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You cannot be fucking serious????

wow! storm shit-splurge really is something else eh? can you even see through the pelting pap & lashing scat? with rectal gusts at a trillion miles per hour battering this ravaged, riven, ragged, ruined, redundant isle? perpetual fuck-up & ceaseless secretion – Boris Johnson & his shit-of-stools, somehow work the black magic to further exacerbate & expand on the ineffable, cataclysmic catastrophe & multi-purpose mega-disaster …more offensive, more damaging, more oppressive, more inhuman, more repulsive, more ignorant, more, more malodorous, more intolerable … & yet, apparently they are still being tolerated??? which is completely beyond my understanding, no matter the angle.

let’s just try & factor in the very latest criminal depravity, bubbling out of the basket-case…

herculean hypocrisy bulked to breaking & choking on its own lies. the Tory’s are getting increasingly spectacular with “vanya”, a Russian phrase that loosely translates as “when the liar knows that the person they are lying to is aware that they are being lied to) & other forms of miraculously mendacious, shamefully deceitful & shockingly brutal mutilations of truth & reality, often with no traction in viability whatsoever. these disgraceful, desperate throw-away husks & worthless platitudes are tossed – entirely unconvincingly – at each crime scene, disaster, treasonous act of arson or hulking moral transgression, almost like some obligatory office protocol or colloquial tradition (just pretend it’s professional).

Priti Patel, aka Spotty Rectum, a heaving hulk of heinous horror capsizing in crud & crime & writhing in venality & corruption.

Nazi Patel was soiling herself publicly again recently, as if that tape-worm-of-a-woman had not done enough of that to last a life-time already.

the diseased demoness accused both Extinction Rebellion & Black Lives Matter protesters of”hooliganism and thuggery“. this is only a few weeks after she said that ER was an “organized crime group”. remember, whatever you think about them, ER are explicitly non-violent. as far as i am aware, over their tens of thousands of individual protests, involving millions of people all over the world, there has never been even a single act of violence from ER protesters documented. Patel’s description is so erroneous, so palpably stupid, inane, ridiculous & literally nonsensical, knuckle-dragging with stupendous inaccuracy, that you almost have to question if it is actually real or intended to be taken with any seriousness or authenticity? but this is the level of artifice that we are subjected to from these damaged & imbecilic shit-brainers running on empty.


recall also that the pacifist human rights activists, the Stanstead 15, who prevented a deportation flight (operating illegally) from taking off in 2017 by chaining themselves together around the aircraft, were charged with terrorism offenses (all charges for terrorism were later dropped). Terrorism for fucks sakes? how Orwell is that? Theresa May’s “non-violent extremism” bill was another. & fracking protestors also had specialist injunctions leveled against them whilst the local police were effectively permanent, personal security cartels for the petroleum corporations that were forcing fracking on the local residents (many after overriding local councils using new “fast track” & “override” legal mechanisms brought in by the Cancervative government to crush local decision making). GOD! they are just sick, aren’t they? literally! sick! Boris Johnson also puffed pabulum in Patel’s defense over her recent retching regarding her deplorable & wicked “offshore detention center” scum-scrape, saying ” reiterating her utterly revolting “lefty lawyers” & “do-gooders” comments. wait a second! i thought it was hooligans, organized crime groups, terrorists & thugs? now it’s “lefty lawyers” & “do-gooders”? make your mind up you fucking useless pricks! the terrorist do-gooder, lefty-lawyer thug hooligan snowflakes. have you ever heard such utter, total, sky-high, intractable nonsense in your life?

“Hooligans” Organized Criminal Group” “Thugs” “Terrorists” …….. Orwell will be galloping in his grave!

but hey! if you’re a neo-nazi, its all good! you may notice how little this tramp has to say about the far-right, unless of course she is blushing with their praises & splurging her personal support. Patel openly fawned Turning Point UK, a far-right astro-turf shit-crock from…Canada (“take back control”) that is probably a Koch Industries front group. wonderful. Eric Lybeck, a presidential fellow at Manchester University’s Institute of Education who is also a member of The Council for the Defence of British Education” said to the Guardian Newspaper in March – “Turning Point UK and Education Watch have been transplanted to the UK very intentionally by rightwing groups in the US. They are pretending to be a student organization.”


treason. entryism. sell-off. foreign interference.

a report from the 8th of this month covering corporate digital disinformation adverts denying fossil fuels link to climate change/global heating was paid for by Turning Point USA which stated that it’s “mission is to identify, educate, train and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.” it’s headline was “Conservatives are pro-science while leftitsts are pro-panic. climate change is a HOAX!”


