Boris Johnson’s rippling face fat, cancer, record obesity, the sick man of Europe, type 2 diabetes, deliberately inducing ill health, Covid 19, Food Banks, Child Poverty, Turkey Twizzlers 2020:

A parody of a piss-take … Boris Johnson flexes his fat for his “war on obesity” (so shoot yourself).

Britain is now the most obese country in western Europe.

This “crisis” has been coming for a long time, which would of given the Cancervative’s all the time in the world to prevent it from unfolding had they any intention of protecting the British people’s health. but making people as ill, depressed, disempowered & vulnerable as possible is all the Cancervatives seem to aspire to do (unless you are rich, in which case you can rape, enslave, steal, cheat or whatever as much as you like in all but the rarest & most exceptional of circumstances).

the warnings have been accumulating & growing shriller ever since David Cameron assumed power in 2010. beside promises, disingenuous posture & piddling perfunctory wrist-wiggling, nothing of any substance has been done to address this increasing threat. they are to busy looting & deregulating & wouldn’t care anyway as it is out of sync with their all sacred plutocracy, the core principle & objective of Cancervative existence.

here are just a few of the warnings & headlines from 2012-2019 (all sourced from The Guardian Newspaper) – “warning over normalization of child obesity’ “, “One-third of all adults in Britain ‘will be obese within 10 years’ “, “Number of amputations rises sharply as more people develop diabetes” , “Obesity set to be bigger cause of cancer in women than smoking” , “Obesity now linked to 12 types of cancer in major global survey” , “Obesity related hospital admissions rise by 15%” , “alarming data suggests 100 million more children will be obese by 2030” , “Health alarm as severe obesity among children aged 11 hits record high” , ” Health alert as diabetes cases double to 3.7m” , ” ‘Timebomb’ warning on primary school obesity” , UK is ‘most obese nation in western Europe‘ ” , “Surge in type 2 diabetes among young blamed on child obesity“.

another era – another effluence. Ronald Reagan & Margaret Thatcher pustulate for the public.

a lot of money can be made from making people sick. The cure usually costs money & an “economy” is created around an ailment. & you can also then pose as a concerned & well-meaning guardian by expressing -no matter how specious- your determination to “tackle” & “get tough” on the very problem that you are propagating & profiting from.

Theresa May fakes the mantle. i don’t know if anybody was ever convinced?, – but shortly after her fake-through as PM, May was accused of “falling at the first hurdle” & “bowing the junk food industry over public health” with her climb-down on the Sugar Tax. devised by her Bullingdon predecessors (Osborne & Cameron), it was already pathetic, inadequate & infinitesimally anemic – but she rowed back on that even after becoming PM. her friends in the food and drinks lobby, along with the sugar barons, had “a quiet word” as they wanted their profits protected over the physical health of UK citizens…. & of course, being the hardcore plutocrats they are, May & the Tory party obliged them at the countries expense, as they always do.

Theresa May “falling at the first hurdle” …. did you ever expect anything else? coglomerates first!

the implications for the NHS are extraordinary. you can add to that vulnerability the illegal levels of harmful air pollution that affect so much of the country, & once again, something the Cancervatives have done nothing but exacerbate since their cursed 2010 election win (they have been taken to court over illegal dirty air three times & lost on every single occasion, defending themselves on taxpayers money). An estimated 65,000 UK citizens die prematurely every year because of illegal air pollution in Britain. “The greenest government ever” – (David Cameron’s 2010 election promise).

Now it’s that lie-dribbling, fish-lipped fuck-up Boris Johnson’s turn to shit on British children & mock the country’s health through crooked-teeth & toss-tousled hair.

The treacherous toff…a shyster, a shambles, a shitbag.

in late July, Johnson formally announced another ruse movement on obesity. it included some of the most risible, ridiculous & retarded government PR i have ever seen in my life, featuring Johnson himself. in a belief blasting climax of cack, a well-groomed Johnson “strides confidently” towards the camera with his tiny, leashed & straining dog, looking like a diaper crammed with condensed lard, splitting at the seams with bullshit & bilge, leaking lies & the pus of the privileged. “Just trying to help people a little bit to bring their weight down – not in a bossy or excessively nannying way, i hope.” Go flush yourself you putrid, untrustworthy, lying toff bastard scoundrel of a man. The picture reminded me of that shit Ronald Reagan….another actor, idiot & fraudster that lavished ruin & blight on our world with his poisonous term bullshitting from the Oval Office whilst Roy Cohn & Roger Stone skulked under his shadow.

of course, Johnson offered absolutely nothing of substance to reverse the crisis, just surface scrape & a photo-op.

