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Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

for fucks sakes Detroit! what is it about Detroit? It must be something in the water? I am not referencing that unspeakable mass poisoning shit from Flint – https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/24/flint-michigan-water-crisis-lead-poisoning-families-children … somewhat a national treasure, with one of the best IDM ground-swells on Earth, Detroit boasts considerable appendage, & at the crux of that is beyond lip-smack LowRes Continue reading Kero – Firewire Funk 12″ LP

Kero – 2ADVANCD4U 12” LP

Kero LP

It’s that sumbitch’ from Detroit! One of em’ anyway. Actually, there is quite a few, as Detroit is a percolating pluripotent of off-grid awesomeness. They don’t get the reputation that they have so clearly earned, as do other microcosms of musically deviant brilliance such as Chicago, Miami & New Orleans. Anyway, back to the man of Kero. Continue reading Kero – 2ADVANCD4U 12” LP