Bogged-down & towed-under! fighting the austerity blizzard in the Conservative crisis cornucopia.

paint drying – saints dying

Shit! My ace free-wheeling junk-warbler just got three years! Bang! He gone! & we were in the middle of a recording project. & the arsehole is irreplaceable! So they throw him in a spice reserve smoldering from Chris Grayling’s festering, catastrophic, privatized disaster jeremiad, & the melt-down can continue (both internally & externally, as everything & everywhere is stricken by crisis & ruin under Tory degeneration). Decimation. A massacre of core beliefs, principles, underpinnings & functional necessities. Butchered & burned to the cacophony of “efficiency”, “opportunity”, “innovation”, value for money” & “prosperity”. One excuse kills all. So many going under. Waste. Disintegration. Jeopardy. Lowering of life standards. Wrecked. Demoralized. Desperate. Destitute. Dejected. Deflated. I still cannot believe the tolerance of the British people. It’s disturbing actually, let alone hair-bleachingly pathetic. Squanderous. Unnecessary in the first degree. The turmoil, the pressure, the hostility, the deprivation that drives many people to do ‘emergency’ maneuvers, which only feeds the scrim of adverse & hazardous circumstances/environs. Just suuuuuuuch a waste! Needless destruction. Corroding. Gutting. Looting. Ravaging. JAM’s to the slaughter. keep y’ nutttz up Clifton! death to all Tories.