Bollock Swine Discography

Empress Orchids Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee (Double CD):

BS_Discog (1)Th very first BS recordings/release from 2004. Contracting during an exceedingly ephemeral time frame & a lot of misfortune & inadequacy with conditions & equipment, all contrived preparations disintegrated into extemporaneous experimentation. Th project just self-defined & billowed over-growth through random tangent & entrenched intrepidity. Th main purple cd was generally more blast orientated but with heaps of Abnorm Avant shit slopped on. Th vocals were all overdubbed, mottled & mutated between Donkey, STUK & Yoon Jee, one of Bollock Swine’s most gloriously overwrought & hysterical screamers ever! Th second dragon fruit CD was a one take totally live expulsion with three other girls of varying delusion & inhibition tumbling in a much more Poise-Spore, intensely Psychedelic Avant sonic-mutational fuck-up directive with Grind , Gunk & Breakcore garnish & goodness knows what other infusions swirling through th multi-FX freak-out misshapen melange. This is one of th few recordings featuring Kikanju Baku on a double bass pedal.

Totem Shoal (CDR):BS_Discog (6)

A complete Blurbeat & Blast fest, decked deep in tons of Tatsumaki. Entirely instrumental & pretty lofi but discernable, it’s one sporadic session in it’s entirety of monstrous blurring sundry-slush!!!



Bollock Swine/Himitsu King/Final Exit/Crovac (Split 4-Way CD):BS_Discog (2)

Three BS trax from th 2005 Chicago sessions. All vocals are overdubbed by Donkey, STUK & about seven girls, including BS’s peak screaming nut Jia Merong. Rampant samples & stellar Harsh Noyz from Yoshida & Shiroma (Government Alpha, “sweet sounds of the burning child”.



Wanton Shanghai Odalisque (split 7”EP with Pseudoku):BS_Discog (3)

Total Torikowashi Hard-Vac Blur Gunk from th 2005 Chicago outburst! Irrecusably impaired hyper-histrionic vocal overdubs from STUK & three girls.


Gongju In Grayvyard (CDR):BS_Discog (7)

Perhaps th most Avant-Garde BS release?….. a whole live session captured with three more girls & fellow OEAAA, Foju 浮遊Frequency guitar & FX/Noyz wizard Adio. Morphing from massively deformed Abnorm oddness infused ultra-Blast tri-scream soaking FX-abundant Noyz bedlam to hysterical harsh Harlequin-Haze-Hop distortion junk! redefining ridiculousness in consummate chaos convulsion of psychotic cuteness!


Arboreal Anecdote & Avizandic Areola (CDR):BS_Discog (5)

A single instrumental pustule, streaming intemperate Breakcore/Jungle Noise wreckage before Government Alpha interjects & skits marathon hyper-blast luxuriates in volatile fall-out with shredding noise-blur Abnorm.



Fedora Dowry (3”CDR):BS_Discog (1)

Compiling various instrumental recordings from th 2005 Chicago tumult & battery, no two copies were th same, radically uneven/opposing track lists & cut & paste cover montages.



DRF 99 (track compilation CD):BS_Discog (4)

Two random tears of ridiculous incertitude acidic-effuse. overdubbed clot cluster vocals & a live damaged remix join with th other devouring Gunk, Noyzgrynd, Splittercore, Stridor, User-Hostile cornucopia convene on this classic compilation of convex User-Hostility.