Canale 666-s/t CDR

Canale 666

Super novel Italian Noise, Electronic sound-scapery, with a multiplex of scattered randomized incidents compacted into a fifty four minute distention of segmented sonic montage. The man behind the basket-case is Luca Carlozzo, most frequently manifesting his pugnacity in harsh noise maim-dispensary Digital Noise Distortion (DND) spewing out predominantly ultra-limited CDR releases that vary from mundane & typical to legendary bouts of superiority in extreme Stridor destruction. This project/album is clearly inspired & infatuated with Horror movies with masses of samples integrated into the miscellaneous motley. The samples are sometimes verbatim sections, almost like cinematic Field Recordings. At other times they are distorted/FX-modulated or co-opting with Noise. The Noise is intensely variegated, from the classic super harsh metal-work (then modified digitally) á la DND, to much more minimal “sound/noise” sampling, distortion & programming, to sepulchral synths, Classical Music, film Soundtracks & generally a tremendous breadth of modality & sound scavenging. It’s all in high-fidelity with quality production which works wonders for the wild sonics & substantial atmospherics. “scenes” mizzle & dissipate, crash in abruptly, drift-off & worm-their-way-in with contrasting methods, it seems a lot of thought & experimentation has gone into how the episodes interact, start & exit. The myriad of ghosts, demons, cultists & murderous-maniacs remains the focal influence, but much of Canale 666 could be anything. The randomness & refusal to commit to a template or style with much of the sound/noise & it’s application (from illusive/minimal to overriding/saturated) only boosts the “otherness” of this weird expedition & makes me almost just as approving to reference this as Avant-Garde as I would Noise. Whatever the case for definitions & category, this is extremely cool stuff with immense ambiance & character & a very unpredictable nature & sequential habit. In typical madman fashion, Carlozzo has self-released this on a DIY CDR & limited the numeration to just x9 hand numbered copies! Find a way!

Rekd: 2014?

Label: self-released/no label