Bollock Swine-Pseudoku


So you are into fucked up music, right? You are an ‘outsider’ as a listener beside your cool friends and you are constantly mocked about this? Well then, next time you feel like shit after trying to talk to your (so called) “friends” about “good music”, go home and put this record in your player, Player.
You know why I like both of these bands and such music? Because I love to lose grip on what I am listening to – and these two bands stand out perfectly in this demand of mine. On BS’s side, I constantly feel like I have no control over my record player at all, not to say about the band and the noise they’re playing. If you are not familiar with BS, they are a London based harsh improv group led by Kikanju Baku, one or several asian girls as vocalists and whoever is present on any other instrument. They provide their signature heap of ridiculousness, this recording is all over the fucking place. From start to finish, it feels like a never ending avalanche of dissonance, other-worldly sonic mayhem. It’s insanely fast as well of course.

On the flip side is Pseudoku’s turn, need to note first that Steinar here replaced the geniously programmed drums with BS’s Kanju for this recording – and the result is of course, mind blowing. The tempo is frantic, the “usual” Pseudoku riffs that we all love and crave since the debut LP Space Grind are still present of course, but the recording quality is something you would not expect from a band related to Cpt. Roger – it more sounds like a well done rehearsal room recording, rather than the over-polished futuristic mess Pseudoku was previously known for. I really love this release from Norway’s flagship of prog-grind, because it feels “more human” this way, even if it is somewhat different from their previous catalogue. It does not feature the spaced out sound effects and atmosphere, but it sure gives the sonic adrenaline, intravenously so to say. – BIRAX MARSUPEIL

Rekd: 2011

Label: Lo-fi Or Die Rekads/Jigokuki