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My how you’ve fallen.

Theresa May. A woman beyond farce & beyond fiasco. Not a lame duck but a dead duck. Words fail to capture the gravity of deficiency. Start with rock-bottom coupled with utter failure & then begin the long’ long’ long subtractive process which will lead into truly paranormal territory. Battered by every conceivable assailant, including most of her own party, failing & floundering spectacularly, repeatedly, under every definition available, this exemplarily pathetic creature, without contemporary or historical parable, abruptly & without explanation announced last April an invitation of unquantifiable shitness, stupidity, detriment, insult & offense – a full state visit to the UK by the president defect which is appallingly, shockingly, despairingly now in full disgrace. May, Cameron & the Conservative party as a whole have already blighted the isle with an unprecedentedly destructive & extremist cocktail of regression, wrecking an extended obliteration of living standards, mass demolishing of public safeguards, pauperization & the consistent cultivation of both catastrophe & crisis that has marked every step of Tory reign. This national campaign of entirely unwarranted cruelty, corruption & extremism now poises ready to fully metamorphose into what must be the greatest act of text-book treason, un-consensual mass-sell-off & sublime treachery ever passed over the British public – the Americanization of Great Britain & the surrendering, full-scale subjugation of the ‘sovereign state’ to the world’s number one worst offender – the United Snakes of America.

for fucks sakes – get it over with!

Brexit is the pretext, the excuse, the ruse, the scam & the ‘convenient abnormality’ & the “get-away vehicle” that allows such extraordinary actions, criminality & drastic derivations to function & pass. It is the tool, opening & argument. But the intention, the facilitation, the clear-conscious-decision by deliberate & devoted volition & premeditated, fully facultative ambition lies with the Conservative party & the murk that propels this uniquely diabolical entity. The Conservatives party bare the greatest share of guilt in this seismic betrayal. It is by their choice & their efforts that this is happening & that must never ever be forgotten.

Shortly after the Brexit vote passed, Rupert Murdoch made his first public comments at an invite only business summit describing the results as ‘wonderful’. – “the owner of newspapers including the Times, Sun and Wall Street Journal said leaving the EU was like a “prison break … we’re out” and suggested that a UK-US tradUe deal wouldn’t take long to negotiate.”

latrine walls.

Trump remains an extremely controversial & immensely detested hate figure in the UK. He is by & large, overwhelmingly loathed, derided & abhorred across the countries many’ many spectrums for the indescribably emetic, excremental underling that he is & the unmitigated poison & super corruption that he represents, embodies & secretes. He is absolutely, openly & brazenly against & actively insulting this countries interests, welfare, safety & sovereignty & he remains resoundingly unpopular & despised. Insults, direct threats, aggression, hostility, insolence, infractions, oppositional maneuvers & the typical garbage & excreta billowing over the Atlantic have all been aimed at this country by the president excrete & the assailants of his administration. The US acts like an opponent, if not an enemy, & a hostile foreign power intent on grievous intervention that overrides national interests & control. Yet the British Conservative government refuses repeatedly to defend the British people from the US’s growing intervention, effrontery, disrespect, intrusion, exploitation, imposition, menacing & downright political hijacking & usurpation. In fact, it is incredibly facilitating it, abetting it, defending it, implementing it & apologizing for it.

The conservative party is actively facilitating a US take-over of the United Kingdom.

We are being $old! Without consent, without consultation, without cognition, to the greatest offender & lowest-common-denominator of modern times & all under the fallacy of ‘take back control’.

Earth shattering hypocrisy!

beneath dignity.