Patel’s people. speaking of Canadian shit imports, you may have heard about the Proud Boys over in the US recently. they were apparently founded in Canada (as a joke) by Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice Mag (Rupert Murdoch) . they seem to have the biggest presence in the US, but there is also reportedly a UK faction. have you ever heard Priti Patel talk about them? what, if anything, is she doing about them? training them? funding them? liturgizing them. pampered by Patel as a protected group.

disproportionate. the Flobgoblin, stumped turd & involuntary oozer waddles to her next atrocity with a parasites perfervidity …Shiti Rectal

she also stated that “the police had the backing of our party, our Government and our Prime Mininster.” actually, it was the Cancervative party, via Theresa May under David Cameron, that inflicted drastic cuts to the police force as well as openly insulting them & telling them to do more with less, leaving them significantly underfunded, demoralized & diminished. far worse, this underfunding & reduction in police numbers (20,000 officers cut) coincided with the immense social fall-out & unravelling that started to spiral – as was strenuously predicted by many’ many public bodies, including plenty of voices from within the police themselves – from the savage austerity cuts & the slash, trash, burn & earn &dumping of critical & rudimentary obligations of goverment onto local authorities, the public, or any other body they could burden with core government responsibilities that was theirs alone. they brazenly ignored all the warnings & implorations from those in the know & on the ground, forcing through their unforgivable cuts. inevitably, crime started to proliferate, as was ernestly fortold, from a plentitude of voices. for years, as the crime rates grew & expanded, the Cancervatives either ignored, denied or played down the statistics & reports, even going so far as to manufacture & muddy the “official” figures with selective quoting & other statistical chicanery & utter insincerity. when it became “too big” to deny, accompanied by police forces at “breaking point”, they claimed “epidemic”, cynically hedging on public amnesia, & even more dispicably – exploiting their own criminal calamity for election purposes with the “tough on crime if we get elected” garbage rush. the drugs, the gangs, the rapes, the murders, the assaults …. the Cancervatives created it. they induced it. they ushered it in. & they knew exactly what they were doing, all the way & all the while. they are fully responsible.

The Tousled Tosser……you cannot be serious?


Patel’s recent “inflamatory rhetoric” provoked a terrorist attack/murder attempt on an immigration solicitors in London. the “violent, racist attack” on staff by the knifeman had come just days after Patel had “dismayed the legal profession” by sputtering trash about “activist lawyers“. yep! she laid the bread crumbs, plain & simple & bang to rights. responding after the attack (the culprit was subdued after injuring one member of staff) the law firm said “Responsibility and accountability for this attack, in the eyes of this firm, lies squarely at the feet of Priti Patel,”. a confederate flag & far-right literature were found in a bag the culprit was carrying.


incredibly, even her own superiors (Suella Braverman & Robert Buckland) in the Tory party urged her to reduce her rhetoric after the knife attack. She ignored it & spurred on –

“Patel, however, ignored the pleas from her two senior colleagues and during her speech to the Tory party conference on 4 October intensified her targeting of “do-gooders” and “lefty lawyers”. Two days later Boris Johnson went even further, telling the annual Conservative conference the criminal justice system was “being hamstrung by lefty human rights lawyers”.

“Downing Street on Friday night refused to answer questions from the Observer about what Johnson knew of the attack, Patel’s alleged role in inspiring it and, if he did know, why he felt comfortable risking fresh attacks against lawyers”

stomping with stumpy. Boris backs the bubonic blotch. lefty hooligan do-gooder terrorists… look-out!


Legal aid cuts leave barristers earning below minimum wage” – “The justice system in England and Whales is at tipping point,” – “Today’s system is widely acknowledged to be suffering from a decade of underinvestment.” Crime is increasing yet protections are falling. too many people are unable to access justice quickly or effectively” – an open letter from The Bar Council (2/8/2020)


“Social care system at breaking point after ‘lost decade’ – report:” – “The failure of policymakers to tackle chronically underfunded social care in the UK has led to a ‘lost decade‘, with the system now at breaking point” 10/8/20


“Offenders being freed into homelessness”: Thousands of high-risk convicted criminals, including those classed as violent and sexual offenders, are being released from prison in England into homelessness, increasing the likelihood of there reoffending, inspectors warned.” 8/7/20


