Wombat Simogató Hapsik – S/T Cassette


Every 12-17 months or so, the rare delicacy, seldom stimulated … sheds it’s dust-jacket & “beholds” the super secretive rogue Gunk, No-Skool-Noyzcore, allo Anti-Listener Cyber Torikowashi anomaly by some distant nomadic wandering mutant that ambles in from treacherous landscapes & overgrown wildernesses with new treasures to add to this barely plausible genre.

It’s always a very’ very special moment, & makes me feel better about the world for a few weeks, that *^$£#’s like this actually exist, still, despite every suppressant/soporific/sedative along with a totally etiolated underground that can barely carry it’s own body-weight. Crud-quality imitators & ANB-enthused have-a-go nose-divers spill out to disgrace themselves (luckily not too often) but it’s an event to cherish when an authentic barbarian erupts from the underbrush baring the Gunk/BlurNoise ensign & hexing like irked voodoo scallywag.

So here it is again (I think the last such occasion was the Chappa’ai/886VG collaboration that ended up on a split tape with Bollock Swine), this time from what I assume is a one-man (or, heh!, one-wombat?)? CyberNoisecore out-fit from Hungary .. Wombat Simogató Hapsik. Ten tracks in about four & a half minutes of User-Hostile lo-fi Blur-bedlam, that’s like a less coherent, chord-less Pantalones Abajo Marinero colliding with Asscavern style Hard-Vacuum. Speedcore “pulse” tones are also thick & thespian, as is various soft-bristle digital Noise & distortions that fleck the cement mix plus samples (including one from critically cult ancient platform classic American McGee’s Alice). The distortion-shocked vocals remind me a lot of A-Cav, whom I suspect were a direct influence? Rabid colon-benders but pushing the dynamics with low & lofty ululations & clenched-oesophagus frication. The drum programming billows almost nothing but BlurBlast throughout. The recordings warm lo-fi muffling is cult, but also a pity as the percussive avalanche & guitars are often somewhat overpowered by the vocals, as well as being less intense & palpable. All in all though, it’s fantabulous absurdist garbage all at hyper warp speed (YUM!). Malformed in 2003, it has seemingly escaping my attentions all this time.

The packaging & design are also adorable. Nonsensical cut-&-paste trash with no information beyond track titles, a date & band name. The cassette-shell design continues the screw-loss, but the real treat is the grey felt pouch that performs as a case. Hand-sewn no doubt. From wombat maltings. What a perfectly presented piece of poppycock!  Absolutely fucking marvellous.

Rekd: 2003

Label: Posthuman Productions

Contact/Order: posthumanzine@gmail.com, or UK todger-dodgers grope em’ at Gobbledy-Gunk E-Orchard – http://www.jigokuki.org/gobbledy_gunk/index.html