In August 2015, during May’s tenure as Home Security, US rapper Tyler the Creator was turned away at the UK border (he had a string of festival dates) & banned for 3-5 years from entering the country on her orders. Some years ago he had used the word ‘gay’ in a derogatory fashion on one of his recordings whilst a teenager. May took punitive action & stated in defense that his lyrics ‘encourages violence and intolerance of homosexuality’ and ‘fosters hatred with views that seek to provoke others to terrorist acts’. The home office went on – “Coming to the UK is a privilege,” “and we expect those who come here to respect our shared values. The Home Secretary has the power to exclude an individual if she considers that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good or if their exclusion is justified on public policy grounds.” An online petition against Tyler playing Glastonbury festival in 2013 gained 753 signatures (his attendance & performance at the event was unaffected).

Tyler the Creator.

Earlier on (still under the penumbra of Tory monstrosity & misrule with May as Home Secretary) US ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc was banned from entering Britain for ostensibly “promoting sexual assault” in his popular (but controversial) dating seminars. Julien Blanc was an absolute prick, & I lose no sleep at his prevention from dribbling his cack on our shores (& anywhere else), but Grab Em’ By The Pussy is far’ far worse in every capacity. A social media campaign led to more than 158,000 people signing a petition against Blanc entering the UK on Change.org. A similar campaign against Trump’s previous UK visitation garnered over 1.25 million signatures (1,863,708 in total I believe). The conservatives ignored it entirely & threw the publics reservations & dignity straight into the shredder.

Julien Blanc.


In 2018, esteemed Palestinian writer & journalist Nayrouz Qarmout was due to attend (by invitation) the Edinburgh Book Festival in Scotland to speak at a sold-out event on her new book. Her Visa was repeatedly refused by the Home Office, succeeding only on the third attempt, by which stage it was too late to process in time for the scheduled seminar. Qarmout was apparently “one of a dozen Middle Eastern and African writers and illustrators who had their applications for visitor visas refused, sometimes multiple times, ahead of this year’s festival”. Ra Page, from her UK publisher Comma Press made the following observation to the Guardian newspaper – “It feels like we’re all sleepwalking into a new age of nativism,” he said. “We’re not just talking about classic, difficult-to-prove institutional racism. We’re talking about quiet, effective cultural censorship. The Home Office is saying, in effect: British readers shouldn’t be hearing from other perspectives at our book festivals.”

Nayrouz Qarmout.

Steve Bannon of course effortlessly breezes through whenever to have private meetings in Mayfair with Nigel Farage, Orifice Johnson & Jacob Rees-Mogg. Bannon self describes himself as an Economic Nationalist (Hitler was of course an Economic Socialist) & was Grab Em By The Pussies hitherto campaign advisor/strategist. He is a racist, war monger & cock-sucker, but he is free & unfettered to come & shit on Britain whenever he feels the need. He even urged an uprising against the government in an LBC radio broadcast in July 2018 – “the former strategist to the US president told Farage: “If I was in middle England and said this wasn’t what I voted for [Brexit] I would rise up and make sure the guys in parliament knew it.” When asked whether it was a call to arms, he said: “Absolutely.”

Chump & various members of his disintegration have been overtly & openly attacking & decrying the EU’s protective rejection of inferior, unsafe, hazardous & contaminated American agricultural products which remain banned in the EU due to the US having the most adulterated, lowly & dangerous food standards on the planet that are considered unsafe & unwanted in many countries around the world. This has been a major bone of contention & obstruction to profits for Frankenfuck US multinationals for years, who cannot penetrate European markets due to the protective regulatory standards & safeguards that are operating in the European populaces interests, health & wellbeing. This is GM food, poisonous chemical admissions & artificial additives, endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic compounds, gene editing, bovine growth hormones, antibiotics, Ractopamine, atrazine, Azordicarbonamide, chlorine doused meat & the world’s lowest standards (content, production, by-product) for human, animal & environmental health, safety & quality (which is being exterminated even further under the Chump Disintegrations ruthless onslaught on what little protective measures remain for the American public regarding comestibles & environmental health). Of course food & pollution is only one angle, as the NHS/health service & industrial prison complex (as America incarcerates more of its own citizens through privatized jails than any other nation on Earth) & privatization-of- everything/responsibility-for-nothing ideology/market malpractice of unbridled corporate free-reign plutocracy & carrion-capitalist absolutism that America has radicalized over the last few decades will all be extended to British shores in full. A race to the bottom followed by further frantic digging downwards.

what is the fucking hold-up here?????????????

