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Robert Maxwell (a shady & dishonoured, media mogul, international businessman, multi-spy & man of intrigue) came to my attentions as of recent, not merely because of his own actions & character but more on behalf of his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell, a glitterati socialite, party girl, philanthropist, celebrity networker, &, oh! – sex trafficker, serial child abuser & indispensable accomplice to the disgraced & now dead, billionaire rapacious paedophile, human compromise operations specialist & Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein (Ghislaine currently remains on the run from alarmingly slow-to-respond & apathetic authorities).

Ghislaine Maxwell with Gyalwang Drukpa …what could go wrong?


“Little Lajbi (Maxwell) listened and learned the immortal truths of hustling; an argument is not lost simply because it is ended, a bargain made can always be remade, people buy what you say not what you deliver, the less you have to sell the louder you have to shout.

This book is terrible. It is an act of obfuscation, scale-back & diversion…to say the least. I believe this is the first book to be published about Maxwell, & I suspect the most probable motive for issuance was to dispel truth & scrutiny, but also to fill the gap lest a more accurate & probing account be devised. It is written by two establishment shit-shiners who just happened to work under Maxwell at the Mirror when he owned it. it is atrociously written. Massive mastic nothingness that seems designed to spin-out & protract as much gush with the minimalist of solid content. Buying time becomes buying lines. It waffles, ambulates, dithers & says as much as it can whilst actually revealing the minimalist amount of any real information on this troubling individual & his hulk of clandestine machinations. Maxwell’s early life (if that is, we can believe it, as the guy was a serious bullshitter) was already incredible, particularly his tenure as a formidable combat solider against the Nazis in the second world war. This considerable esteem heaped on other “larger than life” PR bundles provides a perfect source & substance for distraction from the spying, covert surveillance technology insertion (PROMIS), power brokering & undue influence, & multitude of foreign intelligence service interaction & enrollment. This book is much more interested on dissertating annoyingly about the jovial scallywag, publicly excusable misdemeanors & all available superficiality, downplaying, if not whitewashing in an effort of major diminishment & dampening. There is some information to extract within the maddening prose, but very’ very little &, when you have two partisan bullshitters writing about a notorious bullshitter, every piece of intelligence needs to be taken with a few ladles of salt. Unless you want almost pointless lightweight reading from industry gossip columnists doing appointed damage limitation, A Portrait of Power will really tell you fuck all about the real Robert Maxwell.
I did manage to seize one valuable morsel from this book on his relationship with his “favourite” daughter (that of course being Ghislaine) that was indicative of an unpleasant unfolding picture of their irregular bond. It is almost the only time Ghislaine is mentioned in the entire book –

doing the rounds – the nonse squad.

“When it came to the last name [Ghislaine] Maxwell’s voice softened noticeably, The Benjamin of the family he called this one, the raven-haired lovely – and undoubtedly his best-beloved, Ghislaine, twenty four. Of all the young Maxwells she was the only one their father truly indulged. Her’s was the only photograph in his vast office, whatever his mood she was always welcome, to hug him, to slide behind his desk, slip into his lap and cajole for favours: a trip to St Mortez, a new BMW – a new business. He made her the new director of Oxford United, which bemused the players even more than it did her but made some good pictures for the Mirror.”

Trump & Ghislaine.
Trump & Epstein.
Trump & Robert Maxwell on The Lady Ghisliane.

Peter Thompson & Anthony Delano -1988 –Corgi Press -244 PAGES

all together now.

Ghislaine Maxwell blew my mind. It always scrambles my brain, when (& thankfully it is not that often) you hear of a woman conducting or facilitating serious sexual abuse of minors, children or other girls. I mean, there is a strength of WTF to these moments. A profound notion of “how could you?”. Not of course that it is in any sense alright the other way (initiated by a male), but an entirely different dimension of perturbance is induced through woman on woman orchestrated assault.
Ghislaine was a fine looking dame. The idea that she could not secure men, of her liking, easily, when required, is in no way plausible on any level. She was renowned for her fluency in multiple languages & effortless ease & dignified assertiveness in social settings, so no hindrance of confidence can be proffered as an excuse. She was the exact opposite of isolated & would have had an overwhelming abundance of dazzling opportunities & exposure in all manner of social settings to acquire lovers of her liking. So what on earth could of compelled her to join the Jeffrey Epstein enterprise? To regularly & remorselessly traffic, pimp, trick, coerce, recruit, manage & intimidate hundreds, if not thousands of underage girls & actually partake in their sexual abuse with her cohort Jeffrey Epstein (as in yes, full sexual involvement, check multiple survivors accounts)? all whilst manicuring & projecting the expert veneer of high-class acceptability (the perfect utility for Epstein’s exploits). How does an individual become that soiled, damaged, wrecked & wicked? What happened to this woman? Did Epstein – or perhaps his associates &/or backers & enablers – pull some Sydney Gottlieb shit on this woman & totally transform her during a period of momentous personal turmoil (the death of her father, which is widely reported as leaving her beyond distraught)? I expect such mental illness, reprobation & moral ruin occurred earlier & that she was already predisposed & at least partially conditioned to take on depravity of such magnitude. I think it may well rest with her father. I think Maxwell was conducting sexual relations with “the Benjamin of the family”. Robert Maxwell clearly had an uncouth fixation & relationship with his favourite daughter, which she would (we know not how it was established & if she resisted) accept, normalize & reciprocate. The evidence I am gathering suggests it was unhealthy, possibly immensely so. Robert would name his yacht The Lady Ghislaine. Hmmm, well ok. This is the same yacht that Maxwell was on shortly before his ‘official death’ (murder being a highly feasible replacement scenario). Ghislaine was reportedly abnormally distraught after his death. Not temporarily, but utterly shattered & despondent (until she met his substitute – Jeffrey Epstein). Dad dyin’ ain’t going to be good (& she may have had knowledge over outside deliberation in his death), but the gravity of her all-encompassing & enduring despair sounded like an irregular extreme, denoting a reliance & obsession that was enormous & not in the realms of the normal or healthy. Furthermore, on Ghisliane Maxwell’s Wikipedia page, it states that –

