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Sunny Murray – Shandar 12” LP

Sunny  Murray

It’s another flurry a’ Murray! This obscure cut originating from, for me, probably his greatest stint (fall of the late 1960’s) on the Shandar record series. Shandar was a French initiative, i believe a series of live concerts (or at least the label that released material from these concerts) which I know included other pressings by Cecil Taylor & Sun Ra (good shit!). The four tracks on the LP were captured live in 1968, & thus sit adjacent to his two riotously cataclysmic cacophonic classics that were issued by the cult Actuel editions (there were actually x3 on Actuel but one was a dud) during the same aeon.

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Sunny Murray – An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker) CD

Sunny Murray-never let a sucker

Sunny & the marauders slam another tidal-wave of epidemic outpouring & ecstatic igneous accompanied by less draconian efforts of emotional Free-Jazz in the Avant-Garde & Spiritual vicinities. The four tracks on this CD were smashed out of the legendary 1969 BYG-Actuel sessions.This album falls in behind the incomparable “Sunshine” opus & drafts in bad-man Byrad Lancaster, maniac Kenneth Terroade & the greatMalachi Favors on stand-up bass. Continue reading Sunny Murray – An Even Break (Never Give A Sucker) CD