The U$ are desperate, to force us against our will (rape essentially), to accept their wretch-of-the-world garbage. They have found willing internal accomplices in the Conservative party who are colluding directly with this hostile, monumentally detrimental foreign adversary directly against the national interests.

Around the 15-7-18, Trump stated from his golf course at Turnberry: ‘I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now, you wouldn’t think of the European Union, but they’re a foe.’

The USA is our enemy. Whether you like it or not, they want you significantly worse-off, with or without your consent, democratic participation or knowledge/understanding, & they want to profit from this degradation & the substantial ramifications, illness, ailments & market ‘opportunities’ it ushers in.

understanding American extremism.

It gets worse. If there is anything that demonstrates solicited & approved ‘Atlantic’ high treason in the truest sense of the crime within the entire Conservative party, it is the inclusion & tolerance of Liam Fox. Fox was banished to the political wilderness after resigning in disgrace under David Cameron for conflict of interests/breach of trust violations whilst defence minister. His old flatmate & friend Adam Werritty had been masquerading as his advisor & attending sensitive official meetings with Fox whilst perusing a separate business agenda (as did similarly yet another Conservative MP, former International Development Secretary Priti Patel who also resigned when exposed). Astoundingly, but in accordance with the typical lawless corruption that shrouds all avenues of Conservative conduct, Liam faced no prosecution & was even defended publicly by David Cameron. His letter of resignation stated that – “I mistakenly allowed the distinction between my personal interest and my government activities to become blurred”. Fox had also been the leading perpetrator in the opprobrium surrounding the MP’s expenses scandal, claiming more than any other politician in the scurrilous line-up. Astonishingly, & without adequate defence, scrutiny or explanation, Theresa May unexpectedly exhumed Liam Fox & appointed him as Minister of Trade (an early sign of the conspiracy intensifying) early in her era as PM. As staggering as this all is, it gets even shitter. Liam Fox is a long running member of ALEC, aka the American Legislative Exchange Council – America’s controversial, exceptionally powerful & largest corporate lobby group. That is insurmountably beyond a disqualifiable conflict-of-interest. A notorious, hostile anti-democratic entity, within an oppositional foreign state, whilst being a fully functioning British MP that is supposed to serve in the countries interests? It is untenable. A conspiracy from the word go in the abject. Fox has on multiple occasions, publicly argued against members of his own party (most notably Michael Gove) for mass reductions in food safety regulations & urged for a ‘quick’ trade deal with the US.

Adam Werritty & Liam Fox.

Fox serves & works for totalitarian US free market interests, whilst being an appointed British MP, to the exclusive misfortune, deleteriousness, harm & counter interest of the British public & nation, all with full Conservative party support (he is not in jail & he has not been demoted or fired). This April in the US, Russian ‘infiltrator’ Maria Butina was given an 18-month jail sentence (which will be followed by deportation) after pleading guilty to “conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent for Russia” & agreeing to cooperate with US authorities. She was not deemed a “traditional spy” but was deemed a “threat to national security”. She had also failed to “register as an agent of a foreign government”. Liam Fox should be facing charges of treason, espionage, abuse of office, fraud, corruption & a series of offenses relating to official secrets, commercial confidentiality & national security (can you even begin to imagine the sensitive, compromising, commercial information he is feeding the Yanks about the heart of Britain’s economic & trade activities in its current weak, conflicted & jeopardised state?). the only thing protecting this active criminal in our midst is the Conservative government which is fully endorsing this open betrayal with gusto.

pure corruption
Marina Butina “sought to establish unnoficial communication with Americans having power and influence over US politics. Butina sought to use those unnoficial lines of communication for the benefit of the Russian federation.”.

