Too Much and Never Enough-how my family created the world’s most dangerous man (Mary L. Trump):

“”While thousands of Americans die alone, Donald touts stock market gains. as my father lay dying alone, Donald went to the movies. If he can in any way profit from your death, he’ll facilitate it, and then he’ll ignore the fact that you died.” – Mary L. Trump

A natural born arsehole. A connate compulsion & unexplained ardency for the foulest, most twisted & incorrigible of fuck-ups, transgression & offensively obnoxious erring on the side of anus. The ingrained urge for the most disgusting, irredeemable, unforgivable behavioural malediction & malfunction – like clockwork….as if it was “natural” & instinctual. unpleasant, excrescent, lowly, rancid, sick, insufferable & “existentially unacceptable”. a subhuman that inhabits the same rubric as terminal body-horror diseases, rat infections, burrowing parasites & chronic sputum. the sheer shitness & skin-crawling emesis of this man is literally & consistently boggling, my senses & brain struggle to register his record beating excrementalism & execrable, lamentable, deplorable, loathsome, hideous, indescribably grotesque & vomit worthy deep degeneracy. physical revulsion.

“building on the tax payer’s dime was a winner”

it became uncomfortably evident, early on, that the man was, quite obviously, severely damaged, unhinged, seriously sick & shockingly impaired. there are plenty of revolting & awful people out there – but after a certain threshold – where, assuming they are not totally isolated, the stricken individual can still operate & function “socially” without being killed, interred in an institution or ostracised or exiled into seclusion. Douche has taken so many varying examples of that very threshold & exploded them, in unmeasurable enormity beyond any acceptable boundaries. the man is just gone, sick, insane, intolerable – like a rotten limb that has become more gangrene & maggots than the original bone & tissue.

“Fred kept propping up Donald’s false sense of accomplishment until the only asset Donald had was the ease with which he could be duped by more powerful men.”

how & why did this vile venal virulence & express, max-strength faecal evil & decaying human garbage become so impossibly potentized in the hellspawn, trash-spewing, huckster fuck-up? what happened to this guy? how was it allowed to exacerbate so, so, so, so, so, so, so badly & metastasize beyond all logical limits & understandable proportions into such monstrous incongruence?

“- each transgression inevitably lead to another, more serious one. The idea that his tactics were legitimate calculations instead of unethical cons was yet another aspect of the myth.”

among the many contaminants & harmful bacteriums that Douche has gone to such lengths to line his nest with, ever extending his associations with the worst & most poisonous people he can procure, in a long established habit – or even “quest” – for cross-toxification; the seminally nefarious & terrifically infamous crooked-lawyer, fixer, power broker & criminal extremist Roy Cohn is one of the most dramatic & influential. a young Douche became infatuated with Cohn – an infatuation that was reciprocal – & Cohn became not just his personal attorney but also his gay guru in greed & grot, with both men wallowing in transgression & worshipping at the totem of corruption – bonded by bilge.

“Donald has been institutionized for most of his adult life, so there is no way to know how he would thrive, or even survive, on his own in the real world.” Fred & Douche Trump.

Trump Tower – “abysmal treatment of undocumented workers who built it to alleged mob involvement, the project was steeped in controversy.”

but Cohn’s attraction to Douche, away from the physical draw, was directed towards his human squalor & immorality (it blatantly went both ways), an immorality & chronic nihilism that was already well established & fully oozing. before Cohn, the most poisonous & damaging presence in the Trump toxic dump was of course his own fink father – Fred Trump.

like larvae like scum.

Fred Trump, beside being a dyed-in-the-tussock asshole, was a sociopath, suffering from extreme empathetic disability. he was a real estate tycoon.

“Through his growing experience with building many houses simultaneously and his inherent skill at using local media to his own ends, Fred was introduced to well connected politicians and learned from them when to call in favors at the right time, and, most important, chase government money. The lure in Virginia Beach, where Fred learned the advantage of building his real estate empire with government handouts, was the generous funding made available by the Federal Housing Administration (FDA).”

wonderful. this lucrative combination of grift & scam was only the beginning. it would all get worse, especially once Douche started to assume the reigns.

for Fred – “It was not ‘the more you have the more you can give’. It was ‘the more you have, the more you have’. Financial worth was the same as self-worth, monetary value was human value. the more Fred Trump had, the better he was. if he gave something to someone else, the person would be worth more and he less. He would pass that attitude onto Donald in spades.”

“Fred had become so invested in the fantasy of Donald’s success that he and Donald were inextricably linked.”

a basket case. Douche’s older brother Freddy (the authors father) was badly bullied & maltreated by Fred (& later Douche) for having human qualities & not being the “killer” son that his sociopathic & emotionally sterile father intended. this created an even more poisonous dynamic & abusive coexistence that stained blacker & blacker until Freddy’s early death from a combination of despair & lengthy alcoholism (all relating to his fuck-up fathers ongoing abuse & alienation).

condensed shit – Douche, Ivana, & Roy Cohn.

“The situation was somewhat different for Donald. With the benefit of a seven-and-a-half-year age difference, he had plenty of time to learn from watching Fred humiliate his older brother and Freddy’s resulting shame.”

