” in this case). Rudy Giuliani (who also had many connections to Roy Cohn), the president defect’s current attorney, seems to have needed a lawyer himself in this trial, as he was co-accused of aiding & facilitating Trump’s crimes (initially refusing to even cooperate with the impeachment process). In America, one of the most, if not downright the most corrupt country in the world, where the wealthy get away with murder, rape, grand & grotesque acts of treason against their own populace, no matter how specious & tenuous their defense for all to see (or not, as it may just be conveniently ‘sealed’ as in Epstein’s case) – & the poor are ground-meat into the gullet of the commercial prison industry, languishing in inhuman conditions that regularly underperform third world standards of confinement & cruelty),. & now the entire political apparatus is being used to shield this super-criminal subhuman & spur his excremental empire & flagrant, self-serving armageddon-avarice at the whole worlds expense.

the traitor at the table of turd.

Jeffery Epstein & Donald Trump were very close at one time & spent a lot of time together. They are actually accused of raping the same 13-year-old girl (separately, Epstein apparently taking great offense that Trump deflowered the victim before he did). Epstein would of course “die” whilst in prison pending trial in extremely suspicious circumstances. His death was very convenient for Trump as Epstein was said to have possessed a lot of compromising information on him.

ordure & opulence.

Epstein’s crucial accomplice, cover & “madam” was the now notorious Ghislaine Maxwell, the celebrity socialite & “favourite” daughter of disgraced media tycoon, corrupt businessman & spy Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine would procure, groom & “train” Epstein’s victims as well as partaking in their sexual abuse directly with Epstein. Virginia Roberts Giuffre was lured by Ghislaine Maxwell (no sexual conduct was suggested, the girl was tricked) whilst working as a locker room girl at Trumps Mar E Lago resort. She was 16 years old. There are many’ many photographs of Trump & Ghislaine together, from totally separate occasions, spanning years, suggesting their paths crossed many times.

close knit continuity – Trump and ´madam´ Maxwell.

Alex Acosta was Jeffery Epstein’s attorney (Dershowitz taking this role more recently) during his 2008 trial in Florida, acquiring his client the abnormally lenient (if not simply illegal) “sweet heart” deal for soliciting sex with a minor & sex trafficking charges, complete with astonishing special conditions regarding the terms of Epstein’s anomalously brief jail sentence. This is exactly the same Alex Acosta that Trump appointed as his official labor secretary. The man had clearly demonstrated something favorable with his previous actions. Acosta was forced to resign once the most recent Epstein scandal (& subsequent arrest) broke.

Trash with Acosta. where is Acosta now? a resignation? is that it?

The president’s son in law & de-facto chief advisor, Jared Kushner, who’s convicted felon father Charlie Kushner also had a penchant for “human compromise operations”/sexual blackmail. He set-up his own relative Billy Schulder in an orchestrated sting involving a prostitute, a concealed camera & a corrupt police officer (Jimmy O’Toole) for the purpose of sexual blackmail, all over some kind of personal/business feud. It landed him in hot water & (without penetrating into too much of the cases complex subsections) he would eventually be jailed after pleading guilty to eighteen charges of tax fraud, witness tampering & making false statements to the FEC (the charges on arrest were conspiring to coerce an individual to travel across state lines for prostitution, retaliating against a witness & impeding justice).

Charlie ´John Hess´Kushner convicted on – eighteen charges of tax fraud, witness tampering & making false statements to the FEC + the initial arrest under conspiring to coerce an individual to travel across state lines for prostitution, retaliating against a witness & obstruction of justice.
with friends like these –

How bad is this picture? This giant & ghastly shit-circle of rape, child abuse, sex trafficking, child prostitution, billionaires, wife murderers, bent lawyers, ultra-corruption, mafia murk, cover-ups, sexual blackmail, entrapment, kompromat & “above the law” – “cheat the hangman” derogations & gross indemnities… Look at the mess surrounding this man (Trump). Look at the company he keeps… The kind of people he embeds with, employs, surrounds himself with & conducts both business & pleasure amongst. & this particular cast is just those that are interconnected to this case, we are not getting into Russia/Saudi, the Joseph Weichselbaums, the Tevfik Arifs, the Cindy Yangs, the John Casablancas, the Michael Coen’s, the George Nader’s, the Roy Moores, the Erik Princes or the hundreds of women that allege molestation, sexual abuse, gross indecency or all-out rape by “the acquitted”.

Fuck Amerikkka. Because there is no excuse. None. Nothing whatsoever that could defend this, zero. Zilch, nothing. The fucker got away with it again! It took a self-inflicted (AIDS) fatal disease to stop Roy Cohn. Amerikkka never dealt with him (despite Bobby Kennedy’s efforts). Roger Stone & his old time partner in crime Paul Manafort, yet another Trump cohort & Administration member, have both, only just been indicted at last on a cluster of charges after a life stuffed to bursting with atrocious crimes, misdeeds, malfeasance, turbo corruption & egregious subterfuge of the worst ilk. Dershowitz survives it all, pocketing god knows how much for his disservice in this particular disgrace.

Roy Cohn & Trump stuck together like bacteria on shit.

Amerikkka is just poisoning the world. Everybody sees this. We all know. & every asshole, every rapist, every liar, every cheat, every tyrant, every conman, every fraudster, every prick, every counterfeiter – the world over, is being inspired by this filth, this abomination, this nadir, this calamity, this debasement. The youth are being exposed to this turd’s putrid madness, “Donald’s Disease”, watching this unthinkable, unacceptable, intolerable atrocity contort, extend, protract, consolidate & continue blurting, squirting & spurting sewage, scum & slurry every day in every direction, drenching everything in shit & rot. Contaminating. Degenerating. Corrupting. Demoralizing. Retarding. The damage this revolting lunatic is doing to the world, to people’s minds, to the species psyche & spirit is unprecedented. Thank you U$A.

American Injustice c/o Ghislaine Maxwell