Another Shitstorm in Fucktown/Sinking in the Swamp-how Trump’s minions poisoned Washington (Lachlan Markay & Asawin Suesbang):

And as much as the man at the top has set the tone for this ridiculous moment in American history, it’s all the people below him who have really sustained our bylines over the past few years. you can write only so many stories about the United States. below him lies a seemingly unending trail of toxic waste dumped by those ostensibly brought to Washington to drain the swamp they’re now poisoning.”

so the first title in the entry is what the authors had intended to call the book. due to various sensitivities, they substituted for the second (Sinking in the Swamp) & christened the first chapter Another Shitstorm in Fucktown. these are two young, pithy upstarts who report for the Daily Beast making an irregular, at times hilarious, side-on attack at the sloshing sewage of the Trump decomposition. uncovering bizarre, shadowy scuttlers that will probably not have flash-featured even fleetingly on the radar of even committed embeds that follow this squirming fiasco, as well as some of the stranger sub-stories, malformations & poisonous waste curling out of the Donald-death-star, are also captured. both journalists low-key camo allowed them to slip undetected into many Republican & Trump Disintegration environments – blending seamlessly with the other young, micro-targeting-fried MAGA-suckers, sick & ailing riffraff & moraless morons.

In a mildly clever way, Trump has long understood that being a source with juicy information for reporters can serve as a form of protection for the self-interested. The logic goes like this: the more the press relies on you, the more they’ll go out of their way to not upset you. This worked out well for other demagogues of American history, including the red-baiting Senator Joe McCarthy, who was protected by certain editors and journalists who knew the monster he was but who viewed his gossipy, dishy nature as too helpful to meeting their deadlines.”

Rapist to Rapist ….. “To this very day, the alleged attempted rapist’s lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land remains one of Trump’s most treasured accomplishments in his life.”

is there any significant revelations? of sorts certainly. the scale, scope & magnitude of apex crime, corruption & rupture that has festered throughout Trump’s demonic mega catastrophe & era of illness, is so vast & multifaceted, that books, dissertations & accounts from witnesses/investigators/journalists like this are necessary to capture the gushing tide of unbridled filth & detriment. specialists revision, measurements, accounting & documentation will all be “evidence” for the coming series of prosecutions & critical re-regulation to ensure that such apocalyptic abandon, rampant criminality & major misrule never ever regain control.

Trumpwold is full of hucksters who try to cloak their naked self-interests in the demagogic language of America First populism. But the Schlapps appear to effortlessly meld their political, ideological and financial pursuits such that it’s often difficult to figure out where one begins and another ends.”

What people don’t understand is how transactional he is. “He’s perfectly willing to give you a win for a win for himself.”

great reporting & another important documentation on this obscene, destructive nadir that has inflicted so much damage, deterioration, turmoil & sickness. All evidence to contribute towards a swift conviction & death sentence that Trump & his hordes of criminal, treasonous fuck-ups must now receive, with no amnesty, pardon, commuting or clemency of any kind permitted no matter what… because pay they must.

During the hectic months of mid-2017, unquestionably the most exhausting and excruciating time to be covering White House politics, we co-opted a term to describe the unending shitshow that surrounded us and which we were forced to immerse ourselves daily. We called it “omnishambles,” a convergence of complete chaos, ineptitude, and scandal in which few really know what’s going on and fewer still what will come next. In the omnishambles presidency, no one is really steering the ship. The captain is shit-faced, and we’re all just hoping that the wind blows us past the next looming iceberg.”

Lachlan Markay & Asawin Suesbang, 2020, Viking, 292 pages