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Implausibly eccentric extremists Bollock Swine recently resurfaced from years in th pink custard with new releases & material, once again gashing new realms of ridiculousness with their unmistakable extemporaneous BlastBlurShredNoyzAvantGunkVacuum-Screamcore fluster-deformation. This exotic intensely divergent clamour of unbelievable Neko-Neko-Noyzcore nonsense debuted in 2004 with th double CD Empress Orchids Joobachi Quantum Drive Indictment Committee on Tetsubish Gob-Stopper, joining arguably th words smallest musical minority of th No-Skool-Noyzcore/Gunk outlaw guild such as Nee, Final Exit, World, OPS-PSF, Himitsu King & th harsher high qualities Wage-Slave Exchange & Nikudorei at their brief & best moment. BS was th only band to heed th call of absurdist Anti-Listener drum-machine enhanced champions Asscavern & Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree in asserting th whole “inhuman” escalation & intensification by rivalling & even exceeding these machine enhanced Noisecore revolutionaries. “Tatsumaki” or “Blurbeat”, playing a two-handed blast-beats on th snare whilst one arm flits back & forth between a cymbal saw pretty much all th inhuman drum-machine & cyber-grind bands usurped in tempo, bpm & stroke. Bollock Swine blast harder, faster, longer & with more blast & blur variations than any other Noisegrind, Grindcore or extreme metal groups, underground or overground.


Conceptually BS flourished amongst some kind of ribald & humorous sexual oddity & sybarite satyriasis, hyper peregrine promiscuity, Far-Eastern mythology, nephology, botany & zoology, profound nonsense, hysterical cult manga/anime & esoteric video-game motley & goddess fixated matriarchal oestrogen enriched mania. Perhaps th bands biggest twist was an unimaginable, confused, self-conflicting hybrid anomaly concerning genre & conduct. BS pulled in & autogenerated a whole heap of exceedingly eclectic personal mutations to flaunt along with their more obvious unchallenged speed-delirium-Anti-Listener chaos pinnacle/hegemony including Harlequin-Haze-Hop, complex beats with origins in classic early 90’s sample-based Hip-Hop coupling with distorted-guitar, lurching string snapping junk or FX riddled distortion clotted abnormality & noise. humongous IDM, Jungle & especially Breakcore influence played authentically on live drums with exemplary strength & detail was also prevalent, but BS was & is really a creature of absolute Noisecore, Gunk aberration with a lurid Avant-Garde influenza.


Vocally, BS gathered a Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese & Japanese girl extravaganza, almost always considerably inebriated & quite possibly hella’ weeded, effluxing in an orgy of amateur ululation, panic-attack, feigned (heh!) orgasm & jabbering girly sensationalist hysteria, neurotic scream-core & comely-cuteness cacophony. None of th girls had former scream/noisecore experience (one having an Enka & J-Pop background) but many Asians have extensive Karaoke exposure so th process was not difficult. stationing anywhere between one & six girls at a time, Bollock Swine’s chaos factor became a crisis gourmet gynaecium hurricane on a scale all of it’s own. Th girls would sometimes be joined by th only non-female & non-oriental vocalists, Donkey &/or Snooty The Uterus Kid, who rolled up a panoply of overtly unconventional ridiculousness & beast chunter.


Determined to distend th damage & obscenity even further, Bollock Swine pulled in Yasutoshi Yoshida of Government Alpha & Minzo Shiroma of “sweet sounds of the burning child” to overdub full force Stridor-rend over th initial furore. Th Noyz was not simply “glazed over th top” but painstakingly extracted & inserted & occasionally modified to force intonation at very specific junctions & passages of th selected track. Further Stridor/Noyz experimentation was done live with Android of Praying For Oblivion in Chicago during 2005. There was some incredible results but th material/forms captured did not really fit with BS’s polychromatic plumations & ended up coming out as untitled Avant Abnorm/Poyz-Spore improvisations & excerpts on th bizarre Erst-While Antrum record label.


Bollock Swine over-oscillates amongst an uber oxymoron & tri-functioning densely layered hyper dynamic perturbation, pushing Avant-Garde & Abnorm to completely unsurpassed thresh-holds but also taking th User-Hostile, Torikowashi, Blur, Blast, Hard-Vacuum & gnarliest side of speed overdosed GrindNoise, Blurcore, Gunk & No-Skool-Noyzcore way th fuck further than anything else. unrealistic exasperational idiocy, indefinable & utterly unwilling to cooperate with anything vaguely logical, probable or correctly categorizable or reality-submissive. Th Fastest! Th Frenziedest! Th Fuckyest!!!


Donkey-guitar/fx ; Kikanju Baku-drums, samples ; Adio-noyz, fx-boards/pedals, guitar? ; Minzo Shiroma-noyz, power organics; Rado Ulik-bass ; Yasutoshi Yoshida-noyz




Afrocentric Ungulate, a split tape with Chappa’i will be out soon.

Enchanted Fruity Melon Esculents 3” CD just needs vocal overdubs & mastering.

Approbation From Ayp Deity CD is in th werx!!!

n’ otha’ unplanned shit is erupting purple-shoots outta eolithic floccules!!!