of dice & death-traps (demagogue at door-nob)

it’s always interesting to see & compare how well-to-do boroughs/districts of London deal with things differently from the more deprived ones. rolling back through effing Kensington late-night from the shisha-shack with my mad Iranian soul mate Roya The Destroyer, we come across – *ghasp* AN ABANDONED CUSHEON!!! some official has got over-excited & posted a “Environmental Crime Scene” sticker on the cushion  (hey! don’t disturb the forensics! where’s the cordon & police sentry?). overreacting? i have never throughout all my hundreds of thousands of miles of walking in London seen such a sticker. London itself is one giant Environmental Crime Scene. not just in ways that insult & assault on a existential/sentience level, but by the fact that over 10,000 people DIE from air-pollution each year in London alone (it’s estimated that up to 60,000 people <yes’ seriously> die across the country each year from air-pollution which is, year on year, almost how many American soldiers died in the infamous & bloody twenty year war with North Vietnam <58,315 Killed In Action>) from pollution (& that’s die , not almost die, end up on respirators in intensive care, develop debilitating lung disorders or other forms of extremely adverse biological reaction to deadly air-pollution). isn’t the government bothered by this yearly fossil-fuel genocide? of course not, they are supporting & even escalating it, suppressing statistics, underplaying the crisis, ultra-procrastinating, rescinding on reductions & even fighting in the Supreme Court against multiple plaintiffs attempting to force them to stop massacring & mass poisoning the British people (so far, they have lost twice thanks to the brilliant ClientEarth but still refuse to act – so triple criminal) despite having years to resolve this mass-murdering poison fest. Oh! & the EU has dubbed these massively over-the-legal-limit levels of air-borne toxicity “illegal” for years now, so we have here, by direct, unequivocal, non-spinnable definition a CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT – MASS KILLING & POISONING IT’S OWN PEOPLE YEAR AFTER YEAR WITHOUT ABATEMENT DESPITE REITERATED PROOF/CONDEMNATION & LEGAL WARNINGS FROM THE HIGHEST LEVELS!!! all to keep their masters in the fossil fuel/motor industry soaring/swelling/brimming with mega-profits & upgrading/expanding their yacht collections.


why isn’t the poison in the park an Environmental Crime Scene (check “death & dog shit” – https://bleg.jigokuki.org/death-dog-shit/ )??? so a lone cushion on a street in a rich area is an environmental crime scene whilst petrochemically poisoning a park in a poor area is not (I won’t even mention the yearly diesel/fume holocaust)? Remember, it’s a park, so kids are encouraged to play there – amongst dog shit, & poison & sawn-down dead tree stumps that nobody can be bothered to replace or remove?

muddled motives

the solution is easy. abolish this obtuse, old & negative malpractice of “maintaining” parks by employing people with no knowledge or affinity for nature that just hack, poison, cut-down, destroy, tear-up, concrete over & “industrially manage” every angle of what is essential a “living space”. ban poisoning – it’s a dreadful, extreme & exponentially crude & lazy malpractice & that awful shit stays in the soil – you are literally poisoning the earth with no exaggeration, it is 100% inexcusable & 100% negative & it looks hideous, there is no plus side what-so-ever so STOP! Ban it in full! employ carefully selected & capable people to manage the parks for the long term so they feel some degree of attachment, long-term devotion & pride to the individual park & can be held accountable. redesign the parks for maximum verdancy & tree inclusion as well as having nice places for people to hang out with relative privacy. plant & encourage a rich floral presence – this will also provide constant soil work – i.e. jobs, & with this – staff presence. the staff should be in the smaller parks full time, to ensure that shitty behavior – dogs excretion, wankers speaking loud on mobiles, people playing stereos or imposing dumb, disrespectful & disruptive shit on others is prevented. & any idiot that comes with any kind of drone will be pitch-forked & composted!

as usual it’s so easy to correct, people have just got used to abysmal standards & become so null & divorced from nature/common decency that they accept this appalling industrialized myopic barbarianism as the modus-operandi in parks & public spaces (unless of course ya’ from goddamn Kensington, which has I believe the highest concentration of “gated public parks in the city”)!