“Maxwell had an unusually close relationship with her father and was widely credited with being her father’s favourite child. The Times reported that Robert Maxwell did not permit Ghislaine to bring her boyfriends home or to be seen with them publicly, after she started attending the University of Oxford“.

it isn´t looking good old chap.

I am lacking solid certification here, but following what I have gathered so far, this shit does not look good for Maxwell & his “undoubtedly best-beloved” ‘beauteous’ daughter.

& again – Trump & Ghisliane.
& again – Trump & Epstein.

Another billionaire bullshitter & sordid businessman with links to some of the exact same criminals aforementioned is of course Donald Trump. Shitter, cruder, dumber & infinitely more obnoxious & corrupt, Trump does however share some striking similarities to Maxwell (the two met at least once, although Trump far preferred to associate & party with both Ghislaine & Epstein, together & independently). Trump also exhibits even more profuse & overt examples of incestuous intentions/sentiments towards his very own “Benjamin” Ivanka. Plenty of these sick-bag revelations are well documented (Trump is a man that actually publicly displays these infatuations & seems to revel in audience shock, a clear sign of the transgressive elements that frequent his acutely impaired psychology), but dig a little deeper & an extraordinarily disturbing slurry of information, pictures & videos emerges, with Ivanka once again gravitating & endorsing this perversity. The girl is groomed.

yet again – Trump & Ghisliane.
the fixation.

Foreign Body-the secret life of Robert Maxwell:

This is more like it. Although it can at times be a little dry, this is a hugely more informative account of the throngs of nefarious scurrying that Maxwell was barreling. Maxwell was a spy, both for the Russians & for Israel’s heinous Mossad (so replete with contacts, business branches & international interests that the possibility of further intelligence agency emplacement can’t be summarily dismissed). M15 also apparently wanted to recruit him but decided against it as he was rightfully suspected of “working for the Israeli’s”.
“And if he had done, then of course, then Maxwell would be in a way blown. But I don’t think the Russians would of minded too much about that. They like playing double and triple agents. They enjoy it.”
Weather running guns to Jewish terrorists in a nascent Israel from Czechoslovakia, planting Promis technology (a sort of early version of Pegasus) into US & international state systems that allowed for secret backdoor access to Israeli intelligence entities, or lobbying vociferously in Russia for them to allow Soviet Jews to emigrate enmasse to Israel – the committed Zionist embodied the perfect multifaceted candidate to effectuate Israel’s global manipulation & surveillance endeavors. Judging by the absurd sycophancy, subservience & extraordinarily exceptional treatment that Israel currently enjoys, it can be concluded that these efforts were a success in securing the current cloistered anomaly.

“Maxwell himself was hawkish on these questions: populating the Occupied Territories with Russian arrivals was fine by him, and the PLO, he believed, should apply to Jordan for their homeland.”

& there is even more! – a coked-out Trump & his main man of the massage (Ghisliane Maxwell is just over Epstein´s shoulder) survey the party pickings.

The ninth & final chapter of the book “Belly Up” which begins with – “The unclothed corpse of Robert Maxwell is adrift in the Atlantic.” – gives us 26 pages of thorough & vehement investigative scrutiny on the events & aftermath of Maxwell’s ridiculously perfidious ocean demise, including crucial testimony from multiple characters embroiled in the transpiration. It’s way’ way worse & deeply dubious than the smatterings I have horded from the slew of recent articles precipitated in the media’s “who is Ghislaine” output. “I gather,” says Dr West in this connection, “the boat was handed over very quickly to relatives … I think the deck was washed down. we lost a crime … a potential crime scene.”

Daddy´s very own lap-sliding Benjamin.

“By the time BBC radio located the Lady Ghislaine, one of the two female crew members had been deputed to fend off enquiries: ‘I can’t make any comment, I can’t tell you anything, I’m sorry. I’ve strict orders not to tell anything. I’m just sitting answering the telephone, so [sic] the captain is really busy. None of us here are allowed to…to tell anything.’“

Make sure you are playing your part in dragging this repulsive, abhorrent shit to the surface so we can all put the boot in & end it forever.

a double or possibly triple agent & “a thoroughly bad character and almost certainly financed by Russia.”

Russell Davies-1995-Bloomsbury-226 pages