World press photo 2019:

An annual tradition – it’s the all new World Press Photo yearbook 2019!

This year’s winning picture/cover shot is the now notorious border enforcement hospitality image, of mother & daughter being prepared for custody by official goons. The Chump Disintegrations “Zero Tolerance” detention policy, almost certainly courtesy of Steve Bannon, saw refugees being prosecuted as criminals for attempting to enter the US. Under the new draconian bullshit, thousands of children were removed from their parents & stowed in entirely separate facilities. Over seven children have died in the “Land of the Free’s” specialized interment centers or shortly after their release, with at least three such deaths occurring in the last seven months alone. A report in today’s Guardian detailed “inhumane conditions” when an envoy of six lawyers were granted rare access to a facility in Clint, Texas. “The team found that children had no adequate access to medical care, had no basic sanitation, were exposed to extreme cold and did not have adequate access to drinking water or food. ‘I’ve been visiting children detained in federal immigration custody for 12 years. I have never seen anything like this before. I have never seen, smelled, or had to bear witness to such degrading and inhuman conditions.” – “As a paediatrician, but also as a mother and former head of state [Michelle Bachelet], I am deeply shocked that the children are forced to sleep on the floor in overcrowded facilities, without access to adequate healthcare or food, and with poor sanitation conditions.” – “ – conditions were so shocking the lawyers felt compelled to approach the media.” – “we are extremely concerned that more children might die if we didn’t go public.” – “ – “ the conditions ‘could be compared to torture facilities.’ ”.

Another Guardian article from the previous fortnight informed us that – “Only four showers were available for 756 immigrants, more than half of the immigrants were being held outside, and immigrants inside were being kept in cells maxed out at more than five times their capacity.”

We need to sanction that shithole country with the quickness.