On the 20 of April, Gerard Araud, the French Ambassador to the US (now retired) made the following comment in the Guardian – “They [the Chump Disintegration] are not thinking in terms of multilateral cooperation first. And second, they don’t have any affection towards Europeans. They treat the Europeans the same way as they treat the Chinese. And when the British come for a free-trade agreement, there will be blood on the walls and it will be British blood. It will be GMOs breakfast, lunch and dinner.”


In 2017, Grab Em By The Pussy threw his weight behind fringe-shit-ball movement Britain First (we can’t all be first you idiots!) by retweeting their bottom-feeder bilge. DisMay mustered the most pathetic, barely plausible, enfeebled ripple of overhanging-fat for a response that did nothing more than confirm her as shit-trodden into a deflated mattress in yet another unsurpassed gesture of wet-wipe supra-subjugation. This overt stoking of British racism & shit-think from Chump & the dog-whistle-approval in the profound-plasticine-passivity in reaction from Motherfucker Theresa has helped to amplify the dramatic expansion in Britain’s increasing xenophobic shit-gurgle. Not long after, a socialist book shop in central London (Bookmarks) was attacked by gimps in Trump masks & ‘make Britain great again’ baseball caps. They have conveniently never been caught or even identified.

class act.

On the 31st of May, the Guardian reported the following – ‘An “unwillingness” by the British government to engage with the threat posed by far right extremists is creating a vacuum in which such groups can flourish, according to a study of their fundraising activities by a Whitehall thinktank.’. Going-up then.

understand how far they have gone – what & who you are dealing with.

Harmful, deleterious, damaging, hated, unwanted, oppositional, adversarial, combative, meddling, invasive, inferior, trifling, obstructive, unnecessary, unneeded, unpopular, conflicting, irrelevant, intervening, destabilizing, untrustworthy, virulent, criminal, farcical, immoral, unreliable, fundamentally corrupt, mendacious, collapsing, deforming, ruinous, transgressive, degenerative, idiotic, totalitarian, corporatist, venal, backwards, ignorant, unjust, depraved, shit steeped, scum drenched, disease riddled, laughable, ridiculous, farcical, inane, hypocritical, insane, senseless – why invite them over? What could possibly possess such mad, uncalled for suicidal stupidity?

Because we are being sold. The Conservatives always dream of greater plutocracy & legalized corruption, & the US represents the highest apex of lawless, unbridled corporate fundamentalism with zero ethical restraints. Nobody is further down the abyss than the USA. & thus its lack of standards are a mecca to fellow corruptocrats worldwide. Globalized & indemnified corruption under the mantle of US corporate colonialism & free market absolutism without legal, moral or civil impediment. Just like the ISIS recruit that heeds the call, so to have the Conservatives given their blood & soul to the American corporate monster & its annihilating extremism.

unrivaled cruelty.

I have always strongly disliked the royal family, but I am as astonished that coaction & compliance with such debasement, public sullying & excrement ointment from the foulest, most crass, low-life of individuals would ever be permitted & with such a reception. They are the contemptable, complicit prostitutes on the cheap in all conceptual mannerisms to allow this to happen. No excuses, no reductions, no mitigations – to allow the shittest man on earth to come & debase himself at your country & credibility’s expense is a capital offense of the gravest calibre & I am aghast at the Windsor’s for their supreme dishonour. Beyond deplorable.

grope fodder – grab her by the pussy.

