“Crazy Rich Asians” – aka – Immoral Mammonist Reprographs:

valorization of venality.

Christ all fuckin’ blighty! The latest in brain-curdling plasticized excrement & shit-shining. To ectopify, to parallax, to skew-pivot – I have not watched this shit!, as pop-cancer is highly hazardous & caustic to the soul, thus I avoid direct contact explicitly. But as reception to dreek/poison is just as valid as the accused product itself when gauging the strength of stupor, I often end up reading all the interviews, reviews & recommendations that dapple the papers (big money junk always gets copious coverage & is always afforded the greatest exposure & repetition). “Crazy Rich Asians” (or “Reprobate Arriviste Asians”, or “Vulgarian Plutocrat Asians” if we gonna’ cut the gloss & glib here) is the offending odour. Now! Some of the background premise, at least in axis, could have been quite significant here – as this is a movie comprising an overwhelmingly Asian cast (the first in Hollywood for like, 25 years or some-such). The Chinese Exclusion Act? Yellow Power/Asian American Political Alliance? No such thang’ – a historic opportunity for anything of substance appears to have been dashed in favour of a wealth-worshiping circle-frig with humour as a light-lubricant. During the second ‘gilded age’, a time of epic & still ever expanding inequality, rampant plutocracy, recession, majority poverty & sprawling calamity wrought by the still streaming wounds of the 2008 klepto-fiscal-larceny hurricane, the designated subject is wealth porn & a ‘light-hearted’ PR glitz-blitz for the very scum-fucks that are responsible for the carnage. Salt my wounds. Why would you want to be associated with the pollution of Hollywood anyway? That’s some sell out, excrement emulation right dere’!

watch me make a fool out of myself with the money i stole from your children

enter Constantine Wu, fit for the part & straight out the toy manufacturers kiln. The blander the better. So she plays a NY economist who’s fuck-follicle turns out to be some billionaire shit-stub with the suffering of millions of lives swilling under his luxury villas (how else do you get there without obliterating that of others?). cue the ‘crazy’ comedy of the parasitic class laughing & frolicking at our collective expense, chortle-chortle. Sound like fun huh? Actually, I’d rather eat dried sick through hot-iron scalded lips from a tropical disease viral-anomaly storage vat in a leprosy outbreak. Hey! Let’s stave off the pitch-forks by getting the victims to laugh at their own blood-letting. Humanizing the abuser & pulling the Cinderella fantasy all under the ploy of inclusivity & diversity (please come on into my burning house). Laugh with us as we pollute, rob, abrogate, evict, price-out, privatize, commandeer, depress, deflate, gentrify & annihilate your living standards, environs, conditions & futures. Rejoice as we utilize the cultural consolidation of Hollywood to stake our claim amongst the oppressor’s ranks. Fuck this sell-out garbage! A bottle of whiskey sold for a record $1.1m at an auction in Hong Kong this May, where a designer hand-bag is also on sale for over $300,000! The rich profit from the deterioration of everything around them that’s not owned by them in exclusivity (a forever expanding definition as we are increasingly robbed & deprived at their enrichment & encroachment). Crazy Rich Asians, aka – commerce deification, economic cock-suckery, & wealth-wanking that it’s designed to ameliorate the growing enmity towards the oligarch-vulture asset-stripping wealth-negator scum-scourge that are terrorizing & jeopardizing our planet.

pass the sick bag

Like a crass rape joke after the victim emerges from intensive care, It could not really come at a more inappropriate moment (not that greed worship or rape jokes are ever fucking welcome).Fuck this absolute garbage! The glamorization & glorification of greed. You might as well cheer Wendy Deng on a trillion-dollar yacht off Monaco, spitting Rupert? Tony? Vlad’s? wad into a champagne bucket from a jewel ensconced sun-lounger made from the hides of child-laborers. Ignorance is this.

now you’re fucking talking!

The author Yu Hua wrote a great long read piece recently for the Guardian in which he pondered that in Chinese society “money, or material interest, has become the main motivating force.” ……

“After Mao’s death, the economic reforms under Deng Xiaoping brought dramatic changes to China, changes that permeated all levels of society. In a matter of 30 years, we went from one extreme to another, from an era where human nature was suppressed to an era when human impulses could run riot, from an era when politics was paramount to an era when only money counts.”