What The Health-DVD:

Good god! Kip Anderson & Keegan Kuhn, who produced the staggering Cowspiracy documentary, return with a massively expansive delve into Big Pharma’s colossal collusion with the triggers & instigators of chronic disease (the biggest offender being diabetes). Under the auspices of the US government & food standards directives, citizens are coerced & conned into consuming the very substances that are driving them to ever greater rates of casualty, illness & disease through appalling ubiquity, convenience & wrongful recommendation. Government health organizations such as the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society & American Health Association herd people towards the source of pestilence, whilst absorbing huge payments in the form of corporate sponsorship from the very offenders/industry they should be protecting the public from. With the estimate of America’s chronic disease market at $1.5 trillion, there’s cash a plenty in them thur’ cancers. Guzzle profits by making people sick, then choke back even further dividends by prescribing the commercial nostrum (ad-infinitum, because drugs are for life, not for cure) straight from the pharmaceutical vendors. It’s an indescribably destructive, unfathomably twisted & corrupt construct spewing waste, death & disease with even further threat from the fast encroaching antibiotics super-plague that’s inevitable if this exponential malpractice doesn’t end in totality swiftly (an astronomic 80% of all antibiotics in the U$A are sold to the animal agriculture industry & the pharmaceutical empire pays more than any other industry in lobbying government, which should really’ really give you something to think about). As with Cowspiracy, this is an astonishing piece of work, absolutely surfeit in footage, facts & dialogue that rocks the brains sense of belief that such deeply wicked & scale-bustingly perverse misrule is under way at such a monumentally humongous level.

Amongst the bounty of investigative information is a chapter on Duplin County, North Carolina, the U$’s hog hot-spot. I had heard about this secretive & notoriously toxic domestic epidemic of shit, pollution & antibiotics overload from a concentration of 10 million pigs for some time, but this is the first occasion it’s been so graphically divulged. As with California’s Central Valley blight of “mega dairies” (check Philip Lymbery’s excellent Farmageddon book for more on this absolute horror of horror story), it’s an environmental nightmare & very real & serious health hazard for the local residents (being the U$, it’s naturally predominantly communities of colour that suffer disproportionately from this hazard as the documentary discloses). Unbelievable! Just unbe-fucking-lievable. The most criminal shit, on a deep, dark & profoundly, – almost biblically – nefarious scale. Forget about ‘terrorism’ or even war, the free market, unshackled, unpoliced, unregulated, stuffed with subsidy-steroids from the blood tax of the very people it’s supposed to be protecting, gorges on it’s young, it’s old, it’s everybody in an orgy of illness, suffering, infirmity & death (I am not even taking into account the toll on animals which is literally unimaginable). America is just insane! (as a political-corporate ideology/reality), it’s corporatism is unmatched anywhere else in the world, it’s difficult to face-down, it’s so mad & so vile… mind bending & beyond belief.  Who needs ISIS et-al when your own government in collusion with “respectable members” of business society does this to you every day, year in year out?

A.U.M. Films & First Spark Media

released -2017