Unholy-why white evengelicals worship at the altar of Donald Trump (Sara Posner):

Unholy-why white evengelicals worship at the altar of Donald Trump (Sara Posner):

the blood of Jesus is superior, so any persons, entities that are alighned against Donald Trump, the will of God, agaisnt the mantle that he would carry carry against him as president, that it would be exposed and dealth with and overturned in Jesus’s name.” Paula White aka Greed is God

right. so the most immoral, sinful, anti-ethical, untrustworthy, adulterous rapist, prolific sexual abuser & incestuous deviant, compulsive liar with a long, long history of associating & ‘partying’ with substantial sex traffickers & paedophiles ,& a man of biblical corruption who over-embodies all the seven deadly sins in indescribable excess who furthermore desecrates, insults & defiles all the heavenly virtues in extremis – is god’s chosen avatar on earth? this can not possibly be being suggested with any seriousness or sincerity…it just can’t be, right? Satan is Jesus & Jesus is Satan? i have to rape you to keep you chaste?

unbridled insanity…beyond backwards, ingrowing, self-cannibalizing shit sprain & all consuming rectal cancer on steroids

well, that was always the problem with religion – it is an ‘accessory’ & it can be totted & proclaimed by those that contradict, antithesize or oppose it’s central tenets, commandments or teachings. the less you embody, the more you associate. & the louder you scream it.

“Neither racism nor slavery, Francis argued, was a sin in the Bible -only after the enlightenment “did a bastardized version of Christian ethics condemn slavery.” Sam Francis

the serial rapist, “biblically illiterate libertine” & “profoundly impious real estate huckster and serial philanderer” who was wrecking a “sweeping sabotage of the entire system of checks and balances” along with assorted anti christ ardency in action is God´s chosen apostle? …. of avarice & anthrax. FUCK OFF!!!

The Evangelicals “embrace” of Trump is possibly the starkest such example of indefensible, exponential error the human race has ever demonstrated, taking stupidity, implausibility & malfunction to amplifications that are unsurpassed in their exorbitancy & outermost. his life of lies, abortions, rapes, pussy-grabbing, anus grabbing (Roy Cohn), incest (Ivanka), adultery, prostitutes, cocaine, crime, immorality, kleptocracy, vulgarity, avarice, greed, mob & mafia aid & activity, gambling, paedophilia, fraud, sexual assault, falsification, scamming, trickery & all around sewerage, squalor & sordidness, makes him a uniquely Satanic candidate ….. that has been championed by the plastic christian cult of bold-faced, babbling bubonic bilge.

god´s man in motion “speaking in bums”

the Evangelicals are probably the weirdest, most warped & inbred strain in the christian pantheon. an extremist sub-sect, much like the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, they are essentially a doomsday cult that most likely emerged from a political experiment gone seriously, seriously, seriously awry. at the end of the day, they are a voter block, although they look more like a doomsday cult sleeper cell that have undergone some kind of invasive brain modification treatment & radical sensory curtailment therapy. they have more in common with Jim Jones & Charles Manson than they do with christianity.

forever falsehood – Jerry Falwell Jr likes watching younger men bang his wife. insanity.

not too long after this book was published, Jerry Falwell, one of the earliest “surprise” Evangelical celebrities to endorse Trump’s dog-shit nomination for demonic domination, was revealed to have been arranging for a younger man fornicate his wife whilst he watched from the corner of the room (he then resigned from his position in the upper echelons of Liberty university). another picture of him on a yacht in a “louche” photograph, in a casually intimate embrace featuring another woman, with his flies undone, was also aired. nothing but lies….continually. Trump stalwarts Paul Manafort & Roger Stone have both been fully disclosed & disgraced in similar “wife sharing” practices. the shit heap continues.

“terrific guy” – “and many of them on the younger side” – Donald Trump

Sara Posner is a journalist for the Type Investigations contingent. she seems to specialize in “politics in religion” & has written for many publications. her research here is absolutely staggering. & i mean staggering. i have been waiting for something this trenchant, incisive & expansive on the subject/conundrum for some time, & Unholy is consummate in its information & analysis.

“hey babe! let me grope your bump. do i get to fuck this one as well? in the name of almighty god. losers!”

it is not just the bubbling-shit-brains, slavering, mad-house Evangelicals though, it’s the far-right, fascist, racist, neo-nazi, eugenicist (the full-spectrum scum scoop) …. Turd has managed to unite them all. again, the objections & contradictions are somehow excused, absent & effaced… because nobody is true to what they say they are in this shit-sty quarter of sub-humanity & mass fraud. Zionists & Nazi’s somehow cooperate…what? it is a putrid, fantastically cynical & immeasurably dishonest still-birth, where presumably, the ends justify the means or a momentary collaboration with a future enemy is accepted for some short-term advantage. then again, that may be too generous, as you are dealing with the most damaged.. deceptive, lowly & scum-steeped wastrels & reprobates who have totally forgone all ethical function.

my daughters ass …. & god´s commandments

the racism in this book is absolutely overwhelming. not really beer-swilling, speeding pick-ups on the back roads emblazoned with the confederate flag (minor), not even the Cowed Toys, this is the goose-stepping, Holocaust-denying, supremacist rectum-kisser ….man! what a shower of fuck-ups! it is probably worse than you think. for a “first world” country to be trawling this rat-shit around is extraordinary & unacceptable in the uttermost. FUCK U$A!!! & now they have their miasma messiah & ordure mascot, arse -whistling to them from the White House. a horror story & a freak accident all rolled into one giant anti-christ eruption & civilization meltdown.

a coked-up, crooked, corrupt conman, celebrity fraudster, reality TV rapist, pussy grabber, child molester, incestuous trash spluttering, mafia associate & bent real estate bancruptcy bullshitter & criminal trickster, prick, racist, idiot & super asshole – is pitched as a “moral savior”???? …… get the fuck outta´ here!

Posner´s attempts -which include some thrown directly at those that espouse them – to quarantine some kind of slightly rational space or thought process towards the gigantic, reeling, turgid, hyper-lunacy of the “Christians for Trump” shit show – provides incredible reading. alarming, sickening, unbelievable – most certainly, but it is truly an act of sensational abnormality, stretched beyond plausible limit, & to have such an expert so fervently engage with this raging fucking perversity is astonishing reading.

Sara Posner, 2020, Random House, 266 pages

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