Vulnerable children at risk as councils face spending cuts” – “Vulnerable children are facing a dangerous reduction in support as councils axe services in an attempt to fill a multi-billion pound black hole left by the Covid crisis” 4/9/2020


Firm with links to Cummings and Gove given contract without legal tender: “The Cabinet Office awarded an £840,000 contract without open tender to a policy and research firm owned by two long-term associates of Michael Gove and Dominic Cumings.” – “The government justified the absence of competitive tendering process, which would have enabled other companies to bid, under emergency regulations that allow services to be urgently commissioned in response to the Covid-19 crisis.” 11/7/2020

vote Conservative.

scuttle me this and scuttle me that, the Flobgoblin on the shat walk, parading her distortions.


the government has ordered schools in England not to use resources from organizations that have expressed a desire to end capitalism.”

Department for Education (DfE) guidance issued on Thursday for school leaders and teachers involved in setting the relationships, sex and health curriculum categorize anti-capitalism as an “extreme political stance” and acquainted it with opposition to freedom of speech, antisemitism and endorsement of illegal activity.” – “Schools should not under any circumstances use resources produced by organizations that take extreme political stances on matters. this is the case even if the material itself is not extreme, as the use of it could imply endorsement or support.”

full bodied facism. through & through.

Oliver Twist, Charles Dickens & Scrooge – A Christmas Tale will presumably be just a few of the popular “classics” to fall foul of the new facism.


interestingly, “the relationships, sex and health” curriculum, through which this new farce is being channeled, is also the same medium that dispenses the soon to be compulsory No Outsiders syllabus. this is the zealously pro-LGBTQ-Whatever formula that crams sexual-disorder propaganda into infants young brains in a definitive-dragnet grooming exercise, created (& taught) by the outgoing homosexual & LGBTQ+ darling Andrew Moffat. it is due to be rolled out nationwide. it will be compulsory, with popular homosexuals such as Peter Tatchell & Stephen Fry saying that the current No Outsiders formula “does not go far enough” & that ” no political, religious or cultural sensitivities” should be considered/allowed to stop mandatory exposure to RSE (Relationship and Sex Education, designed & determined by LGBTQ+ extremists) in “every school“.

fascism for & fascism against. special interest exemption & the allocation or denial of “special characteristics”.


Stephen Fry with his young husband. – “no political, religious or cultural sensitivities” will be permitted by parents who don´t want their children going through the “mandatory” indoctrination classes that are scheduled to roll-out in all schools as national syllabus. vote Conservative.

typically, Boris Johnson would fall foul of his own new nazi-kafka-orwell legislation. he was the twat that astoundingly said “fuck business!” regarding consternation from British businesses around Brexit, in what has to be the most staggering remark for the long-touted “party of business”. then again, everything with the Cancervative party is a lie, or is mutable, retractable, or subject to summary termination or contradiction without any adequate explanation, defense, consequence, or responsibility. they are pure & utter 360-degree cancer.


“To the people who say fuck business, I say fuck fuck business.” – Boris Johnson

a little something to add to the Cancervatives bulging cabinet of ongoing & open crimes in porgress –

“Exploited garment workers in UK ‘robbed’ of £27m since July” (12/10/20) –

Exploited workers in UK garment factories that supply clothing bands have been “robbed” of £27m since July because they are still being systematically underpaid, according to the British Retail Consortium (BRC).” “An estimated 10,000 garment workers were bei9ng paid£3.50 an hour, compared to the national minimum wage of £8.75

Despite numerous reports … and a previous letter to the home secretary signed by over 50 MPs and peers and more than 40 retailers, investors and NGOs, we have not seen any significant action from government … All while garment workers are robbed of tens of millions of pounds of wages.”

total & utter “third world” style corruption, plutocracy, organized & politicized criminality, misrule & failed stateship.


you can couple this with the latest on the Grenfell atrocity, & the secondary blanketing atrocity that is the Government cover-up & brain-bending inaction & impotence that has followed this corporate killing –

Orifice Nonce-on…”spaffing it up” in his typical shyster shit-sprayer jestery.

Grenfell-style combustible cladding is being replaced so slowly that it could take until 2009 before all buildings are fixed, Labour has said.” – “According to government figures, 249 high-rise apartment blocks are yet to be made completely safe, and the majority of them are still wrapped in dangerous aluminium coposite (ACM) panels.”

