Bitten-the secret history of Lyme Disease and biological weapons (Kris Newby):

What this book brings to light is that the U.S. Military has conducted thousands of experiments exploring the use of ticks and tick-borne diseases as biological weapons, and in some cases, the agents escaped into the environment. The government needs to declassify the details of these open-air bioweapons experiments tests so that we can begin to repair the damage that these pathogens are inflicting on humans and animals in our ecosystem.”

speak of the devil. Now, this one is a whopper. It was published in 2019, just before the pandemic unfurled. It came onto my radar via a small article in July 2019, published in the Guardian Newsapaper that immediately caught my attention – “House orders Pentagon to review if it exposed Americans to weaponised ticks”. extracts from the article included – “defence department’s inspector general to conduct a review of whether the US “experimented with ticks and … insects regarding use as a biological weapon between the years of 1950 and 1975”
“The review would have to assess the scope of the experiment and “whether any ticks or insects used in such experiment were released outside of any laboratory by accident or experiment design

A book was mentioned (apparently of which, along with other sources of emerging research & allegations, had prompted the investigation) – Bitten, by journalist Kris Newby.

“Force-feeding ticks with disease agents.”

Having prior knowledge of the sheer criminal insanity of Fort Detrick, & the ilk of deranged experiments & characters concomitant (Sydney Gotlieb, James Hunter White etc), secret research programs, as well as Operation Mongoose & Operation Paperclip, the 1975 Church Committee Report, Agent Orange, School of the Americas etc) another atrocity/crime against humanity on the US’s rap sheet was not, at all, unimaginable.
Further puzzling the was the immensely mercurial & elusive Lyme Disease, the most commonly sited & feared pathogen transferred from infected tick bites. Over the last decade or so, i have read entire articles on this disease only to emerge with no clear clinch on what it was. Or even what the numerous symptoms were exactly, let alone any veritable treatment.
The disease was an enigma. & even detailed medical analysis seemed to be either ignorant or insufficient in its explanation & understanding of much concerning the disease.
So this book was definitely something I wanted to read.

It was a fork in the road of Willy’s career. For the previous fourteen years, he had been the military’s go-to expert for mass-producing disease agents inside live anthropods. But now the military had switched to a more reliable method: growing the microbes in vats of soupy growth medium or in live insect cells in flasks. These microbes could then be freeze-dried or mixed in liquid suspensions, designed to disseminate over large areas in bombs or sprayers.”

To the point. Kris Newby’s explosive research reveals that a dedicated research program & extensive experiments were conducted in the US on transferring & cultivating disease & pathogens in ticks (& other biting parasites & insects). They also explicitly sought to “weaponize” this military technology with the intention of deploying them against adversaries overseas as a military function.

In 1966, Fort Detrick’s Biological Subcommittee Munitions Advisory Group put this emerging research area at the top of its priorities, describing it as “research in microbial genetics concerned with aspects of transformation, transduction, and recombination.”

you are not safe.

One of the central scientists that pioneered this effort for the US was Wilhelm ‘Willy’ Burgdorfer. Burgdorfer is credited in discovering Lymes Disease, who’s Latin term – borrelia burgdorferi – is named in his homage. Newby conducted many interviews with Burgdorfer & obtained & studied much of his work, with frequent references included in the book (he died in 2014).

Advances in microbial genetics had opened up the potential of manipulating viruses and rikettsias to create more powerful weapons, both lethal and incapacitating. The perfect incapacitating agent was one that made a large percentage of a population moderately ill for weeks to months. The ilness it caused would have to be hard to diagnose and treat, and under the best circumstances, the target population shouldn’t even be aware they’ve been dosed with a bioweapon. This would make it easier for invading vaccinated soldiers to take over cities and industrial infrastructure without much of a fight or the destruction of property.

Wilhelm Burgdorfer in 1954, working on ticks

it gets worse. The driving conclusion of the book is that Lyme disease was deliberately created, not naturally occurring, & that it, along with many other tick born pathogens, were accidentally, or intentionally, released into the world.
Men in labs.
Repercussions & accountability, meant that a policy of denial, obfuscation, wilful ignorance & silence have surrounded this crime against humanity. This policy of silence & inaction has allowed the infected ticks to spread world-wide, & the number of casualties & sufferers, which will be in their multiple millions, & growing, to struggle to get effective treatment & diagnosis.

I believe that history will judge the tick-borne disease outbreak that began in 1968 as one of the worst public health failures of the last century. In the beginning, we were slow to recognize the triple threat. A situation that is now out of control, spreading far and wide, could’ve been contained with an early intervention of tick-control projects and a public education campaign.

& the psycho-scientist madmen are still hard at it in the U.S. –

We have viruses which can genetically modify a plant, or even a mouse, “But no one’s ever proposed dispersing them into the environment. That’s the thing that makes Insect Allies unique. “It’s much easier to develop a biological weapon than to develop something that could maybe be used in agriculture,” (read the article in the link above).

you are not safe.

He [Burgdorfer] was also simultaneously mixing viruses and bacteria inside ticks, leaveraging the virus’s innate ability to manipulate bacterial genes in order to reproduce, and thus accelerating the rate of mutations and desirable new bacterial traits.

Kris Newby on Bitten

This book, is incredible. It is one of those essential, indelible, game-changing scrutinies of the severe crisis of survival we are in. there is so much in here, brilliant, shocking, horrifying research. Crucially, this is confirmed criminality. They are not denying these actions or events, they have been acknowledged, by the offender, in writing & in public, it is accepted & resides in the annals of public knowledge. But of course, that is when the distraction, burying, concealment starts. Too few people have studied this area of events. It is severely secluded. Fort Detrick & the history of what went on there is unknown to most people. Along with the seminal Poisoner in Chief, by Stephen Kinzer, Bitten is a world-altering read. Considering some of the escalations we are currently experiencing, this is information you require.

Kris Newby with her Husband Paul, on Neshawena Island in 2002, where they were both bitten by infected ticks.

Kris Newby began her research into this book after her & her husband contracted a chronic disease from a tick bite whilst holidaying in 2002 Nashawena Island, USA. They went on to develop terrible, hugely debilitating symptoms, that lasted for years, also battling with the health service to secure adequate treatment & clarification of their affliction. This conduced her entry into the disturbing atrocity of intentional disease & insect-based biological weapons.
She produced a documentary on the same subject in 2010 (I assume it has nowhere near the level of revelation & information as Bitten) called Under Our Skin 1 (i believe there may even be a sequal now).

Under Our Skin 2: Emergence (trailer)

this is a book you need to read.

Kris Newby, Harper Wave, 2019, 255 pages.