Disloyal-the true story of the former personal attorney to president Donald J. Trump (Michael Coen):

“When Trump wanted to reach Russian President Vladmir Putin, via a secret back channel, i was tasked with making the connection in my Keystone Kop fashion. I stiffed contractors on his behalf, ripped off his business partners, lied to his wife Melania to hide his sexual infidelities, and bullied and screamed at anyone who threatened Trump’s path to power. From golden showers in sex clubs in Vegas, to tax fraud, to deals with corrupt officials from the former Soviet Union, to catch-and-kill conspiracies to silence Trump’s clandestine lovers, i wasn’t just a witness to the presidents rise – i was an active and eager participant.”

“A ‘friend ‘approaching Trump for assistance in a time of need was making a mistake of epic proportions. Trump doesn’t help people, he preys on them,”

heavens above! it is not every day, that you get such a current “in court” account, of mega corruption, from a veteran insider. & this disclosure & experience is not from a law enforcement or outside observer perspective but from the assisting criminal themselves, fresh from the penitentiary walls & sticky with guilt. whatever the case, whatever your opinions on the author, this is a valuable & rare volume in contemporary corruption & white-collar crime, from the horse’s gob!

“what’s the worst that happens? we lose? so what. this can be the greatest infocommercial in the history of politics. – ” I would have the Marine Corp band play Hail to the Chief every morning as i got out of bed.” –Trump on running for president

” -as i became Trump’s spokesperson, thug, pit-bull and lawless lawyer. Trump viewed any perception of his name, brand, properties, or products he endorsed to be a matter of the highest importance. he wanted all of his interactions to be manipulated for maximum benefit, no matter the underlying truth, and in a post modern society where the representation of the thing was more important than the thing itself, at least in Trump’s intuitive way of seeing power and spin, that meant a relentless willingness to lie, exaggerate, mislead, and above all, brag and boast and boost.”

typically, for such an ectopic & oxymoronic publication & character, it possesses immense merit, sucking flaws, startling disclosures & disappointing omissions. it can also be read entirely out of context (Trump) as a study of modern corruption & criminality. furthermore, & beyond the criteria of crime & grift, it is also an amazing account of the power -& indeed abuse – of celebrity, the cult of personality, delusion, & of course – deception, disinformation & sanctimony.

“I never once witnessed a glimmer of sympathy or humanity or regret or shame in his demeanor.”

I know it sounds like a cop out, and hardly the most likable trait a man might offer in his defense. but that is what it feels like to lose control of your mind – you actually give up your common sense, sense of decency, sensitivity, even your grip on reality. it was like having a mental illness: the reality was hard for outsiders to grasp, in all of its dimensions. the fact that i’d departed from reality, in my desire to please the Boss, meant that i really and truly had taken leave of my senses.”

as anyone that has been following the farce will long have concluded; it was never ever about draining the swamp but gaining the swamp & combining it with Trump’s sub-sewage system for maximum decomposition & disease dissemination. Trump opened the gates of hell, shit spawned & further corrupted the already abominable, – ennobling, enabling & enamoring a demon-dawn of unsurpassed ulterior excrementalism. classic swamp swill such as Sheldon Aderson, Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, John Bolton, Alan Dershowitz, Eric Prince, John Yoo, George Nader, the House of Saud, the Netanyahu’s, & whole reservoir of classic supra swamp scum would wash in to mingle with the raw sewage & toxic waste swirling around Trump’s lifetime of shit deposits. a worst-case scenario pile-up & draw-down cross-infecting putrification extravaganza that is literally rotting the world alive.

“much of what i did was morally and legally and ethically repulsive and soulless”

Trump would say so many things that were illogical or just plain bullshit, as we consciously would know, but we would stay on his message, even though we knew it was nonsense. we would repeat what he said, as if it were true, and then we would repeat the message to one another so often that we would actually start to believe the distortion ourselves.”

We truly did resemble the worst political extremists of the twentieth century” Coen is the second lawyer that worked for Trump to have been disbarred (Roy Cohn being the first). that is the reality of it.

