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Tunnel Canary – Jihad CDR

Tunnel Canary-Jihad

Right so, it’s 1980! & some goons from Vancouver are about to vault a decade or so ahead in some kind of precocious portendral catapulting. Tunnel Canary! Who were active between 1978-1983 & transfigured tremendous histrionic, chaotic wild & fervent horrisonant scream-stippled psychedelic sundry, or using neophyte terminology – “Noise”. The sodality consists of three antagonists – Aleh Kaheen (Nathan Holiday) on electric guitar, synthesizer & “processed effects”, Ebra Ziron on vocals & David Sheftel shifting bass & electronic effects. A massive menu of manoeuvres & modalities are mustered, but heaps of cacophonic, harsh, high-pitched, distraint & turbulent turmoil, string straining fret-foible & guitar grating, searing & psychedelic synths, harsh/super distorted Noise, Feedback, Power Electronics & stentorian frequencies. Continue reading Tunnel Canary – Jihad CDR