Adjust – Release The Sharks 12″ LP

Tamvred-tintorama (Low Res)_ed

Woo boy! Another seminal secretion of mercurial IDM cross-breeding & first class Electronic gallimaufry & permutation. After one of the most atrocious nadirs of egregious postal misconduct, in which ample Low-Res packages stuffed with the finest waxology were erroneously returned to sender, back & forth over the Atlantic at great expense, dejection & exasperation to both parties EVEN THOUGH THE FUCKING ADDRESS WAS CORRECT & TOTALLY LEGIBLE, obstinate obsessions & irrepressible tenacities found a substitute route & Release The Sharks finally made it to my operating table. It’s been over a decade since the profound, irresistible beat-driven electronic exuberance of the previous four track Your Bad Luck LP in all it’s miscellaneous glory crashed into my sound spectrum & hooked it’s pixelated quills into my brain nexus indelibly. I was both excited & concerned as to whether this new LP would parallel with it’s predecessor, certainly no easy objective. Personally, I can confirm RTS as a veritable knock-out in pretty much every sense. With a richly varied dynamic of trenchant IDM, Dub Step, Brekcore, Speedcore, hard-Techno, Industrial Hip Hop & heaps of insane bass/synth/electronic-modulations veering in many directions, coexisting, discommoding & splicing, Adjust once again assembles a detailed & unpredictable network of vigorous master class & hard slammers & digital-disjunction. The conspicuous novelty of frequently using more extreme digital materials such as Breakcore, Glitch, Speedcore & yet with the inclusion of such abrasive & kinetic forms Adjust seems in no eagerness to compete or qualify for any accredited status or conclusion as an “extreme” purveyor & is content to wield these mediums almost sparingly, purely to the productivity & enhancement of the music at hand. The composition, production & phonetics are all of considerable expertise! Really good shit from front to back, let’s hope it’s not going to take another effin’ decade before the next screening with this excellent project materializes (it will however be worth the wait either way).

Label: Low Res

Rekd: 2010