Tamvred – Tintorama 12”LP

Tamvred-tintorama (Low Res)_ed

Whoa! Never heard shit like this before. sonically surprised but not so much to have it rendered by the great Low Res who seem to have made it a habitual practice to spring predominantly really innovative bands/releases.

Tarmvred is off th hook! You what? Well, percussively it’s not Breakcore, but it will break your arse th fuck down with the most absurdly hulking breaks. GOOD-GRIEF! The sky falling in, raining sheet-metal. I can’t compare it to anything else, as much as I hate the term this is possibly the “sickest” sonic’s I’ve heard in drum programming on wax. It can’t be easy cultivating such an absurd sound, PREPOSTEROUS!!! It’s not your colloquial Breaks either, slower & more deliberate massive mechanizations, if a fifty story robot was to drum on the bilge of up-turned frigates or something.

The drums aside you have some kind of abstruse Cyber-Soviet pseudo-classical symphonic shit…. It’s very’ very gaunt & polar. I imagine giant Soviet robots in some sprawling arctic wilderness stacking mountains for some artificial stairway off earth..

Listen, seriously nobody gets anywhere even close to Tamvred. It’s cold & it’s colossal, & nobody else is as freezing, vast or remote & able to survive/operate in such ridiculously cold temperatures & extremely asperse weather conditions.

I don’t even really know If I like it? It’s almost emotionless, barren & astringent, theirs practically no warm-blooded element, I can imagine a machine/program devising this stuff… it’s got a grandiose & epic style which is not really to my liking, it’s not so much dark as just abjectly bleak & inhospitable, benumb yet clearly detailed & diligent. Still it’s undoubtedly incredible, & nothing else inhabits this territory.

The dude behind it is also clearly a real master that’s attributed immense effort & skill in the compositions & the unique sound which is obviously derived from the expert manipulation of considerable equipment.

fucking crazy!!!

 LABEL: Low Res