The government’s lack of action over the last three years to tackle the building safety crisis has left thousands trapped in unsafe homes.”


it is like one of those “defiant” serial killers, who even after being caught & confessing, refuses to say where the rest of the bodies are buried.

outsourced & overpowered –

The scale of the government’s reliance on management consultants has been laid bare as an analysis shows that spending with eight top firms has risen by 45% to more than £450m in three years.” – “The Home Office had the biggest increase in consultancy spending over three years, jumping 788% to £57m as the department dealt with security, immigration and border preparations for leaving the EU.” 7/10/20

Dominic Scummings – £840,000 contract without legal tender to fellow misfits and weirdos.


so paying private appointees to dictate how to run the country from the shadows & with massively reduced accountability & visibility to the benefit & wishes of unelected & undeclared actors. all on the public purse obviously – “We continue to take considerable steps to reduce unnecessary spending and protect taxpayer’s money” – Government spokesperson

A former ITV journalist Allegra Stratton is expected to be announced as the face of Downing Street’s new daily televised [“White House-style”] press briefings.”

Boris Johnson said he will “pop up from time to time” & will otherwise leave Dominic Cummings to get on with shitting on the remaining rubble of the country courtesy of Rupert Murdoch whilst Johnson is off rutting strumpets in return for tech grants, abusing his office & off partying in private castles with his billionaire Russian socialite spy media tycoon buddies.

an easy mark. Boris Johnson with his retainer Evgeny Lebedev.


so they now even pay someone else to lie to you on their behalf as well, just to twist the crumpled wreck beyond belief.

Stratton’s Scrotum – profession: lying, on behalf of the liars, to the lied to, on the lied to´s wallet. high esteem employment.

Rupert Murdoch plans a new retardation & awareness reduction “opinionated news channel” for the UK, as if that demonic shitbag had not already caused enough infection & dereliction. that will follow GB News, another right-leaning, festering dross dollop & shit serum with, yep!, another former Murdoch crony, Angelous Frangopolous, as chief executive. Paul Dacre will be shat into chair the BBC to ensure the already stricken organization degrades even further into ultra miasma & servitude to poisonous plutocratic oligarchy & shadowy off-shore interests ulterior interventions.

Sharp increase in child poverty in Midlands and north of England” 14/10/20 –

Child poverty has shot up in towns and cities across the north of England and Midlands, fuelled by stagnating family incomes and the spiralling cost of housing” – “This data reveals the true extent of the hardship experienced by families on low incomes, the majority of which were working households before the pandemic. the children affected are on a cliff edge, and the pandemic will only sweep them further into danger.”

vote Cancervative.

the lowest, of the lowest, of the lowest, of the lowest, of the lowest, of the lowest, of the lowly. pure, hellish, unforgivable, insufferable uber garbage & aborted defacation dysform & dross dire.


UK on slope towards tyranny, warns former top judge” – 8/10/20

The government’s Brexit strategy is in danger of driving the UK down a “slippery slope” towards “dictatorship” or “tyranny“, a former president of the supreme court said yesterday [Lord Neuberger].” – “Once you deprive people the right to go to court to challenge the government, you are in a dictatorship, you are in tyranny.” ” the right of litigants to go to court to protect their rights and ensure that the government complies with it’s legal obligation is fundamental.”


grinning Shitty. “nothing puts a grin on my face like reading the latest drowned refugee body count statistics”

the atrocious, much-derided & reviled Windrush Scandal, that has wickedly caused so much misery, was provoking even further disgust & condemnation by the Home Office’s obscene & ongoing lack of action to reverse & remedy this appalling cruelty & criminality. the Home Office’s “comprehensive improvement plan” was savaged in a joint open letter to the Guardian by various organizations, charities & specialists who wrote that the report – “does not contain anything in the way of concrete and detailed plans for implementing the recommendations of the Windrush lessons learned review.” “there does not seem to be any discernable progress.” -“The Home Secretary’s priorities are very clearly not focussed on “righting the wrongs” of Windrush, but on doggedly pursuing the same approach of unbridled hostility that created them” -15/10/20

HS2 is a disgrace.

HS2. the stupendously profligate & unnecessary corporate vanity project & shit-splurge that was condemned & ridiculed by pretty much everybody, except of course, the micro interest group that wanted to force this farce onto the country (protected characteristics). they brought the Cancervatives, who always pander to plutocratic & corporate interests by default anyway. & so, Boris Johnson approved this unthinkable disaster project (“The only thing to do in a hole the size of HS2 is keep digging.”), irrespective of the astronomic costs & pathetic, paltry, piss-poor, if not invisible gains this calamitous fiasco would wreck. Youth clubs, sure starts, local parks, hostels, homeless shelters, community projects – austerity old chap, no money for that.