Scammer! Liar! Crook! Bastard! “The bulk of it was crisps, chocolate biscuits, a loaf of cheap bread, and a block of fat marked for cooking only.”

poor diet & the ubiquity of shit food are the problem. add to that poverty (all massively increasing & ramped-up under the Cancervatives), the heavy subsidization of unhealthy food, & the total lack of subsidy for healthy, non-chemical, non-processed food, & you have a “manufactured crisis”. rather than do anything about it, we just take a few photos of the shit-ball walking around the rose garden trying to pull a John Wayne without the prairie. on the 13th of August – “Pandemic forces one in 10 to use food banks” “food security has shot up even further since lockdown“. The Cancervatives have despicably ignored the food bank/heat or eat crisis for years & years (except when they are driving destitute & desperate “sanctioned” benefits claimants towards them on the sly). the shame, stress & poor mental health that is associated with this cruel & unnecessary national outrage is better documented, but less frequently highlighted is just how terrible & super unhealthy the diets of those that are forced to this desperate & degrading dependence are & the extremely pernicious effect it has on their personnel health, including many children.

a low-level hawker of dross, gobshite, fraudster, idiot & liar.

in late August, the Observer ran an article under the head-line “Anti-obesity drive in doubt after closure of health agency” (Public Health England).

in the same month from the Gaurdian – “Obesity raises risk of death from Covid-19 by almost 50% finds global study“.

again in August, an article in the Guardian headlined “Love them or loathe them Turkey Twizzlers are back” …yes that’s right, “The original “corkscrew” strips of processed meat contained only 34% turkey, bulked up with water, pork fat, rusk and coating, and with a range of additives, sweeteners and flavourings. They epitomized the cheap, highly processed food offerings that – deep-fried and served up with chips – were the staple fare of school menus.” rapid regression & ruination. all on the heels of Johnson & ALEC’s “oven-ready” US UK trade/slave deal, which, unimaginably will make things far’ far worse than this even.

disgraced travelling sales-man & cheap con artist sinking ever lower with each new stunt & scheme.

on the 9th of this month – “Target to cut childhood obesity in half will be missed, says watchdog” – “The government will fail in its mission to halve childhood obesity by 2030, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has warned today in a report” the article contained the following quotes -“not delivering on pledges made“, “severe risk to peoples health“, “weasel words“, “undermined“, “dangerous”, “will not be met“. Hades.

a few days after Johnson’s dire dog-walking propaganda stunt, he was caught out – yet again – either lying or being too dumb or disinterested to be aware of the true figures in his own country regarding poverty statistics. Johnson had “repeatedly used inaccurate and misleading figures that exaggerate the governments record on poverty, the UK statistics watchdog has confirmed.” his “deliberate underreporting” & “wilful distortion” had been used “selectively, inaccurately and ultimately, misleadingly“. don’t ever forget that it was the Cancervative government of Cameron & Osborne that completely destroyed the government’s Child Poverty unit, exterminated Kids Company, decimated youth groups & Sure Start centers across the country & pushing millions more children into poverty (with the numbers all predicted to grow in the coming years). they also “removed” the previous government’s official ambitions to end child poverty & altered the official definition of poverty to try & minimize their carnage trail statistically. what has Johnson ever known of poverty anyway? the life-long toff & old Etonian who likes to spend his time gorging caviar, snorting coke & quaffing champagne with his billionaire Russian socialite spy buddy Evgeny Lebedev at his A-list “debauched” parties whilst trying to hump anything that will allow him access. beyond all feasibility of farce.

dirt cheap & desperate – the scammer in action.

now regarding Covid-19…. fat, stressed, despairing, confused, menaced drudges engulfed in illegal levels of hazardous air pollution with piss-poor diets & poor nutrition are not going to farewell whether there is a disease epidemic or not.

this is misrule, this is plutocracy, this is corruption & this is criminal.