Michael Coen was a bent lawyer & successful, but certainly dodgy, businessman from New York who facilitated criminals & gangsters, particularly Russian gangsters. he is an interesting character, all of which is negated when we consider the profound societal damage his profession, efforts & associates have caused. Coen went on to become Donald Trump’s personal attorney & “fixer”, taking a superior position to his other squad of corrupt lawyers. the “dirty jobs” would be passed to Coen as had been the position of his predecessor, the notorious Roy Cohn. intimidation & threats, “catch & kill” missions, bribes & hush money & other unsavory & intensely unethical assistance & errands on behalf of his “boss”. eventually, it was not simply unsavory & unethical activity, but blatantly illegal actions that landed Coen in serious trouble with the law & facing a series of criminal charges, a fate that would befall record & incomparable quantities of Trump minions & associates over the span of just a few years. typically, Trump abandoned Coen (despite all his loyalty & decade-plus service) once he became dangerously enwrapped in the legal ramifications of his own boss’s filthy laundry. it is this, as well as perhaps some conscientious contributions, that led him to “flip” on Trump & cooperate with prosecutors in return for a far more lenient sentence.

“a cheat, a liar, a fraud, a bully, a racist, a predator, a con man.”

“The lie turned into delusion turned into supposed reality and then a grievance, followed by more lies, more bullying, and ultimately the ruthlessness of New York real estate – where lying and cheating and stealing are the order of the day – unleashed on folks with no clue about the depravity and dishonesty of the TV start and self-styled mogul.”

seriously, seriously damaging testimony is dispensed within the pages of Disloyal. the actual documents that prosecutors must now have in their possession after they raided Coen’s house & law firm, will be extraordinary, not to mention that he is now a cooperating witness. this will merge with the crime ocean that has gathered on Trump & his galaxy of dirt & fraudulence, which is only now not destroying him forever because he has presidential privilege. as soon as he is out of office, he is finished. i hope he gets nothing less than the death penalty with an expedited execution on behalf of such, grand, such flagrant, such heinous & such damaging mega criminality that has inflicted so very, very, very much catastrophe on America and the world.

Professional wrestling was one of Trump’s earliest connections with the tastes of baseball-cap wearing, pick-up truck driving men who otherwise would seem a million miles away from Trump’s pampered and gilded gold existence. Fast food, trash TV, leering at beautiful women – Trump channeled blue-collar white men because that was part of how he saw life, but also because he knew he could make a buck that way.”

That was the whole point of the Trump legal strategy: to make it impossible for the little guy to stand up for his rights. and make no mistake, the lack of ethics applied equally to his three children, despite Ivanka’s carefully tended image – all of them are like jackals when it comes to harming innocent businesspeople.”

further proof of Trump’s prolific penchant for paedophilia can be found in his comments to Coen on his 15-year-old daughter (Trump was unaware that the subject of his ardour was Coen’s kid) when he remarks on her as she plays tennis – “Look at that piece of ass. I would love some of that.” “I turned to Trump, incredulous. “That’s my daughter,” Tump turned to me, now surprised. “That’s your daughter? when did she get so hot?”

“can you believe that bullshit? can you believe people believe that bullshit?” – Trump on the Evangelicals

we can add this to the recent revelations on his lewd comments towards his then adolescent niece Mary L. Trump, the many highly sexualized remarks towards his own daughter Ivanka, Katie Johnson, & the twelve-year-old prostitute in the VIP Room in Times Square in the early 80’s as detailed in the book All the President’s Women. the man is utterly sick.

after the murder & dismemberment of the “American-green card holding journalist” Jamal Kashoggi, subsequently confirmed by US intelligence & pretty much every other official agency & onlooker as being executed on the direct orders of Trump’s pal, client & benefactor, Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Trump chides “What the fuck do i care? He shouldn’t of written what he did. He should of shut the fuck up.”

What the fuck do i care? -Trump on the murder of Jamal Kashoggi

Felix Sater, the KGB, mobster, fraudster, convicted felon & Trump associate & business partner is quoted as emailing Coen – “Buddy our boy can become president of the USA and we can engineer it. “I will get all of Putin’s team to buy in on this. I will manage the process…Michael, Putin gets on stage for a ribbon cutting for Trump Moscow, and Donald owns the nomination. And possibly beats Hillary and our boy is in.”

D”can you believe how fucking stupid the IRS is? who would give me a refund of ten fucking million dollars. they are so stupid!” – Trump. Trump speaks alongside Bayrock’s Tevfik Arif and Felix Sater at the Trump SoHo launch party in September 2007.

drowning in shit. submerged. sunk. eclipsed. buried. overwhelming. inordinate. inexplicable.

literally the most corrupt man on earth….ever. unimaginable. unspeakable. unbelievable.

the death penalty for Donald. the death penalty for Donald. the death penalty for Donald.

This metanoia, & the fact that Coen was directly privy to so much of Trump’s churning filth, hyper corruption & sprawling crime, mean that this account retains unique qualities & insight.

Michael Coen, 2020, Skyhorse Publishing, 432 pages