The Deficit! Austerity! The Deficit! Austerity! unless of course, it is some gigantic “pie in the sky” polluting profligate waste project that nobody wants or needs.

but, gigantic corporate megaprojects, – sure!, take £106bn, on the tax-paying plebs, obviously. The line is on course to decimate some of the last “natural woodland” the UK’s pathetic heritage has managed to cling on to, including historic & environmentally sensitive areas with unique wild-life significance in this ravaged & tame isle. considering the environmental crisis, or the fact that the Cancervatives promise to plant 5,000 hectares (they only managed 1,420 hectares, 71% less than assured) of trees last year was totally missed (another fucking lie then) you would think that even at this stage, with all these implications & threats, they could just spare these rare vestiges of ancient British woodland. no such chance. they accelerated felling under Covid measures, put out special injunctions on protestors & local community campaigners that don’t want their woods being felled & huge squanderous rail projects being laid through their local sanctuaries. they have also allowed private security firms to cash in. very’ very disturbing reports have emerged of them committing serious violence against protestors. the whole thing is just sick. but it is a shrill & exemplary demonstration of how completely fucking mad, debased, corrupt & dangerous this deeply twisted & criminal Tory regime really is.


oh! yesterday the price of HS2 has once again gone up…this time? another cool £800m on the povs tab. – “This government remains relentlessly focused on controlling costs, to ensure this ambitious new railway delivers its wealth of benefits at value for money for the taxpayer.”

utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter, utter corruption. why is this being tolerated?


“I don’t think my services as a bulldozer blocker will be required for decades, if ever, because I don’t think it’s going to happen,” he said. “We had to go through this exercise of looking at Heathrow. And now there will be a huge caterwauling saying come on, let’s do it. We must go through this. It won’t succeed.”

Last-ditch attempt to enforce food standards after Brexit” – (12/10/20)

campaigners are staging a last-ditch attempt to enshrine food safety and animal welfare standards in UK law after Brexit as the agriculture bill returns to parliamentary debate this week for a series of votes.”

The government is said to be against legislation for a continuation of the high standards required under EU law, with farmers asked instead to rely on ministerial assurances that standards will be upheld after Brexit. A spokesperson dismissed concerns as “unhelpful scaremongering“.”


endless, endless, endless lies. a horrific, contemptible, detestable, abhorrent & existentially offensive shit-smear of a man.

trust the Cancervatives? like people trusted Cameron on his “greenest government ever” campaign pledge? or the “No ifs, no buts, no third runway” (Cameron) & “lay down in front of the bulldozers” (Boris)? or Levison Two? or serious action & change on tax havens & off-shoring after the Panama & Paradise Papers scandal? or serious action & results after each of the three occasions the Cancervative government has been defeated in court for subjecting millions of UK citizens to grossly illegal & acutely hazardous levels of pollution? lie, after lie, after lie, after lie….unbroken, unceasing, innumerable indefensible…..endless & without stasis or pause.

all these guys can do is lie to you, deceive you, hurt you, exterminate your living standards, fuck you over & endanger & flog you & the countries assets off to would-be abusers. nothing beneficial, decent, or good comes from them, ever, only ruin, rape & regression. They are nothing but psychotic, sociopathic, nihilist, sadistic, transgressive, morally disturbed, perverse, criminally insane, reprobate, shyster maniacs. hold them accountable for the crimes they have committed.

does he ever tell the truth? can he even?

The Tory government says it acts in your favour to your advantage and safety. quite clearly, it acts consistently and fervently against your interests & safety to your disadvantage and utter detrimence. that deception, that dereliction of duty, so clearly & emphatically demonstrated again & again & again & again, is a profound annulment & divine disqualification. it also encapsulates a clear “enemy” definition or scenario, where a body is clearly, consistently & consummately committed to acting against you & the nation’s interests, welfare, laws, standards & principles with considerable effect. start acting accordingly with the indisputable facts & reality of the affliction. they have no power, no legitimacy & no moral, social or political standing or traction whatsoever. do not cooperate, acknowledge, tolerate or offer any degree of authority or respect to these organized criminals. & do not let them impose, prescribe, decide or determine any aspects of your lives.. null and void. “take back control”. 100% insubordination, refusal & rejection.