” The only reason Donald escaped the same fate is that his personality served his father’s purpose. that’s what sociopaths do: they co-opt others and use them towards their own ends – ruthlessly and efficiently, with no tolerance for dissent or resistance. Fred destroyed Donald, too, but not by snuffing him out as he did Freddy; instead, he short-circuited Donald’s ability to develop and experience the entire spectrum of human emotion. By limiting Donald’s access to his own feelings and rendering many of them unacceptable, Fred perverted his sons perception of the world and damaged his ability to live in it.”

it is worth clarifying that Mary is a trained clinical psychologist.

it turned out to be an appallingly bad investment/nomination by Fred (in Douche). the bullshit, fraudulence & flaws far’ far outweighed his wastrel son’s piss-poor abilities & non-existent business acumen. bluff replaced savvy. Fred had the bank balance to keep blotting Douche’s faults & failures, wiping the little prince down with dollars from his large provisions & spraying him with cash every time he crashed. Douche became accustomed & emboldened behind his protective screen, the process became normalized. the heir & his rodomontades – puked with escalating velocity & bombast, further & further away from the truth, more & more risible & ridiculous.

“That helped shape the slick, superficial image he would come to both represent and embody. His comfort with portraying the image, along with his fathers favor and material security his father’s wealth afforded him, gave him the unearned confidence to pull off what even at the beginning was a charade: selling himself not just as a rich playboy but as a brilliant, self-made businessman.”

a lot of “quasi-legal, if not outright fraudulent” activity was also at play (again, once Douche ascended his father, it mushroomed out of control completely). “in one of the largest federal discrimination suits ever brought” – in which Douche & dad were accused of racism through selective admission/treatment towards tenants in their properties – they were convinced to “counter-sue” by the ghastly Roy Cohn. they settled (so lost & paid out), helping to establish the Cohn & Douche template of trash-talk, artificial bluster & gob-shite rather than actually “winning” in court (“never admit you are wrong” – “never acknowledge defeat”).

“Fred was willing to stake millions of dollars on his son because he believed he could leaverage the skills Donald did have – as a savant of self-promotion, shameless liar, marketer, and builder of brands – to achieve the one thing that had always alluded him: a level of fame that matched his ego and satisfied his ambition in a way money alone never could.”

“When things went south in the late 1908s, Fred could no longer separate himself from his son’s brutal ineptitude; the father had no choice but to stay invested. his monster had been set free. all he could do was mitigate the damage, keep the cash flowing, and find somebody else to blame.”

The Douche’s malfeasance, misspending, bankruptcies & fraud eventually land him in very serious financial trouble. despite all the moneyed privilege & the advantage of the cash-cow, property empire heirloom – Douche’s stupid, corruption propelled & reckless profligacy & divorce from reality or consequences – had him on the brink of financial collapse. not for the first time in his shitty, sinful, sordid existence, the “luck of the devil” played out in his favour –

“The banks were bleeding money. Just as the Taj was opening, Donald and his lenders were meeting to try to figure out how to reign in and manage his spending. The possibility of more defaults and bankruptcies still loomed, and a solution had to be found that would protect Donald’s image, which, in turn, would protect the bank’s money.”

“In addition to fronting Donald the money to cover his business’ operating expenses, the banks reached an agreement with him in May 1990 to put him on a $450,000-a-month allowance – that is, almost $5.5.million a year for having failed miserably. The money was just for personal expenses: Trump Tower triplex apartment, the private jet, the mortgage on Mar-a-Lago. In order to sell his image, Donald needed to be able to continue living the lifestyle that bolstered it.”

The banks admonished him for betraying the agreement, but they never took any action against him, which just reinforced his belief that he could do whatever he wanted, as he almost always did.”

“He is Frankenstein without conscience.” Roy Cohn with Douche Trump.

in the end, Douche would flog-off his own fathers empire on the cheap in a transaction of staggering underselling. the deal went to Ruby Schron for $705.6 million. the banks had estimated the deal at $1 billion. as Mary wryly observes –

in one fell swoop my Uncle Donald, the master dealmaker, left almost $300 million on the table.” – “It may be the only one of Donald’s real estate deals that received no press attention.”

there is nothing surprising in this disaster. Mary brings a certain clarity & insight to the inner workings & early quarters of the Trump nightmare. her position & experience grants her the grounds & authority to roundly condemn Douche’s veteran vulgarity, pulsating mega corruption & severe warping of character & rational thought. the man is mad. criminally insane, unstable, twisted to absolute extremes & quite simply “fucked” beyond all repair, consumed by sickness & drowning in his own filth & shit. irrecoverable, terminal, gone, deranged & overwhelmed by sickness & illness. the world should never, ever have had to suffer the plague of Trump. he is human waste.

“Wile my grandfather was alive, Donald had received the equivalent of $413 million, much of it through questionable means: loans that he had never paid back, investments in properties that had never matured; essentially gifts that had never been taxed. That did not include the $170m he had received through the sale of my grandfather’s empire.”

Mary Trump, 2020, Simon & Schuster, 211 pages