Executive Distraction Tasks – Finished with Grind 3” CDR

Executive Distraction Tasks

Astronomical turbo-technical progressive DeathGrind. sodden in secrecy, for reasons that continue to astound me just a little less than they infuriate me, this lost god-particle of seminal British Grindcore-Tech were active from 2004-2009 (this nine track MCD having been recorded in 2008). Describing the bands objective, drummer Elliot Smith (indubitably one of Grinds greatest, also playing with The Afternoon Gentlemen & other groups) writes on the inlay “the sole mission of EDT was to play the silliest music possible”. Indeed, the velocity, brevity, technicality n’ tightness & precision belted-out via a conjoined amalgam of Deathgrind, Grindcore & Prog deliver an unmatched exemplum defined by ridiculous tightness. The short tracks have fantastical complexity, fissiperating into dense subdivisions, with many components (plenty being one-shot segments that don’t even repeat) flashing past & interchanging in exceedingly erratic yet super controlled accuracy. This is completely breath-taking shit, tight as an urchins arse with profuse imagination & creativity. The guitarist Rob Hobson, who If I am not mistaken played for/in Narcosis? – streamlines immaculate Deathgrind, throwing in, for me most fantastically, super “tapping” harmonic careening, ultra fast & tight – obviously! The bassist Chris Wilson is generally quite hard to pick-out (certainly during the fast picking, which is pretty regular here – obviously!) & fairly low in the mix, but lock-jaw tightness prevails – obviously! Then there’s that crazy sunuva’ bitch Smith on drums, plundering hard with what must be the fastest & most artery-rupturing drumming of his career.

Solid Gatling-double bass, stocky as a bulls haunches, immovable, pneumatic, braying rock surface like a high-end industrial device, whether played straight or in irregular flurries. A lot of double-kick drummers, especially the fast ones, don’t have so much power behind their pedal work (I REALLY hate that shit). I have actually played with this cat & he wields one of the sturdiest kick-drum wallops I know of. Here, it literally sounds like a drum-machine…demolishing air-tight erosive maul streaming forth with pretty much perfect delivery. The blasts are also fuckin’ fast & again the strength & solidity is magnificent. His fills, rolls & intra percussive rambunction is also exceptional, blatantly one of the best drummers ever. Combine the lot & then have a vocalist (Christopher Reeve) render larynx-work post play (screamy Grind Hardcore type’ shit) & you get a preposterous pummelling, that is just as technically vigorous & byzantine as it is cyclic, withering & absurdly fast. The songs are very’ very well structured with masses of originality & flamboyant creativity. To get it straight, this shit is clearly in a league of it’s own in either the Grindcore or Extreme Metal milieu. In all honesty I often struggle to appreciate this kind of “Deathgrind”, but this stuff is so novel/hifalutin, so well played & so well constructed/thought-out that it’s impossible not to be in total awe. The recording is top-notch (the guitarist worked or even owned a recording studio). So why in the fuck are these guys so obscure? How on earth is this material on a CDR limited to just x50 hand numbered copies? Is this shit actually happening? Again? The world simply runs in reverse & I guess the gudgeon’s were too busy napping in Relapse’s prolapse to notice? Just another indication as to what a complete fucking joke & hoax the whole thing is. Thank goodness goons like this just do it all the same.

Rekd: 2008 (vocals added in 2012)

Label: Superfi Records