death & dog-shit:

what level of retardation is necessary?

further observations on London’s aggressive tree reduction/de-greening & public poisoning/herbicide.  Here’s one of those awful micro-parks in the middle of nowhere, but at least it’s a park & there is some green space & escape from the nightmare of the motor-vehicle. the park is terribly managed, it would be far better to take out all the concrete/asphalt, introduce some more large well positioned trees & surround it with some-kind-of tree/bush/vine or creeper-based walling, so it feels like a special & sheltered sanctuary cut-off from the out-side onslaught. some serious mismanagement is in practice. public poisoning once again. along one of the parks girdles is a death-zone. it’s a shabby space, but the dead bleached grass & embalmed weeds confirm serious toxicity. why go to such extremes to quell a few weeds in the corner? i mean, pull them up! cut them back! or better still – just fuckin’ leave em’! let them flower & just exist harmlessly in the corner, unnoticed or appeasing some perceptive soul’s curiosity. i just hate this anti-life extremism. pour poison into the earth because of a few “unwanted” plant species! what kind of a brain-damaged death-squad fuck-up of a freak thinks this is good practice? your visually offended by a few weeds in a green space, but not offended by a tract of chemically extirpated dead land? most of the fucking weeds are still there, but they are now dead (check the pictures, nobody removes them). dead plants good live plants bad? the most deranged illogical shit, the Anti-Life in full action. under what directive? for what reason? death & dog-shit ….. this is progress?!

further over is the old stump of a felled tree (pictured). The cut is weathered, got to be a few years old at least. it could have been felled for sound reasons, but judging by the shit-brained examples in the park, that seems unlikely. why not replace the tree? why leave the dead stump protruding? half hacked, – a death totem of man’s ignorance & insensitivity. seriously? fire these twats. give the park to somebody that gives a shit, doesn’t hate plants & was not hatched in a vat in some Monsanto laboratory with their brain in their arse.

fuck this ghastly age of ignorance & casual institutionalized wrongdoing.

height of brain-damage