But it somehow, someway, worsens even further, as if by divine degeneration. Pushing both bad taste & satire into implausible overdrive of short-circuiting proportions, the shambling-shit-bag, grabber of pussies, & sprayer of sewage is heading to D-Day commemorations! You cannot be fucking serious? You simply cannot mean it? This septic turd, wrapped in wads of soiled hush-money has a world record reputation for pissing on military personnel & a litany of atrocious & laboured mega insults against veterans (including those that died in combat or were captured in the theatre of war by enemy forces). Apparently, insulting the military was the one thing you could not openly get away with in the U$A, but Turd Tard has well & truly defiled & disproved this once sacred proscription with his typical scatological incontinence. Let’s not forget that during the Vietnamese war, this son of a millionaire property tycoon dodged the draft by getting college deferments. When this excuse expired, he got a medical exclusion from his doctor for a fictitious ‘bone spur’ in one of his feet. John Bolton, Chump’s psychotic, psychosexual (I think the only time he can get-it-up is when children are being bombed) mass-murdering, war-monger national security advisor also never ever saw so much as a sniff of military service (he hung back in the National Guard as an ultra-rear-echelon-motherfucker), despite sending millions to their deaths (including thousands of Americans) in the US’s insane & ubiquitous oversees calamities. Of course, Tramp had to drive it even further into the abyss still. Although there is numerous offenses against the military to categorise here, I am picking what I believe is the worst this intolerable tape-worm has publicly aired so far. whilst defending his evasion of conscription to Vietnam, Trump would go on to state the following (more than once) during an oozing of ordure with sympathetic “shock jock” Howard Stern, comparing his hookers, hussies, homos (Chump’s idol -Roy Cohn) & STD’s filth to actual combat operations in the theatre of war – “If you have any guilt about not going to Vietnam, we have our own Vietnam. It’s called the dating game. Dating is like being in Vietnam. You’re the equivalent of a soldier going over to Vietnam” & later still with the same cohort “ It’s amazing, I can’t even believe it. I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world, it is a dangerous world out there. It’s like Vietnam, sort of. Its my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.” During the AIDS epidemic that soldier Donald survived, his mentor & attorney, the singularly notorious & exponentially odious & corrupt lawyer & freak Roy M Cohn (who died of AIDS) may well have been getting buggered by Trump (Cohn strenuously denied his homosexuality publicly right up until his death, but in private he was an insatiable consumer of male prostitutes, including underage boys). A 2008 article published in the New Yorker quotes Roger Stone (another Cohn adjutant & long time Trump intimate) as having said – ” Roy was not gay. He was a man who liked having sex with men. Gays were weak, effeminate. He always seemed to have these young blond boys around. It just wasn’t discussed. He was interested in power and access.”. Trump, who sought Cohn out in his early 20’s against even his father’s advice (which is really saying something), would have been a “young blond boy” when he first implored Cohn for his services & tutelage.

inextricable intimacy – Donald Trump & Roy Cohn.

To allow Rim Em’ By The Roy Cohn to attend the D-day ceremonies is so fantastically unreal, is an ill judgement of such stupendous magnitude, a brain-scrambling, black-out conducing, heart-stopping, stomach-emptying cardinal fuck-up of the most stratospheric stupidity & all condemning obnoxiousness. & the Conservatives initiated it all. Is that the idea? To blow people’s minds apart, desecrate & desensitize all reason, logic, decency in preparation for some transgressive transformation of ultimate nihilism & degeneracy? A gigantic ‘shock & awe’ coprophilic psy-ops by reality rapists? … it couldn’t be more disgusting, backwards & obscene. Ultra indecency & the complete & total pulverization of sense & sanity.

& so there it is. Well done Theresa, you somehow managed to perform the miraculous & exceed your bottomless shit-spiral of self-effacing ever-wilt by offering the Acme of all Anus the most unwarranted red-carpet superfluity at the expense of the country, the world, the species, the rational mind & all living things. the rug of reality has been arrantly immolated in the utmost.

a required return to Blum.

Theresa May’s greatest achievements will be dragging this fiasco out for as long as she has & her concealment, cover-up & distraction from the historic child sexual abuse inquiry that she has semi-buried, obfuscated, misdirected, diluted, dislocated & trammelled (three! yes three! of the inquiries heads have had to resign under substantially alarming circumstances). With enough incognizance, burial, decoys, amnesia, manipulation, redaction & attention deficit, this unparalleled crisis, brought on by the Savile revaluations & at one point threatening to bring down the whole Conservative party for good, is slipping by under the cover of darkness, much to the relief of some the most depraved people on or planet. Grab Em’s rabid shit-spewing & ship-of-ghouls ceaseless surge of sewage & calamity has helped soak-up concentration & proved a worthy distraction from this special vulnerability for the Conservatives & inner most establishment. They will reward her for this.

the betrayal is even worse than i anticipated….the U$ is lost & ragged.

