Yosuke Yamashita Trio – Live 1973 CD

Yosuke Yamashita Trio-live 1973

Another supremely powerful modesty-obliterating epicurean fight to the death from some of the maddest amongst madmen –  theYosuke Yamshita Trio. This one has actually only just been released on Jasrac but was captured live during Inspiration & Power Free Jazz Festival in Shinjuku, 1973. These monstrously formidable champions are on peak form & sear a cataclysmic five track set of astonishing intensity with very little refuge offered.The point of contention here is the sound/recording clarity. It’s considerably lo-fi (snatched on a Sony TC-2850 SC cassette recorder). It’s a pity, especially in the presence of such sublime ferocity & passion, but it’s also to my ears adequate – you can hear everything clearly & with a reasonable dose of power, but no doubt the full potency is diminished. Overall though, I feel this album is still fantastic & generally speaking I don’t deem the recording detraction a significant issue.  If you are new to the unique fury of YYT you are still going to be pleasantly smithereened by their incredible turmoil & tempestuousness, & if you’re a devoted acolyte like myself with a massive quarry of their releases – I definitely think this is an important addition/extension. The five tracks are Improvisation 1, Ballad For Takeo, Clay, Zubo & Mitochondria. Generally this is the kind of recording you would expect to find on blogs as a download. It’s nice that a label is granting this stuff an official release with a curt but plush card-wallet sleeve. A phenomenal musical strike-force no matter which way you look at it.  


Label – Jasrac