To round off, I asked a Disabled Veteran of the Borneo Conflict/Confrontasi, Res Burman, to give his opinion to the present catastrophe. His response is as follows –

I have long been disgusted by the actions of this Conservative Government! They lie and cheat like the Robber Barons of old and their murderous Austerity Policy has led me to call them the Tory Terrorist Gang. They have, after all, declared war on the poor, the sick, the disabled, the homeless and the elderly. They have caused over 120,000 unnecessary deaths among Britons in the last seven years. More than all the bomb throwers and tower demolishers, all the ram raiders and the suicide bombers in this country ever! And all because of their Austerity Policy which was not necessary at all but a deliberate Government decision, because they wanted to do it!

Now Theresa May has the audacity to foist upon the Queen and the British Public this Orange Oaf of a Plastic President.  And he’s going to Portsmouth to “Mark 75 years since the D Day Landings”? When has he ever given honour to the fallen or those who were willing to give their all or those who did? He will disgrace himself and he will disgrace the proceedings! And if it rains will he sit in his hotel room sulking,  watching CNN?

As a Disabled War Pensioner I am appalled at the very idea of this Draft Dodging Buffoon setting foot on British soil let alone taking part in a solemn ceremony commemorating the sacrifice of many thousands of British, American, French, Allied  and Commonwealth Troops! He doesn’t even care about the sacrifices of his own troops now let alone 75 years ago.

I know Theresa May wants to sell him the NHS and let him flood the British market with Chlorinated Chicken and other foods which would not pass our own stringent health standards but I say she has done enough damage to the British Economy, Public and Social standards already without getting into bed with this Hooligan who likens surviving the AIDS epidemic  to serving his country in Vietnam!

If I had my way I’d have the whole Tory Terrorist Gang shipped off to the Hague to face charges of War Crimes!

And I’d have this Pussy Grabbing Nazi declared an Undesirable Alien and to hell with his trade deals and his questionable morals!
And keep him away from our own dear Queen!

Park Gyeun-hye, the former Conservative president of South Korea was impeached & then sentenced to 33 years in prison for a slew of corruption charges. Korea leads the way.

In November 2018, Chump heaped further denigration on dead military personnel in France – “The US political commentator David Frum tweeted: “It’s incredible that a president would travel to France for this significant anniversary – and then remain in his hotel room watching TV rather than pay in person his respects to the Americans who gave their lives in France for the victory gained 100 years ago tomorrow.”

Lee Myung Bak, the corrupt, pro US neo-liberal Conservative president of South Korea prior to Park Geun-Hye, was sentenced to 15 years in prison in October 2018 for corruption related charges as well as fraud & embezzlement. Korea continues to lead the way.

– Theresa May & the Conservative party thought that given all this towering insult & abysmal, recidivist insipience, that this detestable, ignoble, idiotic, irredeemable-shit-sucker, retard & reprobate should be given the highest possible reception, all on the bodies & sacrifice of the war dead.

a new documentary “Where´s My Roy Cohn?” by director
Matt Tyrnauer is soon to be released.

Yesterday (the 4/6/19), the US Ambassador to the UK had this to say to Andrew Marr – “Woody Johnson, who is a close friend of the US president, said every area of the UK economy would be up for discussion when the two sides brokered a trade deal.

Asked if the NHS was likely to form part of trade negotiations, Johnson told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think the entire economy, in a trade deal, all things that are traded would be on the table.” Asked if that specifically meant healthcare, he said: “I